Cool Things To Bring Camping To Make It Fun

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Knowing how to make camping fun is very important. You see, this is not Stone Age. It is the 21st century where comfort matters a lot. If you are running away from the cramped living spaces at home and at the office, well, you are looking for something bigger and if you can have the universe, you would damn well go for it. The open space for camping is good, but you can make it more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Try some cool things to bring camping, but pack a punch too by bringing along a few items that make camping easier.

Cool things to bring camping

Forget about tents, portable toilets and other regular stuff for camping. In this short post, I will bring you a few items that you have probably never given a second thought to, but which will all the same make your camping experience a great one.

Remove the blandness from your camping vacation, and your children will love it. What do you need for that? Just bring a few items with you. It is not exactly a glamping experience, doesn’t even come close, but hey, whatever you can do to make your time camping on the beach or in the wilderness more glamorous.

Camping Luxury

Camping in the most frugal way possible is not for everyone. Sometimes, you want to add a touch of luxury to the whole experience. It is possible to carry a few items with you, that is, unless you are going backpacking. If you are doing car camping, it allows you to take items that you would not take in a backpack.

Consider an item like a solar powered portable generator. You can use it for so many things. For example, you can use it to power your lighting, make your sweet coffee, charge your devices and even watch television. It has gaseous fumes, no noise and it works marvelously with all of your electronics. If you are planning to be away at a campsite for days, you can bring this generator to make life more comfortable.

So what items do you need to take along with you to make camping a lot of fun? There are many of them, but just start with these few. Then come back and comment here on this article whether they made your experience enjoyable or not.

How to make camping fun with silicone wine glasses

Who would have thought of this? But they are real. Try the WineMeUp silicone wine glasses for camping. They are very safe. Here are a few other great things about them:

  • Totally safe, no cracks, no breaking
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to carry as they are almost weightless
  • Made of foldable silicone
  • They are reusable

When you are going away camping, you want to bring some wine with you. There can be no fun around the campfire (if you will make one), without wine. But then comes up the problem of what type of glasses to bring.

Try silicone wine glasses. It never disappoints. It is fireproof, it does not break and it is not risky at all. You can buy the stemless silicone wine glasses and when moving, you will pack them one inside the other.

If you know a friend or a member of your family who loves camping, these wine glasses are a perfect gift for them. You will be remembered for as long as they live.

Believe it or not, after you are done with your hiking, playing and biking activities around the camping area, nothing can be better than a glass of Pinot Noir. It will refresh you and bring your energy flowing back.

These glasses are made of food-grade silicone, so there is no fear of consuming impurities. They are also easy to clean, and when you are home, you can even clean them in the dishwasher.

Look for a good brand like WineMeUp silicone wine glasses that are sold in packs of 8. That way, you can serve as many people, and the weight is negligible.

What you should avoid

Avoid the disposable plastic cups. You will be doing Mother Nature one good turn, and at the same time, you will be saving yourself a lot of money. One of the ways for how to make camping fun is not by using disposable cups.

Portable camping generator

Nothing is going to turn a frugal camping vacation into a piece of paradise like good lighting, some electronics and entertainment. You can get all these and more from a portable camping generator.

Consider buying a good portable generator like the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Generator/Power Station which is going to give you 1200 Watts of continuous power, has USB ports to charge your devices and can be recharged with a solar panel or AC.

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Now, a camping generator will set you back a good amount of money, and then you have to check out whether it is allowed to be used wherever you will be going. But when buying a portable generator, you can kill two birds with one stone. Just buy one generator, then you can use it for emergency power back up at home and for camping and other outdoor adventures. If you look for a few tent camping hacks, you will see there are many generators that you can use inside the tent.

You can only use a portable generator for car camping as it would be too hefty for you to carry in your backpack.

Egg container for camping

You will need your energy for hiking, beach volleyball, biking and any other activity that you plan to do when you are camping. That is why you need to pack power foods for the vacation, and they do not come any better than a sturdy egg container for camping.

Think about how to make camping enjoyable with food, and wine, and you will always want to go camping.

Why the egg container for traveling and camping? You ask. I will tell you why. It is one of the cool things to bring camping. Egg is a super food, and it is perhaps the most favorite of all American breakfasts. Now, there is no way you are going to miss out on your eggs just because there was no way to bring them along.

Try the Stansport Egg Container for traveling and camping. It is built like a briefcase, and it includes a molded handle for easier portability. After arranging all of your eggs in their slots, lock it up and hold it by the molded handle, just like a briefcase.

This egg container is made to withstand the rigors of traveling, camping and road trips. It will:

  • Carry 12 eggs
  • Protect all of your eggs from breaking
  • Set you back just a few dollars
  • Easy to store in the RV as it is small and compact
  • Made of firm plastic

To get the full use out of this egg container, just make sure to buy small and medium sized eggs. It may not be able to take large eggs.

Portable camping chair

Many people think that a camping chair like Coleman Cooler Quad Chair is an unnecessary complication to bring along to your camping trip, but the truth is that it is not. You will be glad that you brought it a long. Besides, it folds up nicely into a small compact size that you can tuck in somewhere in the trunk of your car or in your RV.

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A camping chair with side pockets to hold your personal effects like the mobile phone, your book and bottled drink and more. You can make use of a cooler pouch designed to keep canned drinks within reach and out of direct sunlight’s way.

While it does not give you full lumbar support, it is padded for some support. The seat is padded too and the best thing is that it does not let grease and grime build up. Cleaning it up should be easy.

If you do not feel like joining the youngsters as they run about the beach camp, if you would rather relax and read a good book as you sip your Corona beer, this camping chair is perfect for you.

You will enjoy the following benefits from the camping chair:

  • It is sturdy, can last many years
  • Easy to carry along because its foldable
  • Can fit a large person
  • Made of metal grommet and legs for more durability
  • Cheap to buy
  • Can be used even in the backyard at home

Inflatable camping mattress

There comes a time when you can no longer sleep on the cold hard ground, with the sleeping bag offering the only insulation between you and the ground. You want to sleep comfortably when camping, but you also want to avoid paying an arm and a leg for it.

Try the KingCamp Single or Double Camping Air Mattress and you will never regret it. It has many incredible features that will make your sweet slumber journey more comfortable. For example, it is made of strong and durable Polyester material, as well as an inbuilt foot pump that you just press to inflate.

Here are some of its features and benefits:

  • Offers a uniform sleeping surface
  • Covered with a fabric that is friendly to the skin
  • Large – 76 inches long by 27.5 inches wide and is 3.93 inches deep
  • It is easy to store and carry because it fold up nicely into a small size
  • Offers great insulation from the hard, cold ground
  • Can be used on a camping cot
  • Good for people who experience backache

It may seem like too much to bring along with you, but if you have a bad back and you still want to enjoy your outdoor adventures, this is the perfect mattress to bring along. Buy a pump designed for air mattresses and you are good to go.

When you are not camping, you can use the mattress to sleep extra guests at home. You can lie on it with just a blanket or with a sleeping bag. Either way, the most important thing is that you will be getting incredibly firm support for your back.

If you would love to share the air mattress with your partner, just buy the double one. It measures 76 inches long by 54.33 inches wide by 3.93 inches deep.

Dry bag for your valuables

A dry bag for your necessities when you are outdoors … Did I refer to this as luxury? Forgive me, it is a basic necessity for people that love camping on the beach, in the high alpine environment, in the wilderness of the Shasta and Trinity National Park and anywhere else inside and out of the USA.

Try the KylinLucky Dry Bag that has been made for boating, kayaking, rowing, canoeing, fishing, hiking, swimming, snowboarding, rafting and any other outdoor adventure where you think things might get wet.

How to make camping fun

With an impressive volume of 15 liters, you can carry a lot of stuff in this dry bag. However, there are many smaller ones if you do not have much stuff to protect from the rain.

You know how the weather outdoors can change without notice and you therefore want to keep your items dry. If you are into water sports, you want to pack your electronics, a few pieces of clothing and money in the dry bag.

A dry bag is not only made for rainy weather. It is made to protect your items from sweat, snow and humidity. When choosing a dry bag, take one that is made of rip-stop canvas which should be easy to wipe clean, and which will last a long time.

Camping bread toaster

You know it is not a complete breakfast if it doesn’t have toast, coffee and eggs. Ok, we have discussed the Stansport egg container for traveling and camping. They have another very important item for camping in style – a toaster!

The Stansport Folding Stove Toaster for camping, backpacking, hiking and picnic makes it possible for you to lay a king’s table, so to speak, when you are outdoors. It is simple, light and small. In fact, it looks like a small, worthless contraption, until you see what it can do.

Image of toaster

This small toaster can toast four slices of bread at the same time. It is also made of long lasting stainless steel and when you are done toasting bread, you can fold it to a small size for easier transportation.

insulated wine carrier bag

Of what use would the silicone camping wine glasses be if you are not going to bring along the wine and make merry on the campsite? Good for digestion they say, but I say that a glass of wine after a hard day’s hike makes you feel ever so fresh and rejuvenated.

Try the Handy Laundry Wine Carrier Tote Bag, which has a comfortable carry handle, extra thick padding on the exterior as well as four compartments inside to carry four bottles of wine. When you are not using the wine carrier bag, you can just fold it up and store it.

Every bottle is kept separate from the others by a wall of fabric. Should the bottles be knocked against each other, they will be well protected because the fabric absorbs some of the shock thus preventing breakage.

If you drop the carrier bag by mistake, the bottles of wine will stay safe as the thick exterior padding absorbs all the shock.

Considering the rigors of camping, traveling, hiking and other outdoor activities, you need a strong carrier bag for your wine.


Ways for how to make camping fun stops here, with these cool things to bring camping. Carry a book or a Kindle reader with you; it should help you pass the time at night. If you are going car camping, you should have ample space to bring more stuff than a person who is going backpacking. As you pack your sleeping bag for winter, summer or any season, add one item of luxury.


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