How To Snorkel Safely With Kids

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How To Snorkel Safely With Kids – 7 Helpful Tips

Do you know how to snorkel safely with kids? Indeed, knowing how to keep kids safe while snorkeling is paramount.

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It is not all about getting them to wear kids snorkel set and jumping into the water. Safety involves so much more than that.

If not, do not take them to the water yet before you learn how. After all, while snorkeling is usually safe, sometimes, some unforeseen thing might happen.

Adults and kids snorkeling can be a lot of fun. In addition, it is a great outdoor fun activity for kids. Of course, the beach too is a lot of fun for kids of all ages.

For instance, your family can enjoy time on the beach by building sandcastles collecting shells. They can also throw stones in the water. However, snorkeling is a game changer. It is also a learning opportunity for kids because you can introduce them to marine life.

Therefore, if you are taking a beach vacation, you must include snorkeling in your routine. But first… How do you snorkel for kids? Keep reading, you will see just how.

However, before you hit the water and snorkel with your kids, there a few things you should know.

What Is Snorkeling?

To snorkel is to swim on a water body with your face in the water. However, you wear a snorkel or a breathing tube to help you breathe without having to take your face out of the water.

In addition, by design the snorkel or breathing tube stays out of the water. That way, you can breathe in and out with your face submerged.

Another important piece of gear that you need is a snorkeling mask such as  Vaincre Full Face Snorkel Mask that you can buy on

In addition, the mask allows you to see clearly underwater. In addition, it comes with a wide angle of view to enable you to see as much of the underwater marine life as possible.

The mask will also prevent water from getting into your eyes. The salty seawater can damage your eyes. In addition, if it is a full-face snorkeling mask, it keeps all of your face out of the water.

How old to snorkel for a kid?

How old should your kid be to snorkel? When your kid is 5 or 6 years old, they will grasp the basics of snorkeling very well. However, some kids can also snorkel as early as when they are 3 years old. In addition,

Kids love water. Therefore, as soon as they can swim in your swimming pool, start teaching them how to float. You see, floating is one of the basics of snorkeling.

Most people also ask: can a 4 year old snorkel and the answer is yes. Even a 3 year old can snorkel, of course with the supervision of a parent. Therefore, the sooner you can introduce your baby to snorkeling, the better!

How to Snorkel Safely and Successfully with Kids

This is where rubber meets the road. First of all, kids cannot snorkel alone. Therefore, an adult needs to accompany them. That is the first rule for how to keep your kids safe while snorkeling. Here are other helpful tips.

1. Preparing your kids for snorkeling

Tell your kids about the dangers of touching anything in the water. Marine creatures can cause serious injuries to them. For instance, sea urchins, jellyfish and other marine life can be harmful

Therefore, teach them the importance of preserving marine life. This includes teaching them proper beach etiquette, you know, things like picking up after themselves. In addition, it also includes teaching them basic safety measures for snorkeling.

You can achieve this by teaching them the importance of proper breathing in your bathtub or swimming pool. In addition, this helps to ensure they are confident enough for the planned trip.

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Warn them of the dangers of snorkeling alone. Teach them the importance of having friends they can snorkel with. In addition, it is always best to go snorkeling as a group or as a family.

Teach your kids to tread carefully, the danger signs that they should watch out for and so on. In addition, teach them how to smoothly kick their legs and view the beauty of corals without causing a lot of disturbance.

2. Teach your kids the basics of swimming

As mentioned above, teach your kid the basics of swimming, like breathing and kicking their legs in a bathtub or swimming pool. This builds confidence and a smooth transition to a larger body of water.

3. Teach your kids about the snorkeling gear

Using the right snorkeling gear is one of the keys for how to snorkel safely and successfully.

As you teach them how to snorkel in the bathtub and swimming pool, make sure they understand how to put on their snorkel gear properly. This involves mask, fins, snorkeling shoes and sometimes, when the water is cold, a wetsuit for snorkeling.

It would help if you taught them beforehand to get accustomed to breathing with a snorkel in the mouth. In addition, teach them how to fit it by themselves.

Let them keep doing it at home before the planned trip. Make sure the fins and mask are the right size and that they fit well for your kid.

4. Use Flotation Devices

After your kid learns how to float, which is basically what snorkeling involves, they can float by themselves. However, he/she still needs to wear a snorkeling vest, floating board, or a flotation belt.

This can boost their confidence, offer security, and help them to be better swimmers. Flotation devices can also prevent a kid from drowning.

For good measure, attach a small whistle on the flotation vest. That way, your kid can blow it if they start to drift with the current.

In addition, you should not go too far from the shore.

5. Carry a first Aid kit

You want your kids to have fun and be safe. Therefore, always carry a First Aid kit. In addition, your kit should have an antiseptic solution like hydrogen peroxide, ointment, plasters, bandages, and tweezers. Also, add some painkillers there. The hot sun on the beach can cause migraines.

These items can help clean a wound or scrape in case of an accident.

6. Stay Protected

It is best to go for snorkeling during summer. Therefore, you will need to keep your kid’s skin protected by using wetsuits or rash guards.

In addition, waterproof sunscreen is highly recommended for protection against the hot rays of the sun. In the same line, please apply sunblock and keep reapplying it to any exposed skin.

When you get out of the water, wear long-sleeved shirts to block UV rays.

7. Be Aware of the Weather

Before embarking on your trip, make sure the weather is ideal for snorkeling.

Recheck before getting into the water. In addition, make sure that the waters and reefs that you plan to surf are safe even on a windy day. On the same note, your child should never be alone in the water under any circumstances.

Stay alert too since the weather conditions and currents can change very fast.


Can kids learn how to snorkel? As you have seen here, they can learn when they are as young as 3 years old.

In addition, you have also seen that how to snorkel safely and successfully with kids is quite possible. However, due preparation and training is necessary.

However, be patient as you teach your kids to snorkel. Let them practice as much as possible before you venture into the open waters.

In addition, emphasize the importance of snorkeling buddies and groups. No child should ever venture into the water alone, or without the supervision of an adult.

That is it for how to snorkel safely with kids. Now, if you have a 3 year old, start teaching them in the pool or bathtub. However, it is best to go by the expert recommended age of 5 years.