Pros and Cons of Hammock Camping

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In case you have been camping in the tent for too long and you now wish to shift to the more pirate-like hammock camping, you might want to know the pros and cons of hammock camping.

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Some people will swear by the tent, and some will swear by the hammock. However, both items are usable in different ways, and each has its benefits.

Pros of hammock camping

There are like a hundred and one benefits of using a hammock for beach camping, as well as for mountain camping. Here, we shall look at just a few of them.

You can sleep in an elevated position

As much as we love camping, we all know that it has its dangers. First, there is the cold, hard ground, which you need to insulate against. Instead of bringing camping mattresses, just take a hammock and sleep elevated from the ground.

At the same time, when you sleep on the ground, you could come across all manner of creepers. For example, if you camp in an area that is prone to copperhead snakes, you need to be very afraid when sleeping on the ground. Just do away with the shenanigans and take a hammock instead.

If you hate the idea of sleeping with only a camping pad separating you from the ground, you now know what to use to sleep elevated.

It is so easy to “pitch”

Unless you are using a small camping tent for two people or you are using a pop-up tent, setting one up can be some work. However, when you are using a hammock, you can just rope it around two trees on your campsite. However, if there are no trees, you can create a makeshift frame to mount the hammock. This will take some work, but the rule of thumb for camping elevated is to choose a place with trees.

You can camp light

This is the overall benefit of using a hammock. Even the most lightweight tent is heavier than a hammock. You can use your backpack for other things such as food so that you can camp for longer.

Use your backpack for other things because you will have more space. For backpacking and overnight hikes, the hammock is the better, lightweight option for you.

Easy to pack

Hammocks are so easy to pack. They come with their own carry bags, mostly with drawstrings. Therefore, you just need to roll it up and tuck it in the bag.

Versatile use

Do you have two poles or trees in your backyard? That is enough to set up a hammie and camp right there. If there is some sun, go get that tan today. Just let your dog know the hammie is yours alone because they will want to share it.

Cons of camping with a hammock

It is all not glory; there is some doom too. Here are some disadvantages of using a hammock:

No protection from the elements

A tent has walls and roof. This is good for protection. However, a hammock does not have these. Ok, you can sink in and form a wall around your body, but that is not as complete as you would get with a tent. Therefore, you will always be a bit exposed to the elements. The one option that you can go for is the hammock pod system, which is like a combination of hammock and sleeping bag.

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Nasty to get into for seniors and people with bad joints

This is one of the main disadvantages of using this means of sleeping when camping. If you have bad joints and back, it can be a bit of a hustle to hop in. However, you can always tie it low down. Another pain is that setting up this elevated bed is going to be hard if you have bad joints.


You have seen the pros and cons of hammock camping. You can own one in addition to your tent too. That way, when circumstances allow, you can even hang it in the backyard and soak in some sunshine.