12 Fun Things To Do On A Long Flight

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Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences that will change your mindset forever. It is that one thing you can pay a lot for, and still feel happy with. But, having said that, hopping planes for a long time can be quite boring, and disorienting too. Here, we will look at several fun things to do on a long flight. Break the boredom!

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Why travel is good for you

In East Africa, they have a saying which loosely translated means that a person that doesn’t travel thinks his mom cooks best.

This simply means that if you do not travel, you will never know what you are missing. It is more like buying a book and not reading it. Unless you open the book and read the page ahead, you will never know what is hidden there.

If you bring the long haul flight essentials, you need not have boring moments on the flight. It can actually be fun if you keep yourself busy. Bring everything that you need.

All that you need is a good travel backpack that you can buy on Amazon.com. This one will enable you to take everything that you need. It will also take all the souvenirs that you buy.

Create memories that last – bring your travel camera

What better way to create memories that last than bringing your travel camera with you on your sojourns?

There are many useless things you will buy along your life, but travel is not one of them. The memories you will make, the people you will meet, the friends you will make, the photos you will look at years after the trip is over – all these count more than you can imagine.

In your last minute of life, you will only remember the happy times of your life, not the buying moment of something that seemed great at that point of your life.


Traveling is therapeutic

Seeing new places is an experience you cannot lose for any reason at all. It will help you relax, get out of your negative mindset, release stress and worry.

Be happy that you are alive, healthy, and secure. You will see people who have less opportunities than you and you will begin seeing your life with other eyes. You will start being grateful for everything you own.

You will see new places, new people, and realize how lucky you are just for being healthy or living in a well-developed country. Those simple things you never considered valuable will gain a significant amount of importance in your eyes, and you will feel happier than never for merely having them since you were born.

Traveling can change your entire mindset for a better one. The changes come slowly in time and you will begin seeing them shortly after they happen.


Long flights are boring – things to do on long haul flights

Traveling as a lifestyle, full-time and all over the world can be both fun and boring. While traveling is exciting and fun, long flights are not.

They are usually the most boring part of any trip. Most of the people fear long flights because they are afraid of staying for so long in a closed space above the clouds.

Well, if you are claustrophobic, the deal is many times worse! You will feel too restrained. However, air travel is still the best means there is to get from one place to another fast.

Some people are terrified about long flights. They would do anything but to avoid them. Just because of boredom!

However, this can be cured.


Here are 12 long haul flights tips and tricks:

Clean up your phone

 Your phone is your best friend, but are you his bff too? If you are not cleaning it regularly, then you aren’t.

We all have private stuff on the phone, but too much of it is bad for the phone’s health. You will notice how its performance slows down, sometimes without any explanation.

Well, all those unused apps do no good to your phone. Consider keeping only the necessary and most used ones. Create categories for your apps and organize them in folders.

You can also check your old photos or documents and delete the unnecessary stuff for your phone’s own good. You don’t have to keep old things unless you need them in the future. Create a strong delimitation between useful and emotional stuff that you are keeping on your phone.


Try watching a new TV Series

Remember you always say you will try that new TV Series you heard? That one, all your friends, are commenting all the time? Now it’s the time to do it, and you have plenty of time to try it, get bored, rewatch, and get bored again.

You may try to recap on some of the rb-cracking moments from Game of Thrones series, such as the ones below:

However, do not watch Snakes On a Plane! That is some scary stuff.

Don’t forget to put the headphones on the best travel duffel bag. You can find yourself laughing out loud and forgetting about the thing you are not alone.

Perhaps you can also watch Adam Sandler’s movie Anger Management. Now that would be something.


Organize Your Under-seat Carry-on

When there’s nothing to do you can always deep into the under-seat carry-on and discover what is left there. Organizing the under-seat carry-on may take some time and keep you occupied.

Is your travel electric toothbrush there? Check.

Usually, this one is a collector of shopping receipts, foreign coins, boarding passes, and even bags of old peanuts. Especially on the flight home, it is a perfect occasion to go through your bag, to separate trash from keepable.

I know, this is not one of the fun things to do on a long flight but hey, anything to kill the time, right?


Play Phone Games

Phone games are usually the method children use to kill time. Adults can use it too when they have nothing better to do.

Although many people don’t enjoy playing on their smartphones, a long flight is a perfect time to kill some time and keep you alert.

There are thousands of games to choose from, and you can enter in a virtual reality that will keep your mind far from the flight sickness you usually experience or just profound boredom.


Read the News

Reading the news has always been a thing to do when you want to kill time. Being on a flight doesn’t mean you have to forget to read the things that interest you.

Even when you don’t have an internet connection, there are ways to get the news still: using Safari or Chrome on your iPhone can provide you with the newest articles.

You can stay updated and entertained all the time by using this idea. Catch some celeb gossip too. Now this is one of the long haul flights tips and tricks for a traveler.

Just remember to bring a portable charger or power bank to stay juiced all the time. Also bring a travel neck pillow to keep you supported on the long flight.


Answer your Emails Offline

Get some work done! Answering your emails while offline can sound crazy, but it is possible. You can directly download Gmail Offline to the Chrome Browser, and you can do it: read your emails and answer them even offline.

All workaholic people know how important is to have the situation under control, staying updated, and replying to important emails in time. An hour late may result in a wasted opportunity that hasn’t got the luck to become a reality.

You know best all about this situation as you might have experienced it once or twice in your lifetime. Time truly matters when it comes to people and opportunities in the business world.


Read a book

A book is one of the long haul flight essentials. What can be more relaxing and escaping than reading a book?

Reading a book is a perfect way to forget the world around you and also forget the time. Although for some it can seem tedious, you catch on, eventually. Reading can make you escape to different places and times by getting involved in another fabricated world.

It does not have to be a hard copy book. You can bring your Kindle reader with you, or your iPad.


Inflight entertainment – One of fun things to do on a long flight

Having your monitor on the back of the next seat is a good thought from the aircraft designers.

You are looking at plenty of hours of entertainment there. You can choose from lots of movies, music, games and other resources.

Usually, the personal televisions are available on long flights or only in some newer, more modern planes, but you can hope for the best.


Write some stuff down

Annoying, but useful. You can check your bucket list and cross off things if you already got some things from that list.

This is the time to bring out your creativity. If you are on the flight back home, write things that you learned on your travels. If you are on your flight to a new destination, write your expectations down.

Ideas, words, poetry, things to do – write anything comes across your mind. Planning and checking always go hand in hand when you want to use a quiet moment in doing something dull.


How to sleep on a long haul flight

Sometimes, you just want to sleep. How is sleeping one of the fun things to do on long haul flights? Well, first, it keeps you fresh for the time that you will get off the plane. When you sleep, the time passes fast. However, you have to master how to sleep on a flight. It is a feat many travelers have not yet mastered.

Bring your travel mask for sleeping on a flight. It will do a perfect job of locking out all the light. You may also bring your earbuds so that you lock out all the noise.



Meditation is a relaxing activity that you can do in any place or moment as long as you feel comfortable and at peace.

Life is difficult. But difficult is what makes it fun too. You have a busy life, and you can’t find the time to meditate? Now you have plenty of time to do it, on the plane. You will find it quite therapeutic. Just having some you-time is so enjoyable. Try it. You will see just why meditating can be one of the fun things to do on a long flight.


Create your new bucket list

Now you can create your brand new bucket list. It is a moment to recap your life and think about what you want or need in the future. You have the time, kill it by creating the next list of things that you want to do.

What are the places that you have been planning to visit all the time? This is the time to pop them into that list. You will also have time to rethink everything so that only the very important, well thought out things make it to the list.



You can now see the fun things to do on a long flight that can keep you occupied and help you beat the boredom. Do you know anything else that we can add to this list? Get your travel luggage ready. Long flights need not be boring at all! Or we can say that you should take control of your own happiness. Just find things that you love to do and do them on the flight. Also, keep an open mind to trying new things.

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