Exploring State Parks Around You

State Parks

There are many great state parks across the United States where there is so much preserved natural beauty to appreciate and explore. We are very fortunate to live in a country with this incredible park system, and you can join the millions of people who visit state parks every year, starting with the ones closest to you.

If you want to experience the beauty across the 50 states, then visiting state parks is the way to do it. Every state is unique with characteristics that make it special, and the state parks have preserved this for everyone to enjoy. You can see nature, go camping, enjoy many hiking trails, go cycling or even just bird watching.

And the best part is, no matter where you are in the United States, you’re probably pretty close to one of these state parks. We have thousands of them in the country, and you can search the official state parks website to find the ones that are close to you, learn about activities happening at these state parks, and learn more about the terrain, wildlife, and plant life in your state park.

How to Visit State Parks

Most people start with the state parks that are closest to them, and with thousands of them across the nation, it’s easy enough to find one close to you. You may first go just for a day outing, or you may decide to go camping and stay overnight or for a few days. Again, it’s entirely up to you and your needs and the amount of time you have to get away and explore.

If you have an RV or like to travel and camp, you might start venturing out and seeing other state parks as well, allowing you to experience more of this great, beautiful country with each trip.

Things to Do at State Parks

Let’s take some time to explore the different things you can do at state parks. It’s recommended that you try to experience the activities at each park, especially since they can vary. State parks will have outdoor recreation activities that are specific to that park.

Before you go, you can go to your state’s parks website and look up the park you plan to visit to find out what they offer. The size of the parks will vary too, and some are day-only parks that are usually smaller (but not always).

Some things you can do include:


Walking and hiking are available at basically all state parks. Depending on the park’s location, you may hike in the mountains and up hills or by lakes or streams, and some even have beautiful waterfalls. You can find everything from easy, level trails to rugged trails with challenging hills and winding trails. There’s something for everyone, and if you’re new to it, you can start small and work your way up to more challenging hikes over time.


State parks also have great picnic areas, so you can bring a basket and enjoy a nice meal in nature. Just be sure to clean up all of your trash and not leave anything behind that will harm local wildlife or plant life. Picnic spots and group gathering areas are great for day trips to state parks. It’s also a great way to get to know your local parks when you cannot get away for longer trips. Some parks also have areas with a grill, restrooms, playgrounds, and other facilities. It can also be a good spot for a party or gathering with family.


As we mentioned above, camping is also a great option, and most state parks have designated camping areas, fire pits, and other amenities. You can bring your tent or camp in an RV, and you can enjoy hiking, cycling, and other activities while you’re there for your camping trip.

Types of Camping at State Parks

When camping at state parks, you can bring a tent, as mentioned before. Most state parks will also have designated RV areas and hookups. Some have lodges or cabins you can rent out as well. To be sure what kind of camping amenities your state parks offer, look up the state park websites and do a bit of research.

If you’re new to camping, then take some time to research all of your options and what camping entails first but camping in a state park is an excellent way for beginners to get out there. Because state parks are safe and offer many things to help you, it’s an ideal place to start, even for novice campers.

Other Benefits of State Parks

Some other benefits of state parks are that they are wheelchair accessible and have accessible restrooms. They also usually have family-friendly areas and access so you can bring everyone along, no matter their age or physical ability.

And some state parks also have water activities, boating, beaches, and much more for you to enjoy while you’re there. A lot of people have no idea how many great things their state parks have to offer. And the best part? Most of the activities are free or very low cost.

State parks are vital because they preserve nature in an area, add economic value to the community, improve quality of life, and so much more. You can gain the social, physical, and emotional positives of being out at state parks as often as you can.

There is so much beauty to see in America. Are you ready to explore?