How Much Do Hiking Boots Weigh? 2 Lbs Average

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How Much Do Hiking Boots Weigh? 2Lbs on Average

Why are hiking boots so heavy? Are they?

Because of the heavy use that these boots have to face daily, they have to be made of heavier material. That is why they are heavier than regular shoes. They also have to have heavier soles and uppers.

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So, how much do hiking boots weigh? The weight starts at 2 lbs but some can be as heavy as 3 lbs. Since you will be pulling this weight on your feet all day, and you may have a backpack on your back, keeping the boots at a minimum weight is important. Summer hiking shoes can be as light as 1.25 lbs but boots are heavier than that.

Hiking can be hard especially on trails with a difficulty rating of difficult or challenging. Therefore, you do not want to be pulling more extra weight if you don’t have to. Going downhill is harder than going uphill on the trail. Therefore, you need to keep the weight to the minimum.

Are hiking boots heavy?

I would say that 3.5 pounds of weight is a good price to pay for all the protection and the stability that these shoes will give you. Therefore, the answer to this question would be: they are as heavy as they need to be.

Because of their exposure to the elements, these shoes need to be made with extra material. Therefore, if they are made of leather, it will be heavier than what you would find in office shoes.

Some parts such as the outer sole also need to be extra thick. On the trails, you need to protect your feet against stumps, rocks, pebbles, thorns and many more. Therefore, the soles will be heavier than those of regular shoes, but you get extra protection.

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The weight is not the biggest worry here, but the main consideration is that if they were lighter, they might miss some of the important features that you need to protect your feet.

How much weight can hiking boots support?

When looking for the best hiking boots, you will hardly, if ever, find information for weight rating.

But just what do we mean by weight rating for shoes?

If you are buying a bicycle, you find that it is rated for 250 pounds, 300 pounds and so on. However, it is hard to find the same information for trail shoes.

However, before you order a pair of boots or shoes, be sure to check how much weight you can carry in a backpack without hurting the shoes.

But still …

That is not clear enough. The best question to ask would be how much weight you can pack in your backpack when you are wearing a certain type of hiking boot.

Without going to specifics, you can carry a 70-liter backpack, fully loaded, plus your weight and your shoes for hiking will still live to their intended lifespan.

What are the lightest hiking boots?

There are many. You could start with renowned brands such as Merrell Men’s Moab 2, Columbia Newton Ridge, Timberland White Ledge and many others. You can check their prices and reviews on

Just because these are called “lightest,” that does not mean their quality is compromised. They still come in topnotch quality and materials.

From the soles, the leather to the laces, these shoes can take quite a beating. They can handle your weight plus that of your heavy backpack well.

By their intended use, outdoor footwear can be light or heavy. For example, most summer hiking footwear is light in weight, but it is still sturdy enough to protect you off the beaten trail.

The hiking footwear for winter is a bit heavier because it has a heavier lining. It is intended to protect you from the tough, hard ground and the elements as well.

If you will be taking outdoor adventures in snowy places, you need a heavier pair of boots.


What is a good weight for hiking boots? We have seen that anywhere above 1 lbs and it should not be above 3.5 lbs.

Above everything else, just make sure that the footwear you buy will protect your feet fully. Hopefully, this short post has answered your question on: how much do hiking boots weigh.