Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent Review 2020

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There is no doubt that Coleman is one of the most well known brand names for camping tents. Among their very first products is the Coleman Sundome 6 person tent.

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Camping is a lot of fun, but without the right equipment, you would have many near death experiences. That is why you must always have the right tools for the job.

Whether you are camping in Florida, or in the colder states, the tent is one of the most important items. It will not only protect you and your family, but your camping gear as well.

Of course, when it comes to choosing a tent, you want the best. You will also choose a size that can fit the entire troop. In this case, you have chosen a 6-person tent. It is a good fit for up to 6 people.

This is a very affordable tent, as you will see when you buy yours on In addition, it is a three-season tent! That means that you can use it for summer, fall and even for camping in winter, but mostly for campsites that experience mild winters.

The Coleman Sundome 6 person tent is a freestanding dome-style camping tent. It is sold complete with everything that you need for a tent, except seam sealer, footprint and such accessories. To get the full use of it, buy a tarp for the rain too.

There is much more than meets the eye for this tent. In the upcoming sections, we will explore the features in detail and see why you should buy this tent.

Coleman Sundome tent 6 person Features & Technical Details

There are many good things to say about this tent here. It even comes with a port for electricals, for when you are camping, you will still need to use your smartphone, laptop or Kindle. Keep reading to see more features.


Design and build quality

From the name, you can see that it is a six-person camping tent. Now, this means that it is best suited for families that love camping.

It is a dome design tent. That means that if you are using it in a place that has sleet and snow fall, it will not sag. After all, the snow and any other debris will slide down the steel walls of the tent.

Did you know that dome design tents are also easier to set up? For example, with this Coleman Sundome tent for six people, you get continuous pole sleeves that are totally snag-free, making setting it up such bliss.

The tent comes with inverted seams to keep water out. When camping in the rain, you need to keep dry and warm. The Waterloo for most tents is the seams. This one has sealed, inverted seams. They keep all water out.

For rain protection, the tent is sold with a rainfly for the awning. You will keep your gear completely dry inside the tent.

The size of this tent is 10 feet by 10 feet, a nice square. It has been rated as enough for six adults. You will sleep nicely in your sleeping bag with enough space. You can also be able to walk around without tripping on people and things.

The polyester material used for making the tent is quite strong. In addition, it is not too tough to keep clean. With good care, this tent can last you a good long time of camping adventure after another.

With a height of 6 feet, well, you will have enough room unless you are as tall as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Anyway, even for the tallest guy in town, this height should be enough to maneuver around.


In our article for insulating winter tents, we mentioned the importance of ventilation. If there is no airflow in your tent, the air will turn stale, especially considering the number of people. Thankfully, Coleman leaves nothing to chance when making tents for camping.

The Coleman Sundome Tent 6 person even has a vent on the floor. The walls of the tent incorporate the Variflo system, which is designed specifically for enhancing airflow.

Another feature for enhancing airflow is the vented port that cools down the air that enters the tent through the window and the door. These features make this a perfect tent for camping in summer.

Since Coleman uses the WeatherTec Technology in their tents, it is actually very comfortable staying in the tent for long hours. After all, WeatherTec System prevents sweating. You cannot sweat, not with all that airflow inside the tent.

Access port for electricals

When you are camping in the mountains of North Carolina, you may want to bring your generator with you. You will be grateful for the electricals port in this Coleman tent for six people.

The electrical port is going to help you keep your in-tent electronics organized. Since you are not going for dry camping which as basic as it gets, you will need some electronics for comfort. About the design of this port … it is zippered so that you can close it up when you do not need to use it.

Weather protection

The reason for using a tent for camping is to protect your gear and family from the weather. The ventilation is great for the airflow as we have already said. However, another paramount factor to consider when buying a tent is the waterproofness.

This one comes with a 600mm waterproofness rating. It should keep you completely dry, that is, unless you are caught up in a deluge. It is important to remember that this tent is not made for camping in days after days of rainfall.

The welded and inverted seams will also contribute a lot to keeping you dry. In fact, they are stronger than the walls of the tent.


To make you feel as at home-away-from-home as possible when camping, this tent has a large window. They will allow in all the light that you need, but at the same time, they will protect your privacy. This means that a person looking through the window from the outside will see nothing. The window’s position is in the rear. It is hooded, which means you keep your privacy intact.

Storage and carry bag

The Coleman Sundome Tent 6 person comes with three bags. The first one is the carry bag, which is for carrying and storing the tent. It is large and durable. For the stakes and the poles, you get separate bags.

These bags are very helpful for keeping your camping tent organized such that you can grab everything in a hurry without missing anything. Just make sure that when you are taking the tent to storage after camping, you clean it and dry it thoroughly.

The floor

Ok now, let us talk about the floor a bit since that is where most of your camping gear will go, anyway. This is also where you are going to sleep. Thus, you want a tent that has a floor that is designed to protect you against dampness and too much cold.

You will get a tough polyethylene floor made with 1000D fabric. It will be hard even for camping chairs, if you are using such, to damage this floor. There is also a ground air vent, which we did mention elsewhere, for more airflow.

As you sleep, all that breathing in and out of six people can cause stale air. With this ground vent, the windows and the vents on the walls, that problem is well taken care of.

Now, having a good floor does not excuse you from choosing a good spot for your tent. It is recommended that you look for a sheltered place, behind a rock if you can find it. If you have to make camp under a tree, check the tree out. You do not want a branch to plummet and clobber you to death while you are deep asleep in your tent.

Internal storage

To keep your personal accessories for camping secure, you need some internal storage. Luckily, this tent has a few pockets for just that. They are not too big, thus, you will just need them for your cellphone, chargers and other small things.


Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love this tent. We are a family of five but we do not mind the extra room. We have used it in the rain and in the sun and it has protected us all the time. I would recommend it for anyone. Ali P.

My son and I, being the men in the family, set up this tent whenever we go camping. It is so easy to set up and take down, thanks to the continuous sleeves where the poles go. Harry P.

For a dome tent, I would say this tent is quite roomy. In my family, we are four large adults and two teenagers and we have used it without getting in the way of the teenagers J Celestine J.

After buying this tent, I set it up in my driveway to apply the seam sealer. While some people have used theirs without the sealer, I wanted to be sure that no water would enter if it rained. Simon K.

This is a large and roomy tent, with almost 100 square feet of living space. There was a time when we were camping and it rained so long we could not get out. We were very comfortable. TheCampingDad.

I ordered this tent from Amazon for my husband on his 50th birthday. I have never seen him as pleased as he was that day. The following day, he set it up in the backyard for practice, in preparation for a camping vacation. Tess H.

At the price it is sold at, I think this tent is quite a steal and I would recommend it for any camping family of six people or less. However, note that it is a three-season tent, so it would not be very good in snow. Thomas Q.


Pros of Coleman Sundome tent 6 person

  • Nice, heavy duty tarp for the floor
  • Easy to set up even for beginners and it comes with instructions
  • High quality carry and storage bag for the tent
  • Roomy enough for six people
  • Incredible ventilation for airflow
  • Screen panels on the roof allow you to see the sky when you are not using the rainfly on it
  • Made with long lasting material
  • Has a ring at the center for hanging your camping light


Cons of Coleman Sundome tent 6 person

  • The zippers could be of higher quality
  • Stakes could be better – they are too thin


Who Should Buy the Coleman Sundome tent 6 person?

Any family that loves camping should get this tent. It is large, roomy and incredibly easy to set up. It is too big a tent for two people, or even three or four. Thus, get it if you have a family and you love to go out to the campgrounds from time to time. Do note that this is a three-season tent, so you want to avoid using it in winter.


Conclusion and Recommendation

Before you get to use the Coleman Sundome tent 6 person for the first time, there are a few recommendations to bear in mind. One of them is that you should order a seam sealer, probably from Coleman and seal the seams of this tent. The second recommendation is to know how to pack and unpack a tent. That way, you will always take good care of it. If you like, you can bring queen mattresses for camping. They will fit nicely in the tent and will make your sleep more comfortable.

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