Best Camping Coolers with Wheels and Handles

Going camping in summer can be a hot affair indeed. However, choosing the best coolers with wheels and handles is going to give you the respite that you need.

You need to take some cool wine as you wind down the evening watching the sun set from the wilderness of Shasta and Trinity. But you also need to cool your water. How cool is that now?

You know how hot it can get out there in summer, and you do not want to leave your cooler behind. Since you will obviously drive to the camping site, it is only fair that you include a good cooler.

They are of compact build, and they are sturdier than they look. You can be sure that if you choose the best cooler, it can with stand the rigors and abuse of camping, just like a nicely built wheeled backpack.

There’s a wide variety of wheeled coolers in the market. You sure want to have the best that money can buy and one that will last a long time. You will be spoiled for choice as there are so many in the market.

After thorough research, comparing user reviews, features and specifications of various coolers, we came up with this list for you.

Coolers with wheels and handles reviews

Choosing a good cooler with handles for camping need not be hard at all. See several of them that we have reviewed here for you. They will make your camping experience more complete.

Coleman Soft Cooler on Wheels – Best Cooler For Camping

Image of coolers on wheels

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Coleman tents, Coleman backpacks, Coleman kayaks… you know when you see this brand name, then you can only associate it with high quality. This Coleman Soft Cooler does not disappoint at all. Therefore, it takes the topmost spot on our list of best coolers for camping.

This is a big cooler, as it can hold up to 42 cans of soft drinks. That is what makes it the best tag-a-long cooler for car camping, picnicking and many more activities. With high quality wheels and retracting handle, you can practically put it on paved ground. Pull it along even when it is laden with drinks and you will be glad you brought it along.

Since it comes in wheeled backpack style, there are extra pockets to offer you more storage. Mesh pockets on the sides, zippered pocket on the front ensures you have enough space to store your knick-knacks. You can also add ice to keep the drinks cooler for longer.

The first time you see it, you will be worried whether this “backpack” is going to be any good. After all, it looks and indeed feels soft on the exterior. However, it is hard and durable inside.

It is made of a hard lining that has been approved by the FDA, and the casing cannot be crushed. When you buy it at its affordable price, you can be sure it will last a jolly many years of camping, road trips and other outdoor rendezvous.


  • Most excellent build
  • Telescopic handle makes it easy to pull for tall and short people
  • Excellent at keeping your treats cool
  • Large capacity
  • It is beautifully designed
  • It offers you extra storage for small stuff
  • Made to last- very durable


  • A bit bulky


Igloo Island Breeze 28 Quart – Igloo Wheeled Cooler

image of best coolers on wheels

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Enjoy your favorite cold drink wherever you go with this portable Igloo Island Breeze 28 Quart Roller Cooler. Whether you have gone for camping with your buddies or you are enjoying a sunny afternoon picnic with your family, this cooler will make sure that drinks and bites remain cool and fresh for long. It is definitely one of the best coolers on wheels.

The Igloo wheeled cooler is designed with big room to accommodate the cooling needs of a smaller group. It size is able to hold tall beverages in an upright position while ensuring that they do not spill over. Its base is quite elevated, ensuring there is no contact with the ground or any hot surface.

It has double webbing on the carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap that make it easy for you to carry it along with you wherever you go. In addition, it has soft ride sports wheels for easier portability.

The two removable hard liners will allow you to store foods and drinks separately. This is your true outdoor adventure companion.


  • Push-button and locking for easy operation
  • Enough room to accommodate the needs of a small group
  • Keeps drinks cold and food items fresh for long
  • Molded in side-carry handles and wheels for easier portability
  • Easy to pack and unpack


  • The lid can be stubborn to open

16-Qt Coleman Personal wheeled Cooler – Best Coolers 2018

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Keep your food and drinks fresh and cold up to 24 hours with Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler. This cooler is big enough to accommodate 22 cans and can hold 2-liter bottles in an upright position with zero spills.

Whether you are going for a beach picnic, a tailgate party or a camping adventure, Coleman personal cooler on wheels has enough space for refreshments for a small group of people. It has a hinged lid that gives you an easy access to your drinks and snacks and several freezer packs that ensure you enjoy your cold favorite drink for many hours.

It has a retractable handle and recessed wheels for easier and effortless maneuvering and portability. Furthermore, it has additional molded handles to lift it into and out of a car easily. Make sure that you have this amazing cooler during your next outdoor event.


  • Recessed wheels for smooth rolling
  • Tall enough to store 2-liter bottles upright
  • Long and comfortable pull handle
  • Hinged lid for easy, 1-handed access
  • Molded side handles for easier carrying


  • Relatively heavy when fully packed

62 Qt Coleman Xtreme – Coleman Wheeled Cooler

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Make the fun last longer when you roll in with the Coleman 62 Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler. This awesome cooler uses insulated lid and extra-insulated wall technology, thus enabling it to keep your foods and drinks cold and fresh for a whooping five days.

It comes with a large space that can hold 85 cans. Whether you are out for a long weekend camping adventure, a picnic or a road trip; its sturdy wheels and a large tow handle allow you to effortlessly roll over in almost any kind of a terrain.

This camping cooler is ideal when you are going for any outdoor adventure as a relatively large group and courtesy of its top notch cooling technology, your fun will not be cut short in just a few days. It has two more 2-way handles for easier lifting, has a seat lid support (supports up to 250-lbs of weight) and a leak-resistant drain that allows you to empty any excess water easily. Are you planning an outdoor adventure? Make sure that this cooler is among your must have items.


  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Large tow handle that can handle almost any terrain
  • Plenty of space for refreshments
  • Insulated lid and walls that keep cold for five days
  • Leak-resistant drain that makes it easy to empty excess water
  • 2-way handles for easier lifting
  • Have-A-Seat™ lid that provides a convenient place to sit()


  • Hinges can become loose

50 Quart Coleman Xtreme Series – Best Coleman Coolers

image of best wheeled cooler

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Do you want to extend your outdoor fun with few more days; Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler 50 Quart is the companion to roll in with.

This cooler has the ability to keep your refreshments cold for five days due to its insulated walls and lid technology, and it is large enough to hold up to 84 cans. So, whether you are headed for a road trip, across the ball field or a camping adventure as a relatively big group of people, this cooler will meet your drinks and food cooling needs.

It has heavy-duty wheels and a long telescopic handle for easy and reliable maneuvering in almost any terrain. It also comes with additional molded handles that makes it easy for you to lift it in and out of a car.

When you need to rest a little, or you have finally reached your destination, the Have-A-Seat™ lid provides you with a place to sit down and relax.  There are also cup holders that molded into the lid for easier access of drinks.


  • Can hold 84 cans of drinks making it ideal for outdoor adventures
  • Has a long, telescoping handle and sturdy wheels are all terrain to make it easily movable in most surfaces
  • Molded side handles gives more control when using it
  • Keeps cold for five days
  • Molded cup holders on the lid
  • Interlocking base and lid


  • The lid does not stay up on its own, so it needs to be held up in order to get items out of the cooler

Rubbermaid Extreme 75-Quart 5-Day – Wheeled Cooler

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Keep your drinks and food cold and fresh when you are out for a camping adventure, family picnic, road trip or an outdoor party with the Rubbermaid Extreme Wheeled Cooler, with space to hold all of 75 quarts of drinks and bites.

This cooler is made with extra thick insulation technology that keeps the ice frozen to keep your refreshments cold for five days. Imagine that, 5 days without having to change the ice. It has an extra large capacity that accommodates up to 130 cans and more room for ice.

It has a hinged split lid that allows you to easily access your food or drink without allowing too much cold air to escape. Its wheels are made of sturdy and durable metal and it has a long tow handle that makes maneuvering in any terrain very easy.

The lid has molded cup holders that can fit 12 and 20-ounce cans and cups. Lastly, this cooler has an instant drain for any excess water. This cooler will feed your entire family when you are all out there in the field.

Your food is perfectly safe thanks to the microbial protection in the liner. No bacteria can survive in this environment thus you can be sure you are eating and drinking safely.


  • Keeps contents cold for five days
  • A telescopic tow-handle for easy pulling
  • Sturdy wheels that can roll in almost any kind of a terrain
  • Large capacity that can hold up to 130 cans of drinks and food
  • Easy drain for excess water
  • Split lid for easy access of contents


  • Hinges are a bit weak – handle with care
  • Should have better means of securing the drain to avoid accidental spills

60 qt Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler – Best Camping Coolers

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When it comes to tent camping, car camping, boat camping and any other kind of camping coolers, you very well know that the name Igloo is synonymous with the highest quality and durability.

Frankly, you should not hesitate to go for their products; specifically the 60-quartz, ocean blue coolers. When the weather gets a tad too hot out there, you have to cool your body with something nice, to regulate the temperature you know.

The large size of the Igloo Ice Cube Wheeled Cooler can hold more than enough drinks for the entire troop. It can also hold ice for three to four days before it starts to melt. Think! How awesome is that?

You will not face difficulties in lifting the cooler into your car when leaving home or when you are done camping. The ergonomically designed handle allows easy handling, even when it is full of drinks. However, you might need a helping hand.

Still when on the ground, you can comfortably wheel the cooler around to desired destinations thanks to sturdily built telescoping handle. One’s height does not cause any challenges with handling the cooler as the push button release the telescopic handle and locks it at a comfortable length.

With reinforced wheels and easy towing ability, you need not worry about its durability as you part with your cash. Take good care of this cooler and it will serve you for a long time.


  • Larger to hold enough drinks
  • Made for durability
  • Sturdy and compact build to withstand the rigors of camping
  • Easy to handle thanks to the ergonomic design
  • Insulated to hold drinks cold for a longer time
  • Ice takes up to 5 days before melting


  • Large size may need assistance to lift to a high car
  • Lid cracks when you sit on it – just don’t!

Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler – Best Wheeled Cooler

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Whatever you do when going camping, you must leave some room in your camper, SUV or RV for the 28-quart Marine Breeze Roller Cooler. It is big and deep enough for everything but not too big to handle. You will be surprised at how good it does what it is supposed to do relative to its cost.

Keeps drinks very cold, says one satisfied user. That is true. And with a 41-can capacity, this cooler makes it easy to handle with the telescopic handle and the molded side handles. You can adjust the telescopic handle length using the push button and the locking feature. For a one-day event, you are sure with quality services from this cooler.

It uses the popular cool riser technology where there is a kind of a buffer zone of air between the cooler and the ground, which prevents the hot air from the ground reaching the cooler. Hot air rises, remember?

In addition to relying on the cool riser technology, you can also manually support its cooling ability. Just fill the divider zone (hollow) with water to help the cooler retain its coldness. Be assured you will get great value for the money you will pay for this cooler.


  • Sturdy wheels to roll on the beach
  • Mechanically hinged lid
  • Easier handling
  • White to reflect heat keeping drinks colder longer
  • Has UV inhibitor in the plastic for durability


  • Handles could be better, and deeper
  • No drain hole

Pelican Products ProGear Elite – Best Cooler with wheels

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First thing that pops to mind when you see this cooler is… expensive! However, another thing you must remember is that if it is expensive and it can justify the price, then it must be a good one. So does the Pelican Products ProGear wheeled cooler have features to justify this price? Let’s find out:

It is good for a one-week event; it keeps items cool as it is characterized by up to ten days ice retention, yes you got it, 10 days. It also has an in-built bottle opener.

The tough, rugged and well-built cooler assures you of durability. The walls are thickly insulated. Once you see them, you will believe the ten-day ice retention ability. Other features that you will love include the handled lid with press and pull latches. The wheels offer good ground clearance away from any obstacles that may try to destroy your cooler.

When you set the cooler down you will notice that it does not sit on the wheels. It can stay grounded and stable throughout the rolling of the boat or car, totally immobile. It does look and feel a bit bulky, but hey, for ten days of ice, we surely do not mind that.


  • Long time in ice retention
  • In-built bottle opener
  • Well built and sturdy build for durability
  • Comes with a trolley handle alongside its own handles
  • Easy drain plug


  • The cooler is rugged and bulky
  • It is costly

TUNES2GO KoolMAX with audio system  -Wheeled Cooler

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Truth be told, many of outdoor enthusiasts do not love combined items, but the Tunes2Go KoolMAX cooler on wheels will change your mind. Buy this one and pump some life into your camping vacations.

KoolMAX cooler will keep drinks ice cold for you as well as serve as a tune buster. When in the campsite, you need something to break the monotony. Definitely, a good glass of wine goes down well with a song blasting from good speakers. The KoolMAX in-built speaker is guaranteed to last for some time.

The versatile cooling system will cool up to forty-eight cans of drinks. The side handle has an in-built bottle opener, so you can see all of your needs are well sorted out. In addition to the nice ergonomically designed handles supporting easy handling, you can stick your luggage on top of the cooler and strip them with cords for easy carriage to the campsite.

The cooler comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can last for all of 16 hours with every charge. Since you will definitely not be blasting music throughout sixteen hours, you can save the battery for evenings, up to the last day of your camping adventure.

You can play music, play a guitar or plug in a favorite device for your preferred music. Nothing can beat the combination of drink and music ever.


  • Conveniently located drain to drain excess water
  • Remote controlled music
  • Larger cooler that can hold the cold for long
  • 16 – hour battery life for music player
  • Weather resistant storage space for devices
  • Lasting speaker system
  • Built-in bottle opener


  • Complicated for the first time
  • It is pricey

Igloo 58991 Cool Fusion MaxCold – Best Camping Cooler

Image of coolers with wheels and handles

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You know it is the best thing to buy if it is an Igloo. Their coolers on wheels do not disappoint. This one is a big cooler, good for when you are going camping with another family to keep you company.

But size is not the only thing it has going for it. You will love its features like multiple pockets to provide alternative storage, bungee cords on top will allow you to tie on extra luggage for camping.

You may complain of the lids not shutting tightly but it is a positive mean of easily acquiring your drinks. The more 25% foam insulation keeps the drinks ice cold for about two days. You will not have a problem handling the cooler as it comes with a locking and telescoping handle, and rubberized wheels.

It should be easy to clean the cooler as the interior is hard, and made of plastic. If you would like to take a cooler that will not disappoint you on your two-day camping or outdoor adventure, this is it. Fill it in ice and if you can buy more ice in 48 hours, well and good. You can extend your camping vacation for as long as you want.


  • Large size to hold enough
  • Side pockets to store accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • Telescopic handle
  • Comfortable lid


  • Bulky and a bit flimsy, needs careful handling when pulling
  • Lid does not lock tightly, may cause ice to melt sooner

Columbia Crater Peak with AT Cart – Small Cooler

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It is big enough to carry treats for the whole troop. You can use it with its all terrain cart with its high wheels, or disconnect it and carry the cooler without wheels, whatever catches your fancy.

It is best for cooling treats for a picnic because it can only keep them cold for about 6 hours. Thanks to a beautiful design and style,

The large size will favor the amount of drinks you have to pack while the super foam insulation and a radiant barrier is a guarantee of how super cold you drinks will be. If you want them really cold, they will be truly cold when you get to taking them later.

Safety is a big priority for this cooler. That is why the cooler meets the FDA and CPSC safety requirements for the liner, which by the way is also antimicrobial, making the cooler safe for all of your food and drinks. No bacteria will survive in this environment- not at all!

Unlike the insulating coolers, which only slow absorption of heat, this cooler reflects heat away with the radiant barrier. That is different, isn’t it? With the Therma-flect technology, you can be sure no heat will get to your drinks. When they say this cooler keeps the drinks really cool, they mean exactly that.


  • Radiant barrier keeps the cooler cold
  • Protection against bacteria
  • Easy to handle
  • Large enough to hold enough drinks
  • Detachable all terrain cart


  • The cooler is weaker and may not last longer
  • Only good for a one day event

Buying Guide – coolers with wheels and handles

If this is your very first time to buy a wheeled cooler, you are going to need some buying tips. There are so many of them in the market and with each claiming to be the best, it can be hard to choose the best one.

If you love outdoor activities in spring, summer and fall, then you know how important it is to get the best cooler on wheels. Coolers with wheels and handles will not only be convenient for long walks since all you have to do is drag it. It will also keep your drinks and refreshments cool all the time.

This cooler will help keep you and your gang refreshed and rejuvenated throughout your outdoor activity be it camping, kayaking, sailing, road trip or just chilling in the park having a family picnic.

Here are the most important questions to seek answers to:

What is the volume of the best coolers on wheels?

When choosing the best cooler you will need to consider the storage size of the cooler. While looking at this, do not forget to consider the insulation in the cooler that will take up some space. If you are going to add more ice packs to increase the cooling life of the cooler then you need to put it into consideration.

Cooler space is measured by quartz. For a really large family, a 60 quart wheeled cooler would do. You can however supplement what is in the cooler by carrying other drinks in the best mug to keep coffee hot for a long time.

The amount of food and beverages you need to carry is the most important factor you have to consider. A seasoned traveler or outdoor enthusiast would know the amount of food and beverages that he would need. If you don’t, you could just pack the day before the adventure to avoid any inconveniences.

For one or two person needs, there are small coolers which are lighter, more manageable and work just as well as the big boys.

What is the overall cooler size?

Carrying around a really big cooler might be hectic. It might not even fit in your car, boat or whatever mode of transport you are using. Thick walls of a durable cooler might compromise the amount of food and beverages you will carry.

You might have to opt for less durable coolers if you are carrying a lot of food and beverages. You could also consider soft-sided coolers, which allow you to manipulate its size by lessening the width of the walls and hence increasing the storage space.

Cooler material

Many materials are used to make camping coolers. When choosing your cooler, you need to choose the best material. Plastic is the most common material because it is light, cheap, waterproof, tough and a good insulator.

There can be an issue with plastics because most coolers with plastic hardware and hinges break after a while so if you want your cooler to last longer, you might want to choose another material other than plastic. Coolers with metal walls are rare but metal hinges, metal handles, and metals zippers are common because they last longer, but such could costlier.

Fabrics are also used to make coolers. Most soft-side coolers are made of fabric on the outside and their water resistance, insulation ability, and strength vary depending on the quality of the fabric used. Rubber is also used in specific places on the cooler, for example, the handles, wheels, and gaskets. Rubber is not used to make the entire cooler but rather an important side material.

Thermal insulation ability

The insulation ability of coolers on wheels is probably the most important factor to consider. Some people will want to have a cooler that keeps things cold for only a few hours while others will want to keep things for as long as a week.

What you choose depends on your preference, and how long your adventure will take. Most coolers are able to keep things cool for a few hours but the number reduces as the amount of time to keep the things cool increases. You can increase the amount of time things are kept cool by adding ice.

Most coolers are made with foam insulation and they are built to delay the absorption of heat. However, there are coolers made to keep heat out. These would be a good choice for you.

How long does it retain ice?

You will also need to consider how long the cooler can retain its ice. The manufacturer is likely to state a long period as far as the ice retention period is concerned but this could be an overestimation.

It is wiser that you find someone who has used the cooler before for more accurate information on the product. Ice retention is also very important in cooler; you should really give it much thought and consideration. You certainly do not want to wind up with a product that cannot even live up to its name. Read wheeled cooler reviews posted by other users.

What is the wheel size?

Wheel sizes are also very important to consider especially if you are going outdoors. Small wheels are hard to get through rocky or rough surfaces and it is highly likely to be rough and rocky outdoors. It is advisable that you go with larger wheels, which are easier to pull through rocky and uneven surfaces. Small wheels are only good for smooth surfaces.

Does it have a telescopic handle?

Making a mistake in the handle you choose could ruin your chances of having fun on the adventure. You need to go for a firm and comfortable to grip handle. Your handle should suit your height perfectly.

Buying a telescoping handle, which you can adjust to your length is more advisable. Thankfully, since most wheeled coolers are meant to be rolled on the ground, they all come with telescopic handles.

Is it waterproof?

You need to consider the waterproof ability of the cooler too since you will be dealing with ice that will eventually melt. You do not want a case where everything you had packed is soaked with water. It is advisable that you get a waterproof cooler, which could be made of plastic or metal. Check also whether the drain hole has some means of securing it to avoid accidental spills in the car trunk.

Does it have good seals on the lid?

It is important to have good seals around lids. They ensure that the food and beverages in your cooler remain cool for a longer period. The seal needs to be firm and tight-fitting; rubber seals are best. The purpose of the seal is to lock the cold air inside and keep the hot air outside.

Is the best wheeled cooler compatible with dry ice?

Some coolers sustain damage when they get into contact with dry ice. You should check the manufacturer’s guide to see the instructions given as far as dry ice is concerned. Dry ice is really good at keeping things cool and chilled. You can choose to wrap the dry ice block heavily before using it in your cooler.

Does it have a drainage hole?

In some coolers when the ice starts melting, the water speeds the melting of ice. You need to consider the drainage of your cooler when buying one since you do not want all the ice melting in a very short time.

The drainage will help to make sure that all the ice that melts flows away from the remaining ice. The drainage should also be neat and tidy without any leakages to the items that are stored in the cooler. You do not want to find that all the food and beverages are soaked in water.

Is the lid in good shape?

You should also consider coolers with lids that are firm and easy to close. Some lids are so heavy that when the cooler is empty, they topple over. You will need to have a cooler with a lockable latch especially if you might have to leave your cooler unattended at some point.

If you will be traveling in a vehicle, a cooler with a tie-down point that will prevent it from being thrown back and forth is advisable.

Does it have external storage?

Some of the items you carry to an outdoor adventure or while using a cooler cannot be kept in the cooler. This is why you should find a cooler with an external or non-insulated compartment for items that don’t need to be in the cooler.

This will prevent any damage to your items and ensure a well-organized system where the chilled and non-chilled stuff are separate. Some Coleman, Igloo and other models do offer extra storage pockets. It’s a good bonus.

How durable are the coolers with wheels and handles?

This is one of the most important facts to consider during the purchase of any product. You must look for the most durable product.

You can read product reviews to get a view of the best product to choose. People who have used this product can also be very resourceful with this kind of information. You certainly don’t want to use your cooler for just a short while before it breaks down.

What is the price of the best coolers on wheels?

It is important to choose an item that you can afford. You need to research online for the most affordable cooler to buy before taking the leap of buying one. Be careful not to buy something that is not worth the money you will pay for it.

Put together all the factors above and come to a sound decision that will be pocket-friendly and wise. You do not want to regret later when the product breaks down after only using for a very short while. Maybe you can even ask a friend for help in the decision making.

Buy from the well-known brand names like Coleman, Igloo, Columbia and others. Do not worry about the cost too much. Think about the value that you will get out of the money that you will pay.

Is it easy to clean and maintain?

When choosing a cooler, it is also advisable that you choose one that is made with easy to clean material. Coolers are used for foodstuff and beverages; so it is very important that they stay clean at all times. You will need to choose surfaces that are smooth and with no edges where dirt and food particles could get trapped. Again, the cooler reviews online will come to your rescue here as you will get to know the easiest to clean cooler.

What style do you like?

Choose a cooler that appeals to you. It is your money after all. For example, the Pelican Elite ProGear is just so awesome, looks rugged and very sturdy, just like something meant for camping should look.

You should choose the color and the design that appeals to you. There are coolers with different patterns, colors, and design. It is completely okay to let your taste and preference prevail.

There, you now know how to choose one of the best coolers with wheels and handles and the sooner you buy one the better. If you love road trips, beach and wilderness camping, car camping and so on, remember to toss a cooler somewhere inside the trunk and then pack it up with drinks. If you have more space, you might even want to bring a long a portable toilet. Just because you love camping, it does not make you a wild man.


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