Most Comfortable Way To Sleep In A Tent

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How To Make Tent Camping Comfortable

What is the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent? Well, I would say this depends entirely on a person. Some people sleep soundly on their back, some on their side and some on their tummy.

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Some have to have a tent camping cot or air mattress for camping. For a short answer, we could say that you have to find your style. In addition, you also need to know what to sleep on when camping.

Tips for Comfortable Camping sleep in a tent

The most important thing is to take sleeping items with you. Sure, they will add more weight to your backpack but come sleep time, you will be glad you brought them.

However, like everything else outdoors, it is not as easy as that and if it is, then there is not much fun in it, is there?

Camping gives you an opportunity to enjoy nature at a closer range. Apart from tent camping, there are other forms of camping like dry camping where you make camp in a place that has the barest, or no facilities at all.

Then there is the awesome beach camping where the slurp of the ocean waves will lull you to sleep. Do not forget the jolly and carefree hammock camping too! Sleeping in a tent is going to refresh and recharge your body.

But this post is about what to sleep in when camping, and how to make the best of it. Camping is hard work. Therefore, getting quality sleep on a tent pad or other best thing to sleep on when camping is paramount.

Tent Sleeping Gear

As discussed above, the sleeping camping gear that you choose determines whether you get your beauty sleep or not.

Thankfully, there are different types of camping sleeping gear to take with you, if you have the space in your car. Things like best sheets for camping, tent bedding and tent mattress make it possible to comfortably sleep in a tent.

However, it is not practical to carry everything for how to camp comfortably. Therefore, you have to choose the most vital items.

Here are a few of them:

Best camping pillows for comfort camping

Carry enough camping sleeping pillows for some extra cushioning and support. These will help you enjoy sleeping outdoors. The aim is to create a comfortable camping sleeping environment.

If carrying your home pillows to use them for camping comfort would be too tedious for you, you can improvise some pillows by rolling up your jacket and tying both ends with a string. In addition, you can stuff your clothes in a sack or a duffel bag and wrap it with a fleece blanket to enhance your camping comfort.

If you are an all time tent camping enthusiast, then what you need is to buy sleeping gear that is dedicated for camping. Since the sleeping gear will be exposed in the outdoors, you had better get outdoor sleeping gear that is made to withstand the elements of the weather.

Anti-fade, easy maintenance and cleaning are just some of the factors to consider when buying camping pillows. Foam pillows, compressible pillows and inflatable camping pillows are just some of the types of pillows that you can buy to take camping with you.

Hardened camping enthusiasts might say that camping pillows are just these knick-knacks that are more luxurious than basic necessities.

However, that is really not right because a camping pillow is a necessity. Camping need not feel like a punishment if you know how to sleep in a tent. It is a lifestyle and so any small item that can add some panache to it is welcome.

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Carry a sleeping bag 

Do you need a sleeping bag for camping?

A sleeping bag is the best thing to sleep on when camping, especially if you like camping light. Therefore, carry your double sleeping bag along.

You can also carry your sleeping pad made of foam or better yet, an inflatable sleeping pad for maximum comfort. It also helps people with the habit of side sleeping camping.

And if you have a bad back, do take your portable camping cot a long. You will be glad you took it with you as it cushions your bones against the cold hard ground.

Without these ideas for tent sleeping you might find yourself tossing and turning all night long. You could end up feeling more fatigued and irritated in the morning.

However, with the right preparation tips and perfect camping sleeping gear, enjoying a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep when camping does not have to be such a pain after all.

There are more camping sleeping tips to ensure that you enjoy a decent and comfortable sleep in your camping tent.

Best camping sleeping pad

For your camping comfort, the battle royale is always between sleeping pad vs sleeping bag. The good thing is that both are light in weight and you can carry both of them.

If it is too cold, you can insulate the space between the ground and your sleeping bag with this pad. The sleeping pad that you choose can either make you sleep soundly and comfortably. It can also make you toss and turn the entire night.

Just ensure that you test your sleeping tent pad first and feel how comfortable it is before taking it with you for a camping adventure.

There are many types of sleeping pads. If you are strapped for cash, that is, you want to save some money, go for the best sleeping pads made of foam. They fold into small and compact shape and you can use them for backpacking, and even hiking overnight.

There are also the inflatable sleeping pads.  Just as their name suggests, they are inflated when in use and deflated when not in use. When buying a tent pad, you should find out how well it holds up through the night. Some lose their inflation too quickly, some hold up much longer.

Where to pitch your sleeping tent

Before pitching your sleeping tent, select a perfect spot that will ensure that you enjoy maximum comfort. If you go tent camping as a group, ensure your tents are not so clustered together because it will be hard to avoid the generator noise.

Choose a flat spot to pitch your sleep tent and ensure that ensure it is at a considerable proximity to the washrooms in case you are camping in a campground.

In summer, pitch your tent in an area with plenty of shade to protect it from overheating. In winter, avoid pitching your sleeping tent under trees as snow can land on your tents causing the tent to collapse.

Pitch the tent in a sheltered area where you will not have a worry nibbling the back of your mind about the tent bowling over.

You also want to do camping at night in a safe place where you have no worry of rattlesnakes, bears and other dangers. To enjoy quality sleep inside a tent, peace of mind is very important.

Keep warm when camping

Whether you keep warm when camping depends on what you sleep in when camping.

Cold will keep you awake for long hours. However, to know how to sleep comfortably in a tent, just keep warm. Ensure that you bring with you a nice sleeping bag and extra warm clothes.

If you are camping without a sleeping bag, layer up when sleeping. Cold will not penetrate all the layers.

A portable tent heater can also help in keeping you tent warm at night. If you cannot afford a portable heater, you can improvise a mini heater by filling a bottle with hot water and popping it in your sleeping bag.

Ensure that you put your hat on while sleeping. Do not breathe in your sleeping bag as this will form condensation in the bag making it colder. When layering up though, make sure that you do not overdress, otherwise you can become too sweaty and uncomfortable.

If you can, you may also want to make a camping fire to keep you warm before bed so that you can sleep faster. The most comfortable way to sleep in a tent is to keep warm right before retiring.

You must remember to bring along a travel coffee mug to keep coffee hot. That way, you will oomph up when things start to get a bit chilled. Many people remember to pack their ultralight backpacking water filter but forget to pack a camping mug, or a camping coffee maker much to their chagrin.


Bedtime routine

If you have a routine that you usually follow at home before going to bed, such as brushing your teeth or peeing before going to bed; ensure that you follow the same routine when camping. If you read a book, do read one before rolling into that sleeping bag. If you take a nightcap, you need to take one.

Doing your usual pre-bedtime rituals will trigger a familiar feeling in a new environment that can help you to fall asleep much easily. It will prepare your body for sleep.


Best sleeping earplugs

When you go camping as a group, you will be definitely be going out for a fun filled adventure. This means that noise from your fellow campers, generators and the surrounding environment will be inevitable. Muff up your ears, lock the noise out and get tuned for sleep.

Earplugs are an inexpensive solution that will help drown all the noise so that you can be able to sleep comfortably.


Sleeping eye mask

If you sleep with your eye mask at home, ensure you also do the same while camping. The eye mask will help you fall into sleep fast immediately past sunrise and help you extend your sleeping time in the morning.

If you hate wearing an eye mask, blacking out the tent in order to block the light from sun can also help. You can do this by putting a blanket over your tent and it will deliver the same results.


Keep your tent dry – tent canopy

Do you know how to make a tent comfortable? One of the things to do is invest in an under tent pad. That gives better insulation.

Ensure you keep your tent dry always. If it is raining, keep the wet clothes and shoes in a plastic tray so that they do not wet your tent. You can make a canopy above your tent so that it can drop any rainwater some distance away from the tent.

Some tents as you will see in my article on reviews for Coleman tents, come with canopies and some come without. Whether you are going camping in summer, spring, fall or winter, the weather can turn with little or no notice at all.

You need to be ready for the rain.

Control the temperature – portable air conditioner

If you are going to camp in an area that has higher temperatures, you will have to control the temperatures so that you can be able to sleep.

If you can afford a portable air conditioner, ensure that you take one with you. Go with a lighter sleeping bag and do not overdress.

Wear breathable clothing such as the ones made of cotton to avoid discomfort if you sweat. This is common with hot/warm sleepers. Cold sleepers can get through the night bundled up in many layers like a polar bear.

Camping activities for families

Do not sit around in your RV all day long making and eating barbecue. Engage in camping activities for families such as hiking, biking or fishing, beach volleyball, kayaking, scuba diving and so on, depending on where you are camping.

A tired person enjoys outdoor sleeping because he or she slumbers deeply. Bring along your outdoor shower so that you can clean up after a hot hard day. That way, you will be looking forward to having a good sleep due to exhaustion.

Do clean up the tent too. A stuffy and smelly tent will only make your sleep very uncomfortable. Ensure that your tent is as fresh and as clean as possible. Clean up yourself, so that you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

There, you have seen a few tips for the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent. There is no standard to it really, just do it your own style. For example, when it comes to choosing between sleeping pad vs air mattress camping, choose what fits your needs most.

The most important thing is to relax because a relaxed mind sleeps much better. Remember, enjoying your camping sleep energizes you to enjoy the following day’s camping activities with energy.

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