What To Wear On A Hike And Still Look Cute

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Cute Hiking Outfits To Wear On The Trail

Many girls wonder what to wear on a hike and still look cute.

But really, when you think about it some, choosing cute hiking outfits is a no-brainer.

Just because it is dusty on the trails, it does not mean that you have to look shabby. Women have this smart, neat look around them. You can hit the trails in fashionable hiking outfit.

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With the best hiking outfit women, they like to maintain the feminine aura whether they are spending the entire day at home in their pajamas, when working and even when on an outdoor adventure.

A person who feels good about him/herself feels good about life and about other people too. Therefore, it is quite alright to want to look cute when hiking.

Stay in style even when on the dirty … that is quite an oxymoron. However, with some effort on your side, it is very much possible to look awesome in hiking fashion

How should I dress for a hike?

Don’t look bland and boring when hiking, when there are all sorts of cute hiking outfits.

Here are a few things that will make you look like a fashion model as you take to the trails.

Best hiking sunglasses

Do not go for the common glasses that are only so-so in style. Be sure to choose a pair of hiking sunglasses made in polarized style and you will turn heads.

Above all, these glasses are going to protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun. Even if you are not going for a glamping experience in a transparent bubble tent, you can still look awesome on the trails and at the campsite.

The number of sunglasses for different types of outdoor adventures online is going to spoil you for choice. From Oakley, Gucci and others, there is a pair of sunglasses for just about any kind of activity, including skiing.

Best hiking pants for women

Well, there are so many of these in the market, but if I got you right, you do not want to wear just the usual pants. You want the top of the cream, because you want to look good and still hike. And the market has just the kind of hiking pants for women and men that say… I know style!

Brands like a pair of hiking pants are made for women who love style on the trails. As much as you should look good, the manufacturers also know what makes a good pair of hiking pants and so they go ahead and make them as functional as possible. Cargo pockets, functional pockets, secured pockets and other features have been added. Thus, when you wear a pair of these hiking pants, you feel complete and stylish.

Stylish hiking shoes

When choosing your hiking shoes, make sure they are not ordinary shoes. There are so many types of stylish hiking shoes for women and for men. hiking pants for women offer women and girls really cute hiking shoes that you might want to try out.

However, remember to a pair of hiking shoes that does not sacrifice comfort, fit and user-friendliness for fashion. With some hybrid shoes from some of the biggest fashion names in the world, you can find a very stylish pair of shoes that you can wear in the city as well as on the trails.

If you are looking in an online store and you see a pair of hiking shoes that does not look like a hiking shoe, that is because it is made for both style and functionality. Such would be a good pair of boots to buy. If you are going to do some light hiking, maybe a pair of trail running shoes would be.

Whatever your style needs are, there is a pair of stylish hiking shoes for you, no matter how diverse your taste in shoes is.

Waterproof hiking jacket – Eddie Bauer

There are many cute hiking outfits winter. You want to maintain your sense of fashion even with your hiking coat.

Eddie Bauer is only one of the many manufacturers that makes some of the best hiking jackets for men, women, children and youth.

If you are a lady, you need a hiking jacket that is going to be both comfortable, fitting, waterproof and has a few if not several pockets to keep you cellphone, keys and other important accessories secured.

Thankfully, the kinds of hiking jackets that we have today can be worn in the city as well as on the trails… yes, they are that good.

They accentuate your figure and they are made to last. Hiking just became more fun with these types of jackets, of course, in combo with other stylish hiking clothes.

Sometimes, it is just too warm and you want a top that can let in the air. Columbia has some nice hiking tops. You can check out their outfits and choose one. They offer fashionable hiking clothes for men, women and youth.

They have VooDoo Falls 590 Sleeveless jacket that you can buy on amazon.com. It allows heat to escape through the sleeveless cuttings. This jacket is designed to flow with the figure of a beautiful woman. It is narrow at the shoulders and then at the bottom, it flairs out gently.

Womens hiking hats – fashionable hiking clothes

Can a hat be a part of fashionable hiking clothes?

Indeed it can. If there is something that you would protect with everything you have, it has to be your hair. Hair is a crown of glory for a woman.

Thankfully, the outdoor recreation industry knows how to make the best hats that will make hair stay safe, cute and awesome all through the dusty or wet hike.

Here, you have two best alternatives. One, you can wear a baseball cap, and look like a tennis player on the Big Bear hiking trails.

But you do not want to make this one a regular baseball cap because you want some flair. So, how about the ICOLOR Sun Caps Flap Hat with its awesome features?

This hat is truly designed for the outdoors, thanks to its flaps covering the sides and the back of the head, and it has a front flap that can be attached or detached at will. This hat is also waterproof, will protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun.

Perhaps you can match it with the color of your hiking pants and see the effect it will bring. You can be sure of getting all round sun protection from this hat.

Keep your hair hidden under the hat, away from the damaging elements and at the same time, look like one of the actresses from sex and the city.

Best supportive sports bra

A hiking bra is one of the outfits that many women do not worry about because after all, it will be hidden under a layer of other clothes. However, when you are hiking in hot and humid climate, you had better select your underwear carefully because things can get blistery-moist under there.

To take good care of your twins when hiking, buy a nice sports bra. This one is made just for things like this. If it can support a woman jumping up high for the ball, you can be sure that your bosom will be very comfortable as you jump over that narrow brook.

CORE 10 High Support Sports Bras are some of the best bras in the market. If you get one of these, you can even wear it alone when the sun is all blazing hot.

If you combine such a bra with high waist pants, you will look like something just popped out of a fashion magazine and dropped on the trails.

Besides, this is really going to make you feel comfortable as you do what is necessary to make it to the end of that hiking trail.

Hiking leggings

If you do not feel like wearing the a pair of hiking socks, just get a pair of performance leggings. Such will come with a ventilation panel along the sides of the legs, in form of little perforations. Now, these perforations also make the leggings look awesome.

If you pair these leggings with a sports bra, a nice pair of summer hiking shoes and a pair of sunglasses, you will look like you have just come out of a movie set. Who said you cannot hike and look stylish at the same time? Always keep a nice pair of leggings in your hiking backpack, ready for hiking.

Hiking shorts paired with hiking boots

Would you show us that lovely pair of legs if you do not mind? Hiking in warm weather allows you to show off your nice calves by wearing a pair of hiking shorts and pairing them with hiking boots for women.

Image of fashionable hiking clothes

There are many varieties of shorts for women that you can buy, with some looking like hot pants, others reaching to the knees and yet others going mid thigh.

Whatever your taste in shorts is, there is one for your outdoor recreation needs. Hiking boots and shorts are a big part of fashionable hiking outfit summer.

Columbia Womens Saturday Trail Shorts that you can buy on amazon.com is one pair that is going to keep you comfortable when hiking. However, this pair is made for those trails that are free of brush that could scratch your skin because you will have a lot of your legs exposed. It is made with sun protection and it also stretches comfortably against the skin.

There is also a Columbia Womens Saturday Trail Long Shorts. These reach slightly above the knee. So you can see that you are taken care of irrespective of your taste.

We said that boots are best paired with shorts. Well it might not be entirely true, but you know just how awesome you will look in boots and shorts.

So what sorts of hiking boots are best for you? There are many, but it is better to go for a pair that you can wear on the trails and in town as well. Remember, you want to look good and to protect your feet at the same time.

What to wear on a hike and still look cute – Bandanna

Finally, you can wind up the stylish hiker look with a nice looking branded bandanna. This piece of clothing accessory has for long been associated with hippies and gang members, but there is nothing wrong with you bringing a hippie look to your outdoor rendezvous.

Besides, a bandanna can serve as your face wipe if you start sweating and if you forget to bring your hat, you can use it to cover your hair. You will cut an excellent bad girl image, and you will love it.

Wrapping Up

There… you have seen quite a collection of items that can make you stand out on the trails. You no longer have to wonder what to wear on a hike and still look cute because you have it all. These hiking outfit ideas will assist you look stunning on the trails.

Just choose any combination of womens hiking outfits that works for you. Besides, there are many celebrity women who hike. You can check them out to see what kind of outfits they wore and try to match their style.

Happy hiking cutie! Now, get out there and compete with those beautiful wildflowers with the best hiking fashion women’s outfits.

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