Reviews for Coleman Tents and Buying Guide

If you read reviews for Coleman tents, you will see why these tents are some of the best in the market. Coleman is one of the most renowned names in the manufacture of outdoor gear.

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Their family tents do not disappoint. This is a good thing too. Family camping in America, Europe and Asia has become the norm as many parents engage their children in outdoor activities.

Here are a few Coleman family tents for camping:

Coleman Instant 4 Person tent reviews

When reading reviews for Coleman tents and you come across this one, the first thing that catches your attention here is: why instant?

Well, I did not ask, but the tent comes with pre-attached poles thus making it pretty instant to pitch if you ask me.

As Coleman themselves say, you need about 60 seconds to set it up. Now that is fast. Among some of the features that I love in this tent include the welded floors – pretty strong, inverted seams that make it totally water resistant and of course the rainfly that is vented for more air will keep you and your camping gear dry.



  • So simple to set up. Upward of 2 minutes and you have it ready
  • Has many higher than standard features
  • Integrated with rainfly
  • High quality welded floor
  • Measures 8 feet by 7 feet
  • Made of strong 150D polyester material



  • Because of the pre-attached poles, its bulky thus not good for backpacking
  • Cannot fit 4 people – It is more actually like 2 people
  • No standing room for tall people



Red Canyon 8 Person Coleman Tent

This is another jewel from Coleman. It is designed to house the entire family whether you are camping on the beach or on the trails.

Alas! This tent has taken quite a beating from users who left reviews on Amazon. Is it really as bad as they say?

Let’s explore some of the features

It is big, literally, measuring all of 10 by 17 feet. The center height is 72 inches (6 feet). You can stand in it.

The Coleman patented WeatherTec system makes the tent waterproof even on the seams. Other notable features include the adjustable air vent system, which allows you to control the amount of air coming in.

When you buy it, you will get poles, stakes, and bags for the same. Thus, you will not store the tent with the poles.

It is sold with its room dividers, which you can use to create three sizeable rooms out of the one tent. This is good because you may need privacy or you may need to keep your backpacks and stuff in one of the rooms.


  • It is made for 8 people – take that with a pinch of salt, say six people
  •  Whole family can share the tent
  • It is easy to assemble – follow the manual
  • Adjust the flow of air into the tent using Variflow and the Cool Airport
  • Incredible design for a modern tent
  • Good for winter camping


  • Some people report that it rips at the seams but they got a replacement
  • The windows cannot be zipped



Modified Coleman Montana 8-person Tent

For people who have been around for some time, there was an earlier version of the Coleman Montana Tent, but it may or may no longer be available on Amazon.

However, the modified version has more features but is basically the same as the earlier version.

It is still the same cabin tent type, with the same beautifully angled windows to keep the rain away but allow in the light. It has Insta-Clip attachments for poles, the popular welded floors that Coleman tents are famous for.

This tent is large. Ok, maybe it cannot really take 8 people as the manufacturer says, but it measures an impressive 16 by 7 feet. If you bring your backpacking cot along, it will fit right into the tent.

Set up can take some time, maybe up to 15 minutes. You also have to attach the rainfly before sleeping lest you wake up soaked to the bone by the dew. The tent also has a port designed for electrical access.


  • An incredible looking door awning for extra protection against rain
  • You can detach the rainfly to enjoy stargazing on dry nights
  • Has pockets attached to the interior to store personal stuff
  • Color-coded poles make it easy to set up
  • Sold with limited warranty for one year
  • Great for car camping
  • Has carry bag for tent and sack for poles


  • It may not fit 8 people actually
  • Takes a bit longer to set up
  • Bulky



Coleman Steel Creek/Coleman Evanston Tent

This tent does not disappoint. Well, strike that! It does disappoint a bit, but then its pros are more than the cons. It is perfect for small family camping or for people who love group camping.

As a fast-pitch tent, you can put it up in a few minutes since it comes with pre-attached poles.

Other remarkable features include things like window awnings that help keep the rain out. It has a screened porch in the front so that you can relax “outdoors” easily.




  • Fair standing room – 5 feet 8 inches
  • Measures 10 by 9 feet
  • Rated as all season – good for winter camping
  • Keep you dry in rain
  • Screen room that is bug protected for children to play in
  • Will take 2 people with experience about 7 minutes only to set up


  • Strong winds may shatter the poles



Coleman 2000018295 8-Person Instant Set-up Tent

The Coleman 2000018295 could easily be considered the cornerstone design of all Coleman family tents measuring a large 14 by 10 feet.

It is big enough to house 2 queen-size airbeds, has large screened windows that allow light in and at the same time keep the bugs out. Backed by the Coleman WeatherTec system for waterproofing, this is indeed one of the best family camping tents in the market.

With steel frame for durability, easy to set up by two people. It has 2 doors, many windows, actually 7 for ventilation, screened to keep the bugs away. It has a removable divider for privacy. This is the tent you want to carry for family camping vacation.

The height is 6 feet and 5 inches in the center. That is as high as they get, no wonder this tent feels like a home away from home.


  • It is beautiful, black at the bottom and gray for the top
  • Limited one year warranty
  • Many windows for more ventilation
  • Big enough to fit 2 queen size airbeds
  • The pre-attached poles make setting up easier and tool-free
  • Divider for privacy
  • You can use a camping cot in it


    • Rainfly is bought separately
    • 2 season rating, not good for winter camping


Buying Guide and Reviews for Coleman Tents

The size of the family

Living in the tent can be such a killjoy, that is, if you go with the manufacturer ratings. Honestly, it is as if the manufacturers think people are the size of pigmies, or something.

So be smart, be very smart. Whatever number rating the manufacturer has for the tent that you have in mind, cut that by half.

The answer that you get is the total number the tent can house comfortably. If it is an 8-person tent, most likely it is best for 4 to 6 people, considering that many people are not calm sleepers.

You need elbow room to turn and move around when asleep. Some people toss in their sleep. Even when using single or double sleeping bags, well, space is important.

But when you have kids, a family tent may actually fit the number of people it is rated for, considering that kids are smaller. However, whatever number of people the family tents are rated for should never be taken as the gospel truth. It rarely is, anyway.

As the need for bigger tents grows, so do many people go online to read tents reviews. In this review, let us see what makes Coleman one of the most reputable names in camping, backpacking, hiking and other outdoor activities.

And marvelous too, with many incredible features as you will see in the video below:

Privacy in the family tents

Tent camping with the family means you can get in each other’s way most of the time. Thankfully, Coleman has taken that into consideration, just for you.

Many of their tents intended for family camping come with dividers. These are “partitions” that allow you to create two, three or more rooms from the tent. Do not worry, they are easy to put up. However, dividers are not a standard feature, so make sure you buy the tent that has dividers.


When car camping, beach camping or backpacking, the weather can change with little or no notice. When the heavens pour out in torrents, you want to keep as dry as possible. Thankfully, all Coleman camping tents are backed by their patented WeatherTec system that keeps all moisture out.

Design – reviews for Coleman tents

If you are going to spend money on it, then it had better be good, no? Thankfully, Coleman camping tents leave nothing to desire when it comes to design.

They are both rugged and beautiful. Some are 3 season, good to be used with winter sleeping bags, and some are 2 season rated – good for summer and fall camping.

Some of the tents come with pre-attached poles. This makes setting them up a bliss, and a short piece of work. Most of them will be labeled “fast” or “instant set-up” tents. If it is this easy, then it is just like hammock camping.

Rain and bug protection features

Outdoor fun activities can be curtailed by bugs, and elements of the weather. Coleman takes this into consideration. While screened rooms are not a standard feature in all of their tents, you can look for one that has a screen for keeping bugs away.

All of the Coleman family tents come with a rainfly to keep the rain away. In addition, the WeatherTec System ensures the tent stays dry most of the time.

Some tents have awnings over the doors and windows to keep the rain away from them yet at the same time allow light and air in.

Other features – reviews for Coleman tents

Water resistance, floors that are inverted welded, zipper guard, 150 polyester denier material for durability and many more are standard features in all reviews for Coleman tents used for family camping.

Strong floor and wall material gives endurance. If you take good care of your family tent, you could use it for a long time.

About the cost, any Coleman tent review should show you the latest price, but not to worry. They are very affordable.

Coleman Tents FAQs

Buying a Coleman tent is indeed a good idea. After all, theirs is one of the most renowned names in the outdoor recreation industry. Here are a few questions that people ask regarding these tents:

Which Coleman tent is the best?

The one that meets your needs in the best way. If you are looking for a family tent, start with the Red Canyon 8 Person Coleman Tent. It is going to make a perfect home away from home for you when you are camping even in the rain.

Are Coleman tents waterproof?

Most of them come with features that prevent the entry of water when you are camping in the rain. They have taped seams, rainfly and the tent fabric itself will not let in water. Therefore, the answer is yes, these tents are waterproof.

Are Coleman tents made in America?

Yes, most of them are made in America. However, you can always check the label or the product description to confirm. Most of Coleman products are made at their facility in Wichita. They have been doing this for a long time, so they can offer you the best tents, heaters and other outdoor gear.


These are just five of the big, family Coleman tents. Your list of outdoor fun activities cannot be complete without camping. From these reviews for Coleman tents, you can see that most of these are only suitable for beach and car camping, as they are too bulky for hiking or backpacking. A good camping tent will give you the closest resemblance of a home away from home in the camping ground.


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