Can You Pitch A Tent On The Beach? 4 Useful Tips

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Can You Pitch A Tent On The Beach? 4 Useful Tips

Water has a calming effect on the mind and that is why you need to camp on the beach every now and then to beat the office stress. However, many people still don’t know whether they can camp on the beach.

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So, can you pitch a tent on the beach? You can pitch a tent anywhere including on the concrete. It is just that it will be a bit harder to pitch a tent on the sand than on a regular campsite. The beach has too much loose sand and therefore you need to use pegs, sand anchors for tents or beach camping tent stakes. You can even use heavy rocks to secure the tent from wind.

The first thing that you need to know about pitching a tent in the sand is … buy a sand tent! This is just a regular tent that comes with sand anchors for tents. You will not pitch the tent the same way that you would on dry land.

Beach tent camping tips

Camping on the beach requires you to prepare amply, you know, just the same way that you would prepare when going for regular camping on the alpine ground. Here are a few important things to consider:

1. Choose the best beach for tent or RV camping

First, find out what beaches allow tent camping. Some of the best beaches for camping in the USA include the Bahia Honda State Park in Florida. It has beautiful, warm white sands. Jalama Beach Count Park in California, Hammocks Beach State Park in North Carolina, Sandy Neck Beach Park in Massachusetts and Padre Island National Seashore in Texas are just a few of the popular beaches that allow tent and RV camping.

2. Buy the right beach camping gear

Secondly, you need to choose the right gear for camping on the beach. These include things such as beach camping tent stakes, sand stakes tent, tarps and others. Actually, apart from the specialized stakes to secure the tent, you don’t need to carry more gear than you would need for a regular camping tent.

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The beach camping tent is a bit different from the regular camping tent. There is a good reason for this. Because of the sea level altitude, it is usually warm, humid and in the hot summer months, the beach can be stifling hot!

Therefore, the best sand tent needs more ventilation to allow more airflow. However, bugs come in their numbers to enjoy the beach too. Therefore, you need a tent that comes with bug protection. You could also carry your bug repellent product for extra security.

What do I need to pitch a tent on the beach?

Take the following items for your beach tent camping:

  • Tent stakes for sand (these are longer than regular stakes)
  • Ground sheet so that your gear doesn’t sit on the sand directly
  • Hammer for the stakes
  • Camping flashlights
  • A tarp is very important for how to keep sand out of your tent
  • Carry extra pegs and rope
  • Trash bags

For your comfort, bring snorkeling gear, ocean swimming gear, coffee flasks and even a means to make a camping fire if it is allowed.

Bring zip lock bags to protect your phone, tablet, laptop, chargers and other electronics that you may bring camping with you.

Also, many beach campgrounds charge a fee.

3. Choose the right location to pitch your tent

Resist the temptation to pitch your tent too close to the sea. If you do that you, you could be sleeping comfortably in your tent and then the tide creeps up on you, and you wake up to a soggy sleeping bag.

It is not hard to know where the high tide reaches. You could ask the locals, or you can find signs. That way, you can camp further away.

Choose a sheltered spot if you can. Beaches experience winds sometimes. Since the sand is already too loose, a gust can bowl your tent over. Besides, you might need some extra shade during the hot summer days.

If you need a place that doesn’t have too much human traffic, you might need to move slightly further from the shore. That way, your children can play in peace and you can read a book or just sleep on the sand and soak in the sun.

4. Pitching your sand tent

Pitching a tent on the beach sand is not hard at all. After all, the ground is not that hard at all.  Here is where you need to know how to stake down a tent properly so that it is not bowled over by wind.

Using the sand bagging method

You need to know how to anchor a tent on the beach. It is not too hard really. First, you can do it with sand. Just lay the tent out and mark the spots where the stakes should go. In each of those areas, dig a hole, about 1 foot or deeper should do. Put the sand in your trash bags.

Tie each trash bag to the tent where the stakes should go. Return it to the hole. That should be enough to secure your tent.

Using sand stakes

Alternatively, you can use sand stakes for tent. You can buy the best sand stakes for tents such as All One Tech Stakes on

To use stakes, mark where each should go and hammer in the stakes one after the other. However, some stakes need you to press them by hand and twist them as you do so. This anchors them strongly in the sand.

Tie your guy ropes to the stakes.

If you do not want to use stakes, use anything heavy like sand (which we have discussed already) or rocks. You can read more information about that on this forum.

You can add more sand bags all around the tent to secure it in a much better way.


Can I set up a tent on the beach? We have already established that you can and we have also seen how to stake a tent. Sand camping is a lot of fun and the lapping of the waves can lull you to sleep ever so easily.

So if you have been asking: Can you pitch a tent on the beach? Well, now you know the answer. Staking the tent on beach need not be hard at all.