What Should I Wear Hiking In Cold Weather in 2020?

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Many women who love hiking ask: What should I wear hiking in cold weather and look fashionable?

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Well, you will be spoilt for choice. There are so many stylish and fashionable hiking outfits just for you. You can look as smashing as you want on the cold trails. A beautiful woman makes the cold hiking trails in Sedona feel warm.

And you do not have to look around too much for what to wear for hiking in winter. You can buy cold weather hiking outfits on amazon.com. The best thing is that there are many outfits to try.

Getting your gear for hiking in cold weather ready

If you are a true hiking enthusiast, then you know that not even cold weather is going to keep you indoors. That is why outdoor outfitters have hiking footwear, best hiking pants, hiking backpacks and other things for hiking in cold weather.

Cold weather hiking clothes come in all sizes and in feminine and masculine gender designs. Thus, you can buy what fits you.

Cold weather hiking is a lot of fun because there are not many people hiking. Thus, you can literally have the trails to yourself. However, you have to stay warm. It is akin to going for dry camping. You enjoy all the solitude that you need.

Hot fashion items

In addition to wearing good cold weather hiking outfits, you can also pack your travel or outdoor coffee mug. That way, you can drink hot coffee as you walk. It will help keep you warm from the inside.


What should I wear for hiking in cold weather 

When choosing what to wear for hiking in cold weather, you ought to remember that there are two cold seasons – fall and winter. Thus, you can buy clothes for hiking in fall, which you can also wear for mild winters. In most places that experience cold winters though, you may have to buy different outfits for winter.

There is no shortage of the best winter hiking outfits for women. However, this article is about the most fashionable items that you can add to your person.  Winter hiking clothing does not have to be dull or drab. You can look nice!

Cold weather hiking jacket – Best winter hiking clothing

Cold weather comes with its own fair share of challenges for hiking lovers such as slippery hiking trails, hypothermia and many more. You can overcome some of these by preparing with the best exercises for hiking.

But who said that the low temperatures should hinder you from enjoying your adventure on the trails? All that you need is the proper gear to keep you warm and comfortable.

A cold-weather hiking jacket is one of the most crucial items for cold weather hiking clothes. Since the jacket is insulated, it keeps you warm and comfortable by minimizing heat loss from your body.

It does this by trapping your body warmth in its fibers. The shell of the jacket prevents cold air from penetrating. The weather should never stop you from enjoying your hiking adventure even in the middle of the winter season.

Apart from keeping you warm and comfortable, cold-weather hiking jackets offers considerable protection against the wind, rain and snow. It will keep you dry and this adds to the versatility of this jacket.

Columbia is a renowned manufacturer of outdoor gear. They make some of the best outdoor clothing for adults, youth and kids. A cold-weather hiking jacket from their brand should serve you very well, and for a long time too.

If you are the kind of lady that loves to look stylish look even when hiking, the Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Jacket will do more than just Columbia Women’s Mighty Lite III Jacket. It comes with many convenient features. It has many pockets, thumbholes and comfortable cuffs among others.

Winter hiking shirt for women

When the winter season comes, it means one thing for hiking enthusiasts. It is time to switch from the light summer hiking outfits to the warmer, cold-weather hiking clothes.

Most people, especially women, avoid hiking in winter because they do not know what to wear and still look stylish. They assume that the switch is very hard. They always ask; what should I wear hiking in cold weather?

Switching from cute hiking outfits for summer to winter outfits is easy. You just need to know the kind of clothing that you should buy to keep the cold away or prevent you from getting wet.

Most people also do not know that the winter season is one of the best times to hit the trails. It is not very hot outside there and since there are fewer people outside, you have a chance to experience the tranquil splendor of the snow along the trails.

The main secret for cold weather hiking is layering. You put on several layers. Start with the winter hiking shirt that wicks ways the moisture as your first base layer.

This is because even in winter, it sometimes gets warm and you have to take off some layers when you begin to sweat.

Avoid getting all sweaty when hiking in winter. If your clothes become wet, they end up chilling you when you stop to rest.

Since the jacket and the fleece pullovers are the first layers to go, you need to be left with a hiking shirt that is breathable, able to keep the moisture in control.

For ladies looking for authentic winter hiking shirt for women, the Duofold Women’s Mid Weight Wicking Thermal Shirt is a nice purchase.

This shirt is affordable, breathable, double layered for warmth. It does not cause skin irritations, it comes in a variety of colors and it is designed with Pointelle fabrication. This adds a feminine detail to your look.

Winter hiking socks for women

For some reason, most hikers tend to overlook socks when choosing outfits for cold weather hiking. However, they are a very crucial component of winter hiking clothing.

Just because you have properly layered your upper body keeping it warm, it does not mean that your feet will automatically be free from cold too. You should protect them also using a good pair of socks since after all they are doing all the trekking.

Winter hiking socks not only keep your feet warm but because they are in direct contact with your feet skin, they keep you comfortable too.

When choosing the best winter hiking socks there are some few major factors to consider. The pair of socks that you choose can greatly influence your winter hiking experience.

For your own comfort, the hiking socks should be made from a material that is breathable and is able to wick the moisture away. Remember the cold weather hiking boots have Thinsulate insulation that keeps the feet quite warm.

A blend of woolen and synthetic material is the best, while on the other hand, cotton material for hiking socks should be avoided.

The ability to regulate moisture is a very important consideration. Your socks should not be too warm or too cold. If they are too warm, your feet will get sweaty and prone to blisters. Your experience will be unpleasant if your feet are too cold.

Your socks should not be too thick such that they do not fit properly in your shoes. You should always ensure there is ample space in your shoes or boots for your toes to move freely. Very tight shoes hinder proper blood circulation in your feet.

Arctic Extreme makes some of the best winter hiking socks. Their socks are very soft, non-itchy and ultra comfortable.

They are perfect for wearing with your hiking shoes or boots because they fit properly without bunching.

They are machine washable, come in a variety of colors and they will keep your feet warm, dry and odor-free.

Cold weather hiking pants for women – what should I wear hiking in cold weather

Men appear to have a wide range of options when it comes to hiking pants. For women, finding winter hiking-pants that are comfortable and stylish can be a hassle. Nevertheless, it is worth the trouble.

Finding warm, comfortable and well fitting pants is very important if you love hiking in winter. Luckily some brands have everything.

If you want to enjoy your hiking experience during winter, these pants not only keep you warm but also dry. The pants are also designed to protect you from the rain and wind. They ensure that you are comfortable during those long periods of trekking in the cold.

There are many winter hiking pants for women in the market. However, ensure you get it right when choosing your own pair to make your experience an enjoyable one. With Arctic Extreme, you can never go wrong when it comes to the best winter hiking clothing.

The Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pant is a good pair of cold weather hiking pants. It will keep you warm and you will look fashionable when hitting the trails.

This pair fits perfectly with an adjustable waist that fits comfortably no matter the layers you have under it. It is breathable to keep you dry, allows free movement and it is wear and tear-resistant.

Cold weather hiking gloves

Your winter hiking kit can never be complete without a good pair of Winter hiking socks. Nothing can ruin your winter hiking experience like numbed hands.

One of the major parts of your body that is more prone to frostbite is your hands. That is why you need to keep them protected inside a pair of winter gloves.

Although some people may overlook hiking gloves, they are an essential part of any hikers clothing. Gloves will protect your hands from the discomfort of freezing. They also protect them from possible injuries. Combined with a cold-weather hiking jacket, you should stay as warm as possible.

Even if you cover the rest of your body well, leaving your hands exposed in the extreme cold can cause various health problems.

The main role of a good pair of gloves for hiking is to keep your hands warm, safe and comfortable so that you can enjoy your experience without any inconveniences.

With all the gloves that you can buy, it can be a tad confusing when you are looking for reliable, comfortable, well fitting and fashionable gloves.

The Mountain Made is well-respected name when it comes to great outdoor outfits. You can order the Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women without any doubts.  They are designed for warmth, comfort, good fit, durability and an overall incredible performance.

Thermal leggings for winter hiking

You should never sacrifice your style when dressing for a cold season hike. The thermal leggings will lock in your body heat keeping you warmer and comfortable. They also make a good fashionable look.

Remember; the secret to winter hiking is layering. Thermal leggings are good for cold weather hiking. You wear a pair beneath your top layers to ensure that you remain warm during the harsh winter temperatures.

Even in winter, there are those warmer days which when coupled with your walking can make you sweaty. When this happens, you are supposed to reduce the layers. Thermal leggings will be a nice alternative to your cold weather hiking pants when you begin to get all sweaty down there.

The Duofold Women’s Mid-Weight Wicking Thermal Leggings is one of the best thermal leggings that you can buy.  They are comfortable since they do not cause skin irritations. They also come with good moisture-control properties among other lovable features.

Winter hat and neck gaiter

Spice up your stylish winter look with a stylish looking winter hat and a neck gaiter. You can try the Winter Newsboy Cable Knitted Visor Beanie Hat with MIRMARU Hair Tie and the Smartwool Merino 250 Neck Gaiter.

These two accessories will not only keep you from feeling chilled, but they will make you look cool when hitting the trails.

They do a good job of keeping you warm from the numbing winter temperatures. These two cold weather hiking clothing items can also protect your hair from extreme weather conditions.

When you are hiking, there could be sleet, snow or rain. If your hair is exposed to all these, it could lose its luster and texture easily.

A good winter hat will be warm, comfortable, inexpensive, and stylish. The same applies to neck gaiters. They are also available in different colors so you can choose one that appeals most to you.

Your winter look does not have to look so dull and unfashionable, with these two accessories, you can be sure that you will still be looking like a fashion icon even on those cold trails.

These are just a few of the stylish and comfortable winter hiking outfits for women. There are many more, but if you want to look cute as a button and right-out-of-the-fashion-magazine stylish, get these few items on your person.

The weather might be all gloomy and none too pleasant. However, as a lady you know that the weather does not determine how good you look. Thus, right from the shoes to the hair, you can look stunning in winter. Just get the most stylish and comfortable cold weather hiking clothes. You will be glad you did!


After reading this post, I hope you have got the answer to the question of: What should I wear hiking in cold weather to look fashionable? You have seen a few items you can add to your persona to look dashing.



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