Tips for Camping on the Beach

Going camping on the beach can give you the best of both worlds – a fun time on the beach and an enjoyable time camping. However, camping on the beach is different from camping in other climates or campsites.

But can you think of anything more luxurious than waking up on a beautiful beach, watching the sunrise over the water, stepping out of your tent and feeling the sand beneath your toes, and feeling that connection with nature?

There is so much appeal to the beach that it’s easy to see why people can enjoy camping on the beach so much. And there are different ways to do it. Let’s explore.

How to Camp on the Beach

If you’re going to a national or state park, a designated campsite, or a camping resort, then they may have several different options for you. For example, you could rent a cabin on the beach, bring your own tents, or stay in a luxury yurt. It all depends on the beach or park you’re going to and what they offer.

Tips for camping on the beach

Plan for your beach

Before you can plan and pack, you need to know which beach campground you will be visiting. There are different rules at each campsite, and there may be different climates to plan for, based on where you’re going. So, the first step is always to know your location and to research it before you go.

Bring proper beach camping supplies

You will need tent posts that stick and hold in the sand, and other camping gear made explicitly for beach use. You will want different shoes, for example. Most people don’t want to walk on sandy beaches in their tennis shoes or work boots.

Cleaning tools

Bring a handheld brush and dustpan or a battery-powered mini vac. Just trust on this one. You will want something to clean up that sand and not have it in your sleeping area all the time.

Watch out for tide

You should also track the tides and be sure you do not pitch your tent or set up a part of your camp that is too close to the water. It should be obvious, but if you do, then it will all get washed away when the tide comes in.

Prepare for dampness

Any time you are camping right on the water like this, there will be cool, damp air that comes in overnight. You should pack away any food or items that you don’t want to be affected by this. And it would be best if you were sure to bring along airtight containers to store such items.

Hydrate regularly

You should hydrate as much as you can and then hydrate some more. Being on the beach, in the sun, and in the water is all going to dehydrate you more than other camping locations might. Remember, if you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

What to Pack for Camping on the Beach

Another question you might have is what you should pack and bring with you when you go camping at the beach. Well, you’ll bring many of the same things you would bring on a camping trip, but you may also want to pack some other things.

Everyone will want to bring their swimwear if they’re going to get into the water or sunbathe on the beach. You also want to have protection from the sun. A quality sunscreen should be in your bag, and you might also want to bring umbrellas or hats to help block the sun.

Now that you have these tips for camping on the beach, you’re ready for your next (or your first) beach camping trip. Enjoy!