Important Hiking Gear For Baby Parents Must Have

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You need the best hiking gear for baby if you would love the baby to enjoy the joys of the outdoors with you.

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Well, all things considered, it is almost like hiking alone, or with bigger children. The only difference is that you need to prepare more thoroughly. You may also need to pack an extra set of diapers in the best moms diaper bag.

Doing outdoor activities such as hiking with your kids is pure fun. Kids are energy bundles, waiting to be pointed in the right direction to channel out that energy. They are naturally adventurous and explorative.

Although hitting the trails with children is quite thrilling, it can also be overwhelming especially at the beginning. Proper preparation for the hike is therefore very important. An essential part of the preparation is ensuring that you have the right hiking gear for baby.

While exploring the outdoors with your kids, be prepared to deal with some challenges depending on your baby.

Some kids are the dramatic type who will occasionally throw tantrums. Others are little balls of energy who don’t want to miss any moment. Some will sleep almost throughout the entire hike, which will somehow slow you down.

As you pack items for your baby, do not forget to pack some things for yourself. For example, you may want to bring hot coffee in your outdoor or travel coffee mug.

Whichever kind your baby is, the following gear items will ensure that you and your kid will enjoy hiking together.


Hiking gear for baby that you must carry with you

You will need a lot of stuff, for both you and the baby. However, check the weather first and then hike the easy waterfall trails.

Thankfully, there are many of these to go round. The good thing is that when you choose the easy hiking trails, it will not be a problem to even carry your baby on your hiking backpack carrier.


Hiking umbrella

Babies love exploring nature too but for both of you to enjoy the entire adventure, your comfort is paramount. When you decide to take your toddler with you for a hike, it is good to ensure that the weather is favorable.

The best day to take your toddler with you to the woods is when it’s sunny and the weather is warm. Do not wait until the sun is too hot.

However, sometimes the weather can be unpredictable. The day might start well with clear blue skies but you encounter slight showers or extreme heat later in the day. A hiking umbrella is the best piece of gear to keep you and your baby comfortable in case of weather changes.

A hiking umbrella will keep both of you dry in case of unexpected showers. It will also keep you cool by fending off the heat if the sun becomes too hot.

In addition, if it gets too windy, you can use the umbrella to block the wind, keeping your baby warm. Having your trekking poles should not hinder you from using a hiking umbrella.

All that you need to do is to pin the base of your umbrella on the straps of your baby carrier and you will be good to go.


Diaper backpack

Running out of your baby diapers while on the trails can possibly ruin the rest of the hike.

If your baby is still on diapers, you should ensure that you bring with you several extra diapers. A diaper backpack is a must have item on your hiking gear for baby.

Most modern diaper backpacks are multi-purpose in nature because they are designed with versatility in mind. These backpacks come with several compartments that help you to take with you all the supplies your baby will need the most and keep them organized.

A diaper backpack has multiple large compartments where you can organize your baby’s clothes, bottles and even a portable water filter bottle.

It also has some dedicated diaper and wet wipes pockets that allow for easy access when you are changing the diapers.

It has a dirty laundry pocket where you keep the dirty clothes and used diapers after a change. This particular compartment is important since it helps you dispose the diapers responsibly after the hike.


Image of hiking with baby
My old man looks beat but I ain’t getting down.


Hiking baby carrier – important hiking gear for baby

When you decide to take your baby with you for a hike, ensure that you have something to carry them with.

Even if your toddler can walk, they can only do it for small distances then afterwards they need to be carried.

This is where a hiking baby carrier comes in. A baby carrier also comes in handy when your little one falls asleep while you are on the move.

There are so many hiking baby carriers in the market. Therefore, it is hard to miss one that suits you and your baby’s needs. Hiking is an intense activity and it requires a carrier that will keep both of you comfortable.

When choosing your baby carrier, always look out for features that will enhance both the comfort and safety of your little one. For example, the best hiking baby carrier comes with features such as sun and rain shield, a 5 point adjustable harness and a pouch, among others.


Hiking water bottle

Staying hydrated while on the trail is very important. Therefore, be sure to pack enough water or juice for everyone including your toddler regardless of their age.

A hiking water bottle is an essential part of hiking gear for baby. If you have hydration tablets, consider adding them to your water. They give your body a good blend of minerals, electrolytes and vitamins, as a result giving you a nice energy boost.

Your hiking water bottle should be leak and spill-proof to avoid messing up your backpack. It should also come with a convenient carry handle that makes it ideal for taking it on the go.

In addition, the hiking water bottle should be super easy to use for the kids. For example, it should have a nicely angled straw that allows the kids to sip their water up to the last drop even while walking.

A nice alternative to a hiking water bottle is a hydration bladder. This is basically a large water bag that has a straw. The straw is usually long and flexible. It makes it easy for you and your baby to drink water without removing the hydration bladder from your backpack pocket.


Baby-Friendly First-Aid Kit

A fully stocked baby-friendly first aid kit is an essential piece of hiking gear for family outdoor adventures.

While out there in the woods, minor injuries can happen easily despite taking good care of yourself and your baby. The most common injuries include cuts, scrapes, insect bites, blisters and splinters among others.

Without a well stocked first aid kit, any of these injuries can potentially ruin your hiking adventure. The good news is that the market has smaller first aid kits that are easier to hike with.

When stocking your first aid kit, always ensure that you include the following essential supplies:

  • Bandages
  • Ice packs
  • Alcohol prep pads
  • disposable sterile gloves
  • Gauze
  • Anti bacterial wipes
  • Insect repellents
  • Antihistamine
  • Acetaminophen
  • Tweezers
  • Distilled water for cleaning wounds
  • Skin rash cream


Make sure it is not too heavy because you already have the weight of the baby to deal with. Hiking with kids requires you to anticipate many things and prepare for them in advance.


Sun protection for the baby

Items that will protect your toddler from the sun are a must-have in your list of hiking gear for baby.

Your baby’s skin is still very delicate. Therefore, it should always be protected from the sun to avoid damages such as sun burns.

When packing for the hike, pack as many items that will help keep your baby’s skin from the sun as possible.

Such include:

Sun hats. The best hats for kids should have a drawstring or another means of closure to help them stay on your baby’s head for long. It should also be brimmed to provide an additional protection to the kid’s neck.

Kids sunglasses are good for the eyes.

Baby sunscreen. Apply some baby-friendly sunscreen on your baby’s face, neck, arms and legs before going out.

When shopping for your toddler’s sunscreen, ensure that you go for the one with ingredients that are safe for the kid’s delicate skin.


Baby food for hiking

When you take your baby with you to the trails, do not forget to pack enough baby food and snacks. A hungry kid can be grouchy and is easily irritable, which can ruin the fun.

Toddlers love to munch on something every now and then. Food and snacks will not only provide them with enough energy for the hike but it will also keep them entertained.

Just before the hike, give your little one some food or snacks and thereafter let them much on something after every hour.

Here are some of the snacks that you can pack for your baby:

  • Rice cakes
  • Dried and fresh fruits
  • Cereal bars
  • Nuts
  • Dehydrated yoghurt bites

It is also important that you too eat and carry your own snacks too. Hiking is an energy intensive exercise. While many people remember to wear lightweight hiking shoes, most forget food. Pack energy bars, since you have to do all the work.

Of course, the type of food that you pack for the baby will depend on many things, among them the age of the baby.


Lightweight baby blanket

While out there in the woods, you want to keep your baby as warm and well protected as possible. Waterfall hikes can be a bit cold and so you may want to protect your baby.

A baby blanket will protect your baby from intense wind or sun in case the weather decides to go south. In addition, the blanket can act as your baby’s play mat when you stop to take a rest and a bite.

You may feel as if the weight is going to be too much, but when it is about your baby, you know that you cannot take any chances. It is better to carry more and not need to use it, than carry less and find you do not have it when you need it.


Bring your hiking poles

Taking your hiking poles with you is highly recommended, especially when you are going to venture in craggy or slippery terrains. Remember that your baby will add on to your weight. Thus, you need to be extra stable to prevent any accidents.

A good pair of hiking poles will help you find grip when going up or downhill preventing you from slipping, twisting or toppling over.

Even when you are hiking on easy trails, just bring your hiking poles. They do not weigh much and besides, you will always run into a tough patch even on the easy trails.


Hiking gear for baby – Extra baby clothes

Always carry some extra clothes for your baby while doing outdoors with them. Babies will always be babies and they easily mess up their clothes. Therefore, you should bring along at least three changes of clothes for your toddler.

While you are packing your baby’s clothes, remember to include some warm layers. If you are hiking up there on the mountains, you never know the kind of weather you will encounter.

You should therefore be prepared at all time with warm clothes for you and your baby in case the weather gets nasty.



Hiking with babies is extra fun and some good exercise for everyone. For you to enjoy the entire adventure, your first priority should be keeping everyone safe and comfortable. The hiking gear for baby that we have discussed here should really help you protect your baby all the time that you will be out there on the trails. It will also help keep both you and your toddler comfortable so that you can enjoy exploring nature together. Do not forget to hike within your limits. Also, don’t forget to pack anything else such as medical supplies, which both you and your baby might need while in the woods.

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