The Best Camping Ovens

Camping Ovens

When you go camping, you have to eat, and when you bring along the right tools and supplies, it can make this task even easier and more fun. If you do regular camping at all, then investing in a camping oven or stove is going to be well worth it.

In addition to camping stoves and ovens, some of which operate on battery or gas/propane, there are also over-fire cookware options. These are special canisters that allow you to cook or heat your food right over the campfire. Which type of cookware you choose will also vary based on how you do your camping.

Are you staying in a small tent, a large tent, an RV, or a cabin? Are you sleeping right out under the stars in your sleeping bag? Are you camping in the backyard or a private field (with permission), on the beach, or on a designed campsite in a park? These are all significant factors that Camping Necessities think you should consider when choosing the best camping ovens or cookware options for your needs. Let’s dig a little deeper now.

The Difference between a Camping Oven and Stove

Some people use the terms “oven” and “stove” interchangeably, and for some, there are distinct differences between the two. Whatever you call them, we can all agree that they are tools for heating and cooking food for human consumption. For this article, we want to highlight the key differences between the two and how this relates to camping cooking.

An over is used for baking and has a closed door. A stove usually refers to a stovetop or just burners, which allows you to fry and boil or cook on just the skillet. Both are available in portable camping forms, and there are even a few models that offer you both.

Determining Your Needs

To help decide which is the best option, you should look at your needs. Be honest with yourself and your budget. If a big, fancy outdoor camping stove/oven combo looks incredible but is out of your budget or would never actually get used by your family, it might not be the best investment at this time. You may opt for something simpler like a 2-range cooker.

Deciding if you need an oven vs. just a stovetop or range also depends on the types of foods you will be eating and how you like to prepare them.

Top Camping Ovens

The top camping ovens will change over time, so it’s always best to look up current, recent, accurate reviews and review pages to learn more. You can also ask friends and family, and other campers, or post a camping community or group question. Because people will have differing opinions about what is best, it’s also a good idea to create a “needs” list of what you want from your camping oven.

Some brands to consider, however, are:

  • Camp Chef outdoor Camping Often
  • Coleman Outdoor Camping Oven


Top Camping Stoves

 When it comes to camping stoves or burners/stovetops, the same rules apply. Ask around the camping community and talk to people who are avid, seasoned campers to find out what they like best.

Some top camping stoves include:

  • Coleman gas camping stove
  • Martin outdoor heavy-duty butane stove
  • Outland camping stove (propane grill style)


It’s all about finding the right tools for your needs and for you to get the best experience out of your next camping trip. Everyone has to eat – so why not eat what you want?

Do you already have a camping stove or oven? We’d like to hear about it in the comments.