image of ultra lightweight tents for backpacking

12 Best Ultra Lightweight Tents For Backpacking

Finding the right backpacking tent is really not too hard if you know what to look for. Firstly, it must be light enough since most of the time you will be carrying it on your back. At the same, it must be big enough for you, or for all the ...
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Image of best backpack for traveling moms

Best Backpack for Traveling Moms – Diaper Backpack Review

A traveling mom needs a backpack that is much more than a regular backpack. The best backpack for traveling moms must have many features. As you can see in the image above, it is a good looking bag too. You can order similar ones on amazon. It must have compartments ...
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Image of toddler girl hiking boots

Best Toddler Girl Hiking Boots – Protect Those Lovely Feet

It is great going hiking with your girls, but there is one little problem – they have to look dashingly cute all the time. However, until several years ago, the best outdoor gear was rugged in nature. After all, the outdoors did not require soft and good looking gear. They ...
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Image of how to shower when camping

Portable Hot Water System For Camping – Smelly Is Bad!

If you go out camping and you intend to spend more than a day there, it is important that you consider carrying a portable hot water system for camping. It is also important to know how to shower when camping. Of course, you will have done your research beforehand and ...
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Image of how to reduce knee pain while walking

How To Reduce Knee Pain While Walking

It is time to go out for that hike, and the trail, bordered by wildflowers on both sides, birds chirping in song and sunshine … it is just so inviting. But you cannot go out because you have knee pain and you do not know how to reduce knee pain ...
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