Women’s Most Comfortable Walking Sandals

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Choosing women’s most comfortable walking sandals is easy when you know what to look for. After all, there are so many varieties in the market. Any budget can get you a nice pair of hiking sandals.

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However, one thing you have to remember is that there are casual sandals for walking down the paved streets. Then there are the best hiking sandals womens. The latter is completely different from the casual hiking sandals.

So what do you look for in women’s most comfortable walking sandals? To start with, I would recommend that you buy your hiking sandals on amazon.com. The variety is wide, the prices considerate and besides, they do have a big section of outdoor gear.

Stay keen and keep your eyes peeled, just as you would when buying a warm pair of hiking boots. The most important thing here is to get good value for your money.


Benefits of using women’s most comfortable walking sandals

Hiking sandals have many benefits as compared to hiking boots and shoes.

First, you can wear them with almost anything. If you are hiking in summer, you can wear your hiking sandals with the cutest hiking outfits. You can also wear them with the best hiking pants for women. Now, that would be something.

Second, hiking sandals for men and women are light in weight, as opposed to the regular hiking boots. Granted, you do not want to wear a pair of hiking sandals when camping in winter. However, they are awesome for spring and summer.

Hiking sandals are best for backpacking. Thus, even as you board the plane to visit your travel destination of choice, toss a pair of sandals, a travel toothbrush and the other basic comforts of life that you need on the road. As these sandals for hiking are light in weight, you should have an easy time packing a pair in your hiking backpack.

You can hike a longer distance with a pair of hiking sandals, as they are not heavy. However, you also need to take a few exercises to acclimatize yourself to the rigors of the trail. Fancy covering tens of miles a day on the trail without your feet being the worse for wear.

Just as the other hiking and camping gear comes from renowned brand names, so do the best sandals for hiking.

You can find Keen, Merrell, Teva and other big names selling good sandals. All these brands and more sell some of the best sandals for hiking on Amazon.com.

Sandals for hiking come with almost all of the features that your hiking shoes come with. From strong and rugged treads to good breathability, when the weather is warm, ditch that pair of heavy boots for a pair of trail sandals. You will be glad you did it. Besides, you can always bring your hiking poles for support.


Important things for choosing womens hiking sandals

When choosing the women’s most comfortable walking sandals, you have to bear a few things in mind. In this section, you will see the most important things to look for.

The sandal treads

One of the crucial things to consider when buying your hiking sandals is the size of the treads on the outsole.

The treads play a vital role of enhancing your traction and balance when going both uphill and downhill. The treads will enable your sandals to grip especially when walking on rocky or slippery tracks. Hiking poles

When looking for the best hiking sandals, you will find out that there all sorts of treads out there. Deep rugged treads would be the best choice on hiking sandals, although this can change depending on your hiking trails.

For example, if you will mostly be hiking on relatively flat trails, you can easily get away without traction. You can look for a pair of hiking sandals with finer, shallow treads. However, if you will be doing a lot of uphill and downhill, deeper aggressive patterned treads would be the best.

Different womens hiking sandals are designed for different terrains. Therefore, it is very important to make a wise choice especially if you will be tackling a challenging hike.

Light treads are not in any way suitable for rocky and uneven hiking trails. However, if you are heading for a relatively flat terrain for hiking, light, shallow treads will be perform just fine.


The sandal toe protection

Consider toe protection when buying your hiking sandals. Again, this is mostly influenced by how serious your hikes will be. You can choose two main styles from when it comes to hiking sandals:

  • Open-toed
  • Closed-toed sandals

Each of the two styles has its own advantages as well as limitations.

Open toed hiking sandals

These are very comfortable and they provide ample ventilation to your feet. However, they have limited use. They are not to be used for serious hiking because you risk injuring your toes.

You cannot use this kind of sandals when hiking on rocky terrains or rough trails with a lot of debris. They are good when doing less serious hikes or when moving about your campsite.

Closed toe sandals

They are the best for hikers who want more coverage for their feet. These types of sandals are best for hardcore hiking. They offer your toes the much-needed protection against rocks, animals and other debris.

The other advantage of this kind of sandals is that they offer your feet adequate protection from the sun. If you are a serious hiker or you venture in rough and rugged terrains, consider closed toe sandals.


Where you are going hiking

Before settling for a pair of the best hiking sandals, consider the possible locations where you will be hiking in.

If you will be hiking in terrains with a lot of water, consider buying water resistant sandals. This will enable them to dry much faster (backpack diaper bags). They will keep your feet more comfortable and they will last longer too.

If you are going to encounter slippery areas while hiking, it is good that you consider sandals with superb traction. Look for sandals with thick, deep treads that will give you adequate grip and traction on slippery surfaces. Molded sandals are better as they ensure that water does not seep in.

If the terrain you will be hiking in is rocky and rugged, it is important that you consider the sandals’ durability.

Womens hiking sandals made from high standard materials such as leather, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and rubber are long lasting.

Remember that your sandals will face a lot of stress as you step on rocks and other obstacles. Therefore, they should be made from materials that can survive such conditions.

In addition, if the hiking trails will be very long, consider sandals with adequate cushioning to keep your feet more comfortable.


Comfort and fit

While hiking, you want women’s most comfortable walking sandals that fit well to avoid any discomforts and injuries. Having an ill-fitting pair of sandals can ruin your entire hiking trip due to discomfort or even injuries.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your hiking sandals fit comfortably on your feet before spending money on them. Try them first and look out for any chaffing or possible pressure points.

If your feet swell when hiking, or you like wearing your sandals with socks; pay close attention to the fit. Ensure the sandals you buy have ample room to accommodate socks or any foot changes.

The other feature that you should consider for comfort and fit is the straps. The best hiking sandals should come with adjustable straps. These ensure that you enjoy a more snug fit. The adjustability creates more room for a pair of socks or any foot changes due to swelling.

If you want to enjoy easier hikes, consider a pair of sandals that is shock-resistant. For shock resistance, look for sandals with foam or EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) midsoles.

Such midsoles are the best at absorbing shock. Such are good as they provide cushioning against the impact from rugged terrains.


Brand name for women’s most comfortable walking sandals

With today’s market having all manner of womens hiking sandals, it becomes quite difficult to make the best choice. However, considering a brand name when shopping for your hiking sandals can help you narrow down your choices. This also reduces your chances of ending up with mediocre quality product.

Of course, the best place to buy all types of hiking sandals is Amazon.com. When you have a choice, you will feel that you are getting good value for your investment. Besides, you can compare features and buy the best one.

When buying hiking sandals for the first time, start with brands that have many positive reviews. Buying online makes it easier for customers to check ratings and customers reviews on various online platforms.

If the pair of hiking sandals was good for another person, it can also be good for you. However, note that a catchy brand name is not always equal to superior quality. Thus, don’t be too lazy to check out what other customers are saying about the product.

You may also consider buying a brand that has been in the market longer (reviews for coleman tents). Such manufactures tend to be consistent in their products quality. However, this does not necessarily mean that relatively new hiking sandals in the market are of inferior quality.

Image of women's most comfortable walking sandals

Sandal Material

Hiking sandals are part of your outdoor gear. Thus, they must be made with high quality material to ensure they last a long time. Ensure that the materials used on the sandals are of the highest quality.

When considering the material used, look at the soles and the sandals uppers. For example, if you plan on hiking in terrains where you will ford creeks, consider sandals whose uppers are synthetic.

Synthetic materials dry quickly. You will not experience discomfort due to wet feet. In addition, look for sandals whose outsole is made of sturdy rubber. This enhances your comfort and protection. It also improves their durability.

Depending on the intensity of your hikes, you can also consider sandals with breathable uppers for proper ventilation. You may opt for leather uppers since they are waterproof if you are going to trek in wet trails.

Next, check out the materials used to make the midsoles. The best material should be shock resistant and comfortable, very helpful when you are hiking rocky trails.

The sandal materials should be soft against your skin and they should not rub uncomfortably. Chaffing and blisters can ruin your entire hiking trip.


Sandal with Arch support

Unlike other sandals, hiking sandals should come with a good arch support to allow the hiker trek comfortably. The sandals footbed should be shaped in such a way that it provides your feet with superior comfort and protection.

You will carry a lot of things with you for your hiking experience. From outdoor coffee mugs that keep coffee hot, to backpacking tent for two people, food and many more, you need all the support that you can get.

Among the things that you will notice while shopping for your hiking sandals is that different brands come with different arch support. Some will offer a better arch support compared to others.

Know your feet needs first, so that you can end up with sandals that will keep your feet comfortable.

Good arch support in hiking sandals is very important because of the following:

  • Helps in distributing pressure evenly across your feet
  • Aligns your body properly
  • It provides you with excellent balance and stability when walking
  • Provides your body with support
  • Good arch support can prevent or lessen foot pain
  • It protects your arches from collapsing. Collapsed arches can lead to a very painful condition known as plantar fasciitis.


Style and Finishing

Dainty, slender and lovely, that is womens feet for you. Manufacturers consider this when making hiking items for women.

Thus, buy gender specific hiking sandals. Men have broader and bigger feet. For women, it is the opposite. That is why you should only buy gender-specific hiking boots and shoes.

Women love to maintain their elegant and stylish look all the time. Hiking hit those dusty trails does not necessarily mean that you should sacrifice your style. What to wear outdoors is very important for any woman!

When it comes to style and finishing, the decision is usually influenced by an individual’s taste and preference. Some women prefer a classy modern look while others prefer keeping it more traditional.

Whatever your taste is, there are hundreds of styles and finishing on hiking womens sandals in the market. However, take caution to avoid sacrificing good quality and durability for a sassy look.

I am not implying that sassy hiking sandals comes in an inferior quality. However, you should not allow the style or finishing cloud your reasoning. When it comes to style, consider the nature of your hike. For example, a serious hiker would prefer a close toed style to an open toed one.


Inside and outside Traction

Avoid slipping!

Traction is a crucial factor to consider when choosing your sandals. There are two types of traction to bear in mind – inside traction and the outside traction.

The inside traction is determined by the insole while the outsole determines how anti-slip the shoes will be. The best sandals have a textured insole to give adequate traction and avoid slipping when walking on wet surfaces.

The footbed should also have good contour to secure your feet in place while walking. In addition, it should be well padded for better comfort.

Nice cushioning also means better shock absorption, which is good when trekking for long on hard rugged terrains.

The outside traction in a hiking sandal is even more important, more so if you will be hiking on rocky or slippery terrains.

The outsole should be made of grippy rubber with deep lugs to provide you with adequate traction and balance when going both uphill and downhill.

Losing grip when hiking on slippery rocks can be extremely disastrous. This makes traction an important consideration when buying your hiking sandals on Amazon.com or other online marketplaces.


Versatility and usability

A versatile pair of sandals that can be used for more than one outdoor activity is better than one that serves only one purpose.

However, most of the women’s most comfortable walking sandals in the market are quite versatile. They incorporate several features.

They can be used for hiking, water activities, regular walking and many other activities. Most of the sandals can be used for two or more activities.

When choosing your pair of hiking sandals, consider the activities that you might need them for. Settle for one that can handle most of those outdoor activities. For example, sandals that have a good traction can be used for both hiking and water activities. Their soles will be slip resistant.

Sandals that dry quickly are versatile because you can use them for wet hikes as well as water activities.

Most of the hiking sandals are also lightweight and bouncy, which makes them suitable for several outdoor activities. The bottom line is this; consider what you will be using them for before settling on a certain pair.

If you are a multi-outdoor activities person, settle for the most versatile pair.


Maintenance for womens hiking sandals

Consider the hiking sandals’ maintenance. Some sandals are very easy to maintain while others are relatively hard to care for. Since hiking is quite a serious outdoor activity, sandals that are easy to maintain are the best.

When considering maintenance, look into details such as how easy they are to clean or how long they take to dry. If you plan on going for wet camping, hiking in areas with creeks or in wet terrains, opt for sandals with synthetic uppers. Such dry fast and they will keep your feet comfortable throughout your hiking experience.

Before settling for a certain pair of sandals for hiking, consider the best and easier way you would be using to clean your sandals. Some sandals are machine-washable while others are not.

Cleaning your sandals the right way can keep them looking great for long. If the sandals are only hand-washed, avoid machine washing them because that can adversely affect their durability.

The next thing that can guide you when considering maintenance is the quality of your sandals. The greater the build quality, the easier the sandal will be to maintain. High quality also increases the time that the sandals will serve you.

Always pay a closer attention to the kind of materials used to make the sandals and ensure that they are of the best quality.

Image of women's most comfortable walking sandals


The price of women’s most comfortable walking sandals

The last but equally important thing that you should consider when making your hiking sandal choice is the cost.

You can pay a low price, a moderate price or an extravagant price. It all depends on your choice, the brand name and of course, the budget.

I will reiterate again, buy your hiking sandals on Amazon.com. There, you will get more variety, better prices and you can even read user reviews. That way, you will not be buying your sandals blindly.

Just remember to stick by your budget. The amount that you are willing to pay for your pair will mostly be influenced by how much you are willing to spend on them.

While it is good to settle for a pair that you can easily afford; be cautious not to settle for inferior quality. Although the price should contribute in guiding you on your choice, it should not be the only factor that you consider.

While considering the cost, also look into other features such as the quality of the materials, usability and durability among others.

Higher price tag outdoor items are good, but do your research well. They do not always translate to the best quality. However, most of the cheap hiking sandals are usually of inferior quality.

If you want to end with the best, be ready to spend a little more above the average price on your sandals.

The type of hiking activities that you undertake should guide you on the amount to pay with for the sandals. Remember versatility, sandals that can be used for various outdoor activities.

If you are a serious hiker, you should be willing to spend more on your pair. Rigorous hiking requires superior quality and durable sandals that can withstand the abuses of the hiking trails.



Just as you would like to stay as comfortable as possible when camping, you will also need to keep your feet comfortable when hiking. One of the best ways to do this is to buy women’s most comfortable walking sandals. They are breathable, light on the feet, have comfortable interior and they do a great job of protecting your feet.


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