Best Budget Hiking Boots for Men

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Of course, there are more than 5 best budget hiking boots for men. It is more like 1000 of them! And there is a plausible reason for this. Outdoor adventures have been associated with men for a long time. It is rough, you know, a kind of a GI Joe thing. However, lately, women too have come up to claim …

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes – Merrell Men’s Moab Shoes Review

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Choosing the best lightweight hiking shoes when you decide to hit the trails is not an option. It is a necessity! Unless you want your feet to look like grilled sausages after a few miles of trekking, you want to get the right shoes. Luckily, men being the trendsetters in the outdoor adventures, have many hiking shoes to consider. And they …

Hiking for Beginners and Backpacking Tips

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Are you looking forward to beginning backpacking, something that you have never done before? You will need the best tips for backpacking and hiking for beginners. Well, the everyday backpacker will tell you that this is the most rejuvenating and enriching outdoor adventure. The success, or the failure thereof of your very first hiking and back packing experience depends on …