The Most Comfortable Hiking Boots For Women

The search for the most comfortable hiking boots for women will make you discover so many things about women, and their feet! Women’s feet are narrower, daintier and more delicate. And their boots are different from the men’s. That is why it is important to buy gender-specific hiking boots.

Reviews of comfortable hiking boots for women

Granted, some women have bigger feet and can wear men’s shoes, but the rule of thumb is; buy a hiking boot that is gender-correct. We can help you here, by reviewing just six of the best boots for women. There are many more, more than 30 brands, but these six are outstanding and they will give you more than enough value for your money.

Merrell Moab Womens Mid Hiking Boots

Merrell is a well-known name in the outdoor and sports industry, and it takes good care of both men and women’s feet.

The Moab Mid Waterproof boots for women have features that enhance not only comfort of your feet, but your maximum safety against rocky trails as well.

These boots are well aerated with breathable mesh panels to keep your feet dry and fresh.

Using the popular M-Fresh technology that keeps odor away, you should enjoy trekking in this beautiful boot. The Vibram soles have deep, multi-directional lugs that make it sturdy on all terrains.


Inbuilt cushioning or padding make the shoes very comfortable. The padding extends to the tongue to protect the foot against the shoelaces and to absorb shock in case you hit your foot against something. Your feet will be safe. You can always adjust the laces in case you feel they are too tight. It is dry to ensure you enjoy the boot.


The toecap is reinforced with rubber for extra safety and you will be grateful for this because the trails can be rough and knocking your toes against rocks is bound to happen. It is definitely suitable for hiking trails rated as moderate. The 1-pound weight makes it a light boot for light hiking.

With a long shaft of about 4.5 inches from the arch, ample ankle support is assured. That should give your ankle good support against twisting in case your foot slips.

The upper part of the boot is made of leather and textile. Although it is not 100% waterproof, it will be able to withstand showers and splashes. If it gets wet, it will dry up quickly thus keeping your feet dry all the time.

Made specifically for women, the boot is narrow in width and it fits very well without requiring to be broken. Weighing less than 2 pounds/0.9 kg, it is light enough for the daintier feminine feet.

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Ahnu Sugarpine Womens – comfortable hiking boots for women

This is a tough pair of feminine boots, perfect for hiking the tough Sequoia trails in California.

The Numentum Technology feature that is used in the construction of these boots makes it possible for the shoes to conform to the feet easily.

This means that the boot conforms to all your foot contours and ridges, thus fitting you perfectly and keeping you comfortable as you hit the trails. Numentum technology fosters stable walking so you can cover more miles on balanced feet. Ahnu’s sturdy nature adds to the balance it offers when hiking.

The one-inch heel keeps you well elevated from the ground and at the same time, it does not keep you too elevated to lose your balance easily even when you are carrying a heavy backpack.

Great ankle support is assured, thanks to the 5.8-inch long shaft from the arch. For maximum support though, do make sure you lace the boots all the way up.

The padded tongue will allow you to lace up without pressing your feet so hard as to cause injury. The collar is also padded for extra comfort.


The boots are reasonably waterproof, that is, they will keep your feet dry from splashes that you will get in the creeks and small rivers. The outer sole is Vibram, a well-known brand name for hiking boot soles and it withstands a lot of use on different types of trails. The upper part of the trekking boots is made of leather and textile. The rubber-reinforced toecap area will keep your toes protected from rocks.

Even the top women’s boots have some disadvantages. This one is too heavy compared to many other brands. With a shipping weight of 3 pounds/1.4 kg, that is a bit heavy. It also has the brand name label displayed loudly and proudly on the gusseted tongue thus it is hard not to be conspicuous.

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Keen Targhee II Women’s Mid WP Hiking Boot – Best womens hiking boots

These women’s boots look rugged and sexy at the same time. Mostly available in gray color with gray and blue striped laces, this is just the ideal boot that a woman needs when she wants to do some rough trekking and look beautiful at the same time.

KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid WP boots have many features that make hiking fun. The 4 mm lugs ensure steady traction, which is good for safe hiking. The lugs are multi-directional, thus efficient in preventing sliding as one strides down or up the trails.

The shaft is big enough to give you ample ankle support. It is 4.5 inches from the arch. The heel is a bit high about 1.5 inches from the ground, thus giving you enough elevation when hiking.

Made with the KEEN.DRY watertight technology, this shoe will lock the moisture out leaving your feet dry and comfortable all the time. It is not that the shoe is waterproof from the outside, but it is build in such a way that even the interior locks the moisture out.

The indelible combination of nubuck leather and mesh lining, in addition to the KEENInspiration comfort technology will keep your feet fresh, dry and comfortable all day long.

Other features include a rubber outsole that extends to form the toecap that will absorb impact when you hit your feet against rocks on the trails. If you do not find big markings fancy, you will be happy that the Keen Targhee II mid-height hiking boot for women have just a small logo on the side. With a rear loop to help you pull the shoe on, you will love everything about this pair of outdoor boots.

The dual density EVA (ethyl-vinyl acetate) insole is detachable as well. The compression made insole adds to the comfort of the boots.

KEEN covers this, and all of their hiking shoes and boots with a one year warranty against manufacturing and product defects.

Going by the rave reviews that other hikers have left for this pair of boots, there is no doubt that they are among the best hiking boots for women 2017.

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Columbia Womens Newton Ridge Plus – Best hiking boots for women 2018

  • Weighs about 930 g
  • High shaft measuring 5.25 inches from the arch for ample ankle protection
  • Exterior made of 1.6 mm leather for endurance
  • Seam construction is waterproof
  • Omni-Grip rubber for excellent traction
  • The sporty design makes the boots good for hiking on the rugged trails as well as good enough for paved trails in towns
  • TechLite TM tongue laps around the foot snugly and protects the foot against the pressure of laces
  • 3 lugs that offer excellent traction on different terrains
  • The shoe has an enjoyable bounce from the 1-inch thick foam padding for the mid-sole. This ethylene vinyl-acetate, the best-compressed form for footwear.

If you are looking for leather outdoor boots that have ample but not outrageously high elevation from the ground, light weight and very durable, you have come to the right place.

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus ankle height offers all of the aforementioned and many more features.

The boots are stain resistant. As an all full-grain leather boot with incredible seam construction, Newton Ridge Plus is going to last a long time.




  • The Newton Ridge Plus boots are great on dry trails only
  • Some people say arch support is not enough thus you may feel rocks beneath the shoe

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Timberland White Ledge – Best Womens Hiking Boots

You can never go wrong with the Timberland brand. Just by looking at the boots, there is a lot to say about its features. Firstly, the boot looks awesomely rugged, a handsome pair of boots perfect for the trails. If you buy the brown matte one, you will love its aggressive look.

Thick rubber outsole is sturdy enough to withstand any kind of terrain. You cannot wear these ones to wade in streams and rivers. However, they will certainly keep the water out if you are caught in a light shower or when you splash through pools.

For people whose feet sweat heavily, Timberland takes care of them. It incorporates a means for moisture transfer. It wicks the sweat away thus leaving your feet very comfortable, and dry.

The best hiking boots 2018 for women are always true to size and the Timberland Women’s White Ledge length height hiking boots fit perfectly. However, always buy them a half-size bigger to accommodate heavy woolen socks for winter hiking. You can remove the insole to insert an orthotic insole.

The padded tongue will prevent the laces from hurting you even when you tighten them up. In addition, the collar is padded to prevent your ankle from hurting because you will have to press against the boots as you climb up or down a steep trail.

There are many more things to love about this pair of boots. The full grain leather upper part, and the easy lacing that goes through metal rings, and the EVA compressed insole make the shoe a favorite with many hikers.

Ankle protection is very important. Timberland takes care of that with a shaft that is 4.5 inches long from the arch. The rubber sole extends to form the toecap, which is very important as it absorbs the shock when your feet hit against rocks on the trails.

Warranty coverage is given for one year.

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Ahnu Montara Women’s Boot – Comfortable hiking boots for women

Being a leather boot of ankle height, your ankle is given ample support against twisting or breaking especially when you are hiking on the trails marked as rugged, or extremely challenging.

It comes with a padded collar that also serves the purpose of ventilating the shoe, thus ensuring your feet do not suffocate.

High quality stitching on the boot is going to withstand a lot of trail abuse. The Vibram outsole with deep lugs makes this makes it suitable for a variety of terrain.

If you have been hiking easy trails, there is no need to buy new boots when you decide to up your game and hike the trails rated as moderate, challenging or very challenging. Ahnu Women’s Montara Boot has you covered.

The Numentum technology employed in Ahnu boots makes them unique as the boots conform to the feet as you walk. Because the boot adapts to the foot arches fitting your perfectly, this keeps you steady and firm on the trail.

The upper part of the boot is leather and suede. It is waterproof and at the same time, it is breathable. This alone makes these boots suitable for trekking on the sunny days. The black finish for these boots is matte, nothing of that shiny fancy gloss that women so love.

One more thing that most women love about these boots is that they do stand a lot of abuse well without eyelets coming loose, or the sole breaking.

The warranty coverage for these boots is for one year, and it covers against manufacturing and product defects.

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The most comfortable hiking boots for women come in sizes that can accommodate the narrower, sexier and more beautiful feminine feet. Although many of them are not totally waterproof, they should withstand a shower or a splash,thus keeping your feet dry all the time.

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