How To Shower While Camping

Before you take your family and friends out camping, there is a lot that you need to consider. One of the most important is making the appropriate plans in advance to stay fresh and clean while camping. Because the convenience of a home shower is not an option, you need to know what types of options you have available to you. From finding out where to take a shower while camping to researching the different types of shower systems that many of the best camping sites offer to campers, you need to learn as much as you can about how to shower while camping.

With that said, here’s what you need to know about why showering while camping is so important and what can be done to survive without a shower if necessary.

Showering is Important

Even though a daily shower is considered to be a healthy habit, you may or may not need a shower every day that you are out camping. The timing will usually depend on a number of different factors, including how much physical activity you are participating in. For instance, if you are not sweating a lot, you may be able to get away with a quick wash-up only.

On the other hand, if you are climbing hills and running long miles to get from one place to another, you may need a shower every day while you are away. At the very minimum, you need to make sure that you are showering enough to remove excess dirt, oils, and bacteria from your skin. This is especially true if you are traveling with others, and you want to stay fresh and clean, especially at the beginning of every morning.

Best Places to Make this Happen

Because some people go camping all of the time, there are a wide variety of places to shower while camping out today. Therefore, before you hit the road on your scheduled camping day, you may want to include several different alternatives in your plans. Here are some alternatives that you may want to consider, particularly if you do not have a built-in shower inside of your RV

  • Many campgrounds in National Parks that have already been developed sufficiently are offering shower amenities when you make your campsite reservations,
  • Public showers are available at certain select fees, even when you have not made reservations for their services.
  • Some campgrounds are offering community pools for people who are camping, which is another great alternative for friends and family that want to rinse off and refresh after camping out.
  • YMCAs, gyms, truck stops, and travel centers are also available to the public for use by campers and others who are on the road.
  • Freshwater resources like rivers and lakes may be perfect based on the circumstances.

Best ways to find showers

Now that you know what alternative resources are available to you, your friends, and your family, you need to know the best ways to find showers while camping. Thankfully, there is a host of valuable resources online that can assist you with finding the information that you need. And, here are just a few suggestions that can help get you started.

  • Some websites offer search filters to make this process a lot easier. These filters can help to identify the showers in specific areas that you are scheduled to travel to.
  • The best campsites provide apps like and overlander and directories like publishers.  Directory to assist travelers with finding the best places for campers
  • Community/hospitality industries are providing options that can be found on and

How to conserve water

Showering in your home is vastly different from showering while camping. For instance, at home, you can let the water in the shower run as long as you desire. The only limitation is normally the temperature of the water, particularly when it runs from hot to cold. In fact, for most people, you can step in the shower any time of the day or night.

On the flip side, when you are away from home camping, the liberty that you experience is a luxury instead of simply an inconvenience. For instance, if you are showering away from home while camping, you may be sharing the resources of water that are available to you with others. For instance, if you are sharing a limited source of fresh water with your family, you need to know how to conserve water. And, there are a few great ways that you should know before you go camping.

  • Take a sponge bath. To use the least amount of water from your water resources, you may want to take a sponge bath. Sponge baths are often essential and popular for people who go camping all of the time. Once you learn the art of wiping your dirty skin with a minimum amount of water on a sponge or a washcloth and bar of soap, you know how to stay fresh and clean without standing under a long shower.
  • Eliminate the second hair rinse. In addition to taking a sponge bath, you can conserve the amounts of water that you use by not washing your hair. Or, since washing your hair requires using a lot of water to wash and rinse your hair thoroughly, you may want to eliminate the need for a second rinse. For instance, you may want to leave out the hair conditioner until you return home. Or, you may choose to use a leave-in conditioner to conserve the amounts of water that you use while camping.

Types of systems to Help

If you are planning on traveling with your own camp shower system, you should check out the pros and cons of each type first. These decisions are often based on the systems that best suit you and your family’s needs and preferences. For instance, here are some of the top features that are available in this industry today.

  • Heated water in privacy tents
  • Portable tank and hose
  • Solar heated bag showers
  • Tent showers

How do you survive without being able to get Clean?

Because you may encounter some unexpected situations, you may have to survive camping without taking a shower. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are prepared with a solution that will work best for you. For example, you may want to take a couple of containers or more disposable body wet wipes.

Preparing for a camping trip can be a fun and exciting time. Yet, there is a wide range of things that you need to pay close attention to. One of the most critical is determining what types of measures will be needed to keep your body fresh and clean throughout your camping venture. Thankfully, with so much great information and recommendations available online, you will have the opportunity to use this information to determine how to take showers while camping.