What to Wear on a Hiking Date in 2020

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You have landed yourself this hunk of a man and he has asked you out.

On a hiking date! Thus, you are looking for information regarding what to wear on a hiking date.

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Or maybe there’s this lady that you just met and she has told you she loves the outdoors, just as you do. There is no perfect way to hold a first, or even an umpteenth date for two outdoor enthusiasts than taking a hiking date.

I did write an earlier post about how to look cute when hiking, of course by choosing the best outfit. But there is hiking, and then there is a hiking date. First impressions matter a lot. You want to look your best.

What to wear to a hike date in winter

Spending time outdoors by going for a hiking date is an incredible experience. You and your partner get to experience a rush of the exercise-induced endorphins while enjoying spectacular views of Mother Nature from trails, riversides, waterfalls, lakeside and even mountaintops.

Unfortunately, getting the perfect attire to dress for that date can be tasking, especially if you and your partner are just starting to know each other.

You don’t want to overdress and end up feeling too hot. But you also don’t want to keep it too casual and give off the “I’m not interested” vibe.

Choosing what to wear hiking for different seasons

If you are undecided on how to dress for a trail date, we are here to help. For the most part, the current season should guide you on what to wear.

There is no better time to have a hike than during winter. And no, it is not because you want to test your partner’s mettle in adversity. It is because the winter hiking trails are almost secluded at this time. ‘

Simply said, the trails will not be crowded. You will get all the seclusion that you need to have a palaver, laugh, share experiences and crack jokes.

However, you have to take some precautions. If the trails will be steep, you must remember to bring your hiking poles. Such will give you a good grip on the trails.

For a winter hike date, it is advisable that you keep yourself as warm as you can. You don’t want to have to cancel the date midway because you’re feeling too cold.

Thus, you should wear thick hiking pants, a warm blouse/top/shirt and a sweater or hiking jacket. If you are not certain of how cold it will be, look for clothes that you can easily wear on top of your jacket.

For the footwear, hiking boots are a good investment. Although not necessary, you can also wear cold weather gloves and a beanie.

The good thing about these two pieces of clothing is that they come in stylish designs. Thus, they will add an elegant touch to your look.

If you are worried that you will look too overdressed, worry not. Your partner will be wearing the same. It is winter, and the order of priority is to keep warm on the trails and look cute second.

Talking about keeping warm, well, you can bring along your mug for keeping coffee hot. Your partner will be glad you brought a hot drink of coffee a long.

What to wear on a trail date in summer

Thanks to the warmer, friendlier temperatures of summer, you can go as bright as you want with your hiking outfits.

As opposed to hiking in winter, during summer, you do not have to pack many items in your backpack. You just need to bring the essentials like food/snacks, and drinking water.

The trails will be more crowded in summer, so just concentrate on having fun. The best way to have fun is to wear as comfortably as possible.

For women, the ideal outfit for what to wear on a trail date will consist of a breathable tank top and either shorts or leggings depending on where you are going hiking.

If you will be exploring a dense forest with thick bushes, you can cover up some more by choosing pants. Complete your outfit with a light blazer and a chic pair of sneakers.

For men, you can choose a quick-drying t-shirt or a short sleeve shirt, shorts/pants and a pair of hiking shoes. You can also wear a light jacket.

Important tips for choosing your hiking outfit

“Can’t I just wear my yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt?” The simple answer to this is, yes.

There is no problem with wearing your yoga pants for the meet. The only problem is that most gym clothes or exercise-wear will not hold up when it starts snowing, or worse, raining.

Also, if you’re going for a hike that will last a day or more, you should think more strategically about your hiking gear.

Sure, you can use your favorite running shoes for the hike but if you have to traverse through a swampy terrain on the second day, this type of footwear is not the best. For such situations, you need a quality pair of waterproof hiking boots.


What to wear to a trail date girl

Of course, you must consider your gender when choosing what to wear to your date in the woods. This includes even things such as hiking backpacks. For example, womens hiking backpacks are designed in such a way that they fit the smaller torsos. Women have smaller torsos and waists.

When choosing a pair of hiking boots, the same applies. Women’s feet are narrower and smaller and the opposite applies to men. Buy everything according to your gender.

The most important things: The weather! In summer or spring, you can wear loose fitting outfits to allow the heat to escape. You need to keep cool.

In the colder seasons, you will need to layer up, and wear tighter-fitting clothes so that heat does not escape.


What to wear on a hike date men

Men can get away with almost everything, as long as it is fitting. However, the most important consideration is the weather. If it will be hot, do not overdress. If it is cold, do not under-dress.

Whether it is cold or hot, remember to wear inner layers that wick the sweat away. If you make the mistake of choosing cotton outfits that absorb and retain sweat, you will be so uncomfortable and you may not even enjoy your trail romance.

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What are the Best Fabrics to Wear on a Hiking Date?

The most important rule regarding how to dress for a date on the hiking trails is to stay away from cotton clothing. This material tends to absorb and retain moisture right next to your body.

This means that if it is hot, you will be soaking in sweat. Cotton is also poor at insulating meaning that if it is cold, you run the risk of getting hypothermia.

Instead of cotton, look for clothes made of:

Merino wool

This fabric has several benefits for hikers. For one, it’s soft to touch so you’ll feel comfortable in your outfit. Secondly, it disperses all the moisture away from your body. And even if it retains some of the moisture, it dries fast.


Although this is mostly used to make stockings and lingerie, it is also a good choice for hiking clothes. The benefit of nylon is that it’s thin and tough at the same time.

If you think that your date will extend to the next day, nylon outfits are a really nice choice. This is because they compress easily, allowing you to pack warm but light.

For overnight hiking, you will need a heavier pack because you will need to bring a tent and tent sleeping items.

FAQs for What To Wear to a Trail Date

These are the questions that most people going to the first hike date ask:

What should I bring on a hiking date?

Everything that you would bring on a regular hike. This means having a nice backpack, carrying snacks, water, drinks and even food if lunch will still catch you on the trails.

Also bring a nice hiking jacket, a rain jacket if you can because the weather could turn without warning. For the gentlemen, do carry two pack-able jackets like the one below. If it rains, you can summon up some chivalry and give her one jacket. See the rain jacket for hiking below:

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Is a hike a good first date?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Depending on what you have gathered about this person when you talked with them online or on phone, well, that will help you make up your mind.

If they hinted that they love the outdoors, a walking date might be a good idea. If not, you probably should not ask them out on a date in nature. Wait until the third or fourth date. If they give you a second and third one, they are into you.

Are leggings good for hiking?

But of course they are. They are stretchy, flexible and light. Women look so cute in them and in fact, leggings should be listed as some of the cute hiking outfits. For a date, they make you look and feel confident. Leggings such as the ones below would be great for spring hiking when the weather is neither hot nor cold. There are also thermal leggings that you can use for hiking in winter.

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Planning a hiking date but are not sure of how to dress? Well, you just need to stick to a few rules.

One, check the current season: if it’s winter, look for clothes that you can layer up easily in case it gets colder. If it is summer, go for bright, light hiking outfits.

Similarly, it is important to consider the fabric used to make your hiking outfits. Stay away from cotton because it retains any moisture it absorbs; thus, keeping you wet. Instead, look for clothes made of merino wool or nylon.

Hopefully, you can now choose what to wear on a hiking date and get ready to hit the trails with the man or woman of your dreams. Believe me, this is much better than those restaurant dates. If you both share a love for the outdoors, you will always find a common ground to fall back on, even when you disagree.

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