What To Visit In The Acadia National Park

A couple of weeks ago, I went with a group of Australian buddies on a camping weekend. A lot of planning went into the trip (on my end) because I wanted to show them something really spectacular but, at the same time, something that they can’t really see in the Land Down Under. I ended up choosing Acadia National Park – a rugged, forested land of water, with over 6,000 lakes! Acadia is in Maine, which is very close to where I live (Boston currently), and is a top spot for adventurous campers on the continent. It’s also vast – it stretches across almost 45,000 acres. There’s plenty to see there, so you need to plan your trip really well, especially if you’re strapped for time. Here are my top 3 places in the Acadia National Park – comment below if you think I’ve missed something that deserves to go on the list!

Go Around the Park Loop Road

If you came with a car, take the afternoon and go around Park Loop Road. As the name suggests, it’s a 27-mile road that goes around one part of Mount Desert Island. It’s a great way to take in the sights on the first day, without straining yourself too much. My friends loved this trip because they were able to see much on Day 1, and then pick and choose what to visit in the next few days. If you don’t have a car, take the Island Explorer – it’s a shuttle that runs only in the summer and is completely free.

Climb The Beehive

You definitely didn’t visit this beautiful place to drive around in a bus, right? A lot of climbs in the Acadia National Park are closed in the summer – both the Precipice and Jordan Cliffs Trail shuts down for falcon nesting. However, you can always tackle the Beehive. It’s quite a climb and for the last part, you will definitely need those iron rungs that are installed there. Still, the view from the top is beautiful, so it’s well worth the effort.

Set Up Camp At Blackwood Campground

This isn’t my first time pitching a tent at Blackwood. It’s a great campsite with tons of facilities and large open plots where you can pitch your tent. It’s relatively close to all major sites within the Acadia National Park that you will want to visit. You definitely won’t be slumming it here since there’s electricity, running water, toilets, and so on. And, if you forgot something, you can always rent it out. It got a bit chilly one evening and one of my Australian ‘mates’ (is he really?) refused to share his Calming Blankets cover with me, so I had to rent a blanket for myself. In all fairness, he did lug that thing all the way from Australia, so I guess he’s emotionally attached to it.   There you have it! A 4-day Acadia trip is all planned out for you. Don’t forget to pack all your camping essentials – you can find a full list right here. Make sure to come back and share your experiences and photos with us!