What to Wear on a Hiking Date

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You’ve landed yourself a date with a hunk of man, and he has asked you out on an outdoor adventure on a hiking date – congratulations are in order! You’re probably sat wondering, ‘what should I wear on a hiking date?’ Don’t worry – we can help and provide you with some of the best information to prepare you for the hiking dates and have the best hiking look to impress your partner! No matter if you’re a boy or a girl – we have some options for you, so you still look your best!

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Where do I start with preparing for a hiking trip? 

The first thing you need is the right hiking gear and hiking boots with good ankle support. There are so many different clothing types that can be worn for hiking, but it all depends on what type of hike it will be in terms of terrain and what season you’re in.

For example, if your date wants to go rock climbing, you might want to wear something more comfortable like leggings or shorts with built-in underwear and socks. If they want to take a stroll through the woods, then jeans and sneakers would work just fine! You might find wearing layers will be the best option if you get too warm or cold.

I did write an earlier post about how to look cute when hiking, of course, by choosing the best outfit. First impressions matter a lot when you first go on a date, regardless of the location! You want to look your best, and you still can in hiking outfits, and I’ll explain how and what your options are.

It would also be beneficial for you and your date to decide on the trail and the hiking route you’ll be doing and check the weather regularly leading up to the date.

What hiking gear to wear on a date dependant on the season 


Spending time outdoors by going for a hiking date is an incredible experience as a couple. You and your partner get that rush of exercise-induced endorphins while enjoying spectacular views of Mother Nature from trails, riversides, waterfalls, lakeside, and even mountaintops. This is something people would love to do, so you should grab the opportunity!

Unfortunately, getting the perfect attire to dress for that date can be tasking for winter hikes, especially if you and your partner are just starting to know each other. There are options of the gear you can wear for a hiking date, but it’s best to plan a route so you know what to prepare for and get a backpack ready too.

Whether you are going on a short hike or one that takes hours, your outfit will need to keep you comfortable and stylish while enjoying Mother Nature at its finest. Plus, you don’t need to break the bank to look good whilst hiking! You need to find the balance of being comfortable in the clothes you choose and still looking good for a first date!

Choosing what to wear hiking for different seasons doesn’t need to be difficult

If you are undecided on how to dress for a trail date, we are here to help. For the most part, the current season should guide you on what to wear.

There is no better time to have a hike than during winter. And no, it is not because you want to test your partner’s mettle in adversity. It is because the winter hiking trails are almost secluded at this time. For a winter hike date, you should keep yourself as warm as you can. You want to make sure that you are prepared for any situation or any change in weather, too, so be sure to pack extra clothes if it’s cold outside.

You should wear thick hiking pants, a warm blouse/top/shirt, and a sweater or hiking jacket. If you are not sure how cold it will be, look for clothes that you can quickly wear on top of your coat and create layers.


As opposed to hiking in winter, you do not have to pack many items in your backpack during the summer. You just need to bring the essentials like food/snacks. Be mindful of how much time you’ll spend hiking – if it’s going to be an hour or two, then don’t worry about packing too many extras. If it’s going to be longer than that, then bring more clothes just in case! And don’t forget your water bottle – hydration is critical when hiking!

It’s also crucial to remember the bug spray! You don’t want to be covered in bites, so carry some of this with you. Bug bites aren’t ideal for a first date, so treat them as soon as you spot any, and this shouldn’t affect your hiking experience.

For women, the ideal outfit for what to wear on a trail date will consist of a breathable tank top and either shorts or leggings, depending on where you are going hiking. If you explore a dense forest with thick bushes, you can cover up some more by choosing pants. Complete your outfit with a light blazer and a chic pair of sneakers. You could also wear tops with thinner shoulder straps but just remember to wear suncream, so you don’t get burnt. There’s also the option of a hiking skirt which will keep you cool and offer easy leg movement but challenging terrain.

You can choose a quick-drying t-shirt or a short-sleeve shirt, shorts/pants, and a pair of hiking shoes for men. You can also wear a light jacket. You’ll also still need good hiking boots and base layers as the higher up you go – the weather can change!

Essential tips for choosing your hiking outfit

“Can’t I just wear my yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt?” The simple answer to this is yes.

There is no problem with wearing your yoga pants for the date. The only problem is that most gym clothes or exercise wear will not hold up when it starts snowing, or worse, raining, and you don’t want to spend the hike soaking and cold!

You can use your favorite running shoes for the hike, but if you have to make your way through swampy terrain on the second day, this type of footwear is not the best. For such situations, you need a quality pair of waterproof hiking boots.


What to wear on hiking dates?

Women’s options: 

Of course, you must consider your gender when choosing what to wear to your date in the woods. This includes even things such as hiking backpacks. For example, women’s hiking backpacks are designed in such a way that they fit the smaller torsos. Women have smaller torsos and waists.

When choosing a pair of hiking boots, the same applies. Women’s feet are narrower and smaller, and the opposite applies to men.

The most important thing: The weather! In summer or spring, you can wear loose-fitting outfits to allow the heat to escape. You need to keep cool.

I would also recommend keeping your hair tied up in the heat to keep you cooler but don’t forget to wear suncream on the back of your neck. I would also keep some hair ties on your wrist or in your backpack if you need any more!

You will need to layer up and wear tighter-fitting clothes in the colder seasons so that heat does not escape.

Men’s options:

Men can get away with almost everything, as long as it is fitting. However, the most crucial consideration is the weather. If it is hot, do not overdress. If it is cold, do not under-dress.

Whether it is cold or hot, remember to wear inner layers that wick the sweat away. If you make the mistake of choosing cotton outfits that absorb and retain sweat, you will be so uncomfortable, and you may not even enjoy your trail romance.

You have many options to choose from, such as t-shirts, a hiking shirt, cargo pants, a beanie – also wear what you feel comfortable in!

What are the Best Fabrics to Wear on a Hiking Date?

The most important rule regarding dressing for a date on the hiking trails is to stay away from cotton clothing. This material tends to absorb and retain moisture right next to your body. Moisture-wicking clothing is also a great choice as this will transport sweat away from your skin and evaporate in your clothing fabric.

Wear clothes that will keep you warm in the cold weather and cool in the hot weather. Choose fabrics like wool or cotton that wick away sweat from your body instead of absorbing it into the fabric. This way, you’ll stay comfortable all day long no matter how hot or cold it is outside!

Plus, if you choose dark colors, they won’t show dirt easily when they get dirty while exploring nature with your new friend. And don’t forget to pack an extra layer just in case things change unexpectedly during your hike! If it’s too hot out, take off layers; if it’s too cold out, put them back on later.

Instead of cotton, look for hiking clothes made of:

Merino wool

This fabric has several benefits for hikers. For one, it’s soft to touch, so you’ll feel comfortable in your outfit. Secondly, it disperses all the moisture away from your body. And even if it retains some of the humidity, it dries fast.


Although this is mainly used to make stockings and lingerie, it is also a good choice for hiking clothes. The benefit of nylon is that it’s thin and tough at the same time.

If you think that your date will extend to the next day, nylon outfits are an excellent choice. This is because they compress easily, allowing you to pack warm but light.

FAQs for What To Wear to a Trail Date

These are the questions that most people going to the first hike date ask.

What should I bring on a hiking date?

It’s essential to be prepared for any situation when you’re out on the trails. You never know what might happen, so it’s best to come prepared! Here are some essentials that will help make your hike more enjoyable and safer.

This is a list of items that should be in every hiker’s backpack. Remember, safety first! Always bring water, snacks, and extra clothes just in case something happens while you’re out there. Hiking can get messy sometimes – especially if it rains or snows – so pack accordingly! And don’t forget about sun protection too; wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun as well as potential bugs or animals along the way. Don’t forget your map either! If you have one handy (or downloaded onto your phone), then you’ll always know where you are on the trail at all times.

Also bring a nice hiking jacket, a rain jacket if you can because the weather could turn without warning. For the gentlemen, do carry two pack-able jackets like the one below. If it rains, you can summon up some chivalry and give her one jacket too.

Is a hike an ideal first date for a couple?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Depending on what you have gathered about this person when you talked with them online or on the phone, well, that will help you make up your mind.

If they hinted that they love the outdoors, a walking date might be a good idea. If not, you probably should not ask them out on a date in nature just yet. If they give you a second and third one, they are into you.

Are leggings suitable for hiking?

Leggings are the perfect hiking outfit for women because they are stretchy, flexible, light, and make you feel confident! They also come in many different styles, so there’s a legging for every occasion. For a spring hike when the weather is neither hot nor cold, try wearing leggings like these below. If it’s wintertime or colder outside, then thermal leggings will keep you warm while still looking cute!

Conclusion on hiking outfits

I think we can all agree that doesn’t need to be something that causes stress! Stick to the clothes suitable for the weather you’ll be hiking in, and remember to pack the essentials in your backpack and just have a great time on your date! A good base layer is also vital!

Please stay away from cotton hiking clothes because it retains any moisture it absorbs meaning you’ll be hiking in wet clothes which isn’t fun for anyone! Instead, look for clothes made of merino wool or nylon.

Hopefully, you can now choose what to wear on a hiking date and get ready to hit the trails with the man or woman of your dreams. This is much better than those restaurant and dinner dates. If you both share a love for the outdoors, you will always find common ground to fall back on, even when you disagree, and it’ll be the perfect date regardless of the season or your clothing!

It’s essential that whatever clothes you choose to look not only pleasing but also feel comfortable so that you can have fun while exploring nature together! So don’t forget about comfort when picking out your outfit for this special day. And remember, there is no perfect way to hold a first or even umpteenth date for two outdoor enthusiasts because we’re all unique individuals who enjoy different things in life – so let them know how much they mean by being yourself rather than overthinking what to wear on a hiking date!

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