Coleman Sundome Tent 6 Person Review 2019

image of Coleman Sundome tent 6 person

There is no doubt that Coleman is one of the most well known brand names for camping tents. Among their very first products is the Coleman Sundome tent 6 person. Camping is a lot of fun, but without the right equipment, you would have many near death experiences. That is why you must always have the right tools for the …

10 Tips To Buy Best Extreme Cold Weather Tents

Image of best extreme cold weather tents

The best extreme cold weather tents are costly. In fact, many camping enthusiasts ask whether they should bother with them. The answer is yes. The solitude and the white snow blanket is picturesque! With the warmest boots for winter hiking and camping, you can do it. Besides, as we discussed in this article earlier, it is also possible to further …

What Should I Wear Hiking In Cold Weather?

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Many women who love hiking ask: What should I wear hiking in cold weather and look fashionable? Well, you will be spoilt for choice. There are so many stylish and fashionable hiking outfits just for you. You can look as smashing as you want on the cold trails. A beautiful woman makes the cold hiking trails in Sedona feel warm. …