What to Eat While Camping

Camping and Eating

One of the first things people struggle with or worry about when going camping is what to eat. For many people, mealtimes feel stressful when away from all of the comforts of home and your kitchen. However, they don’t have to be!

It can be just as easy to eat while camping as it is at home, and you don’t have to live on Slim Jims and energy bars. You need to know how to plan your meals and have a few vital tools for cooking those meals while camping. Let Camping Necessities guide you on how to prepare for that.

Do Prep Before You Go

You’re going to want to invest in a great camping stove if you plan to do any amount of camping since it will get used over and over again. It’s possible to cook almost anything you would cook at home on a 2-burner camping stove, so you will have many more options when you bring a camping stove.

In addition to your stove, you should do as much prep work for meals before you head out. When still at home in your kitchen, you can prepare veggies, meats, sides, and more, package them in Tupperware-style containers or sandwich bags (better for small spaces) and bring them with you.

Start with Meals Your Family Already Likes

If you don’t know what kinds of meals to plan for your camping trip, start with meals your family already likes. Is taco night a big hit at home? It’s easy enough to bring that camping with you too! Keep in mind that there’s no ordering out as a backup plan in most camping situations, so you want to get meals your family likes and that you already know how to make. This is probably not the best time to channel your inner Rachel Ray with some new recipes. Stick to what you know and what you know they like.

Use Classic Camping Meals

You might also consider throwing in some classic camping meals and snacks. Roasting hot dogs over the fire and then making s’mores for dessert, for example, are some excellent ideas. Beans are always a camping favorite. Soups and stews that you can warm over the campfire are also big hits from the classic list.

Get Some Camping Cookbooks

Because many people before you have faced the same dilemma and have the same questions, it may not be surprising to know that there are many camping cookbooks available today. You can learn how to take some of your favorite recipes from the home kitchen to the campsite. But even more inspiring, these cookbooks will have ideas you’ve probably never thought of before.

You can use these cookbooks to help you find ideas that your whole family will enjoy and explore new ideas on old classics. For example, you eat everything from pancakes to breakfast sandwiches for camping mornings or skewers and campfire nachos for dinners.

And these cookbooks will help you with ideas of what to eat while camping and how to prepare it.

What are you most excited to try making on your next camping adventure?