Best Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

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Camping is fun, a lot of fun, but it is much more fun when you have the best wood burning backpacking stove. That way, you know that you are going to have a piping hot meal when you are out there.

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If you are in a hurry, here are three wood burning backpacking stoves that you can buy for camping:


There are many reasons why you will want to choose the wood camping stoves. The most important of them all is that they are so light in weight.

Consider the fact that you will not need to carry the extra baggage of fuel tanks and stuff. You know that you have a got a good thing going.

Because these wood fire stoves have become so popular with campers, it is very important that you know how to choose the best one since they come in all sizes and shapes.


Here are a few that you may want to consider:



Best wood burning backpacking stove reviews

So many wood burning stoves in the market and all of them claiming to be the best. So which one do you go for? If you read the reviews of the stoves selected for you below, it need not be hard at all.


Here are a few of them:

Solo Titan Stove 2 to 4 person – Best wood stove for tent

image of best wood burning stove for camping

This stove is not only good for camping, but it is also good for your survival kit, for your backpacking and overnight hiking or trekking experience. It is light in weight, weighing a measly 16.5 oz/0.5 kg.

It is made of an incredibly advanced design such that it can light up great flames without producing smoke. This is a godsend because no matter how nice smoke smells, it is not good for your health. With a double wall design, the stove does secondary combustion thus reducing the amount of smoke produced.

Tell you what, with this stove, you do not need to carry fuel with you because it is designed to use just about any other kind of fuel, from tinder, cones, twigs, leaves, sticks and even firewood. Just do ample research to determine whether these kinds of fuel are available wherever you are going camping.

It is made of high quality materials and so if you take good care of it, it will last a long time. Stainless steel material never fails. It is also easy to clean and when it is exposed to nasty weather conditions, you can be sure it will not rust.

Because it is designed to contain the flame, it is no doubt the best wood stove for tent. Campers love it for its versatility, safety and the fact that it can be used by outdoor enthusiasts of all ages (reasonably of course).

You will have to buy a Solo Stove Pot on the side and you will love it too. It takes just 4 to 6 minutes to boil a liter of water. In addition, the Solo Titan Wood Stove nestles nicely inside the Solo Stove Pot for portability.



  • It is very light
  • Get to use the readily available free fuel
  • Safe to use
  • Sturdy and compact – built to last
  • Can use charcoal briquettes
  • Simple yet effective cooking stove



  • It can be hard to shake all the ashes out


If this is not the best portable wood burning stove, I do not know what is! Kindly note, the cooking pot is not included.


Solo Stove Campfire 4+ Person wood burning stove for camping

Image of wood burning stove for camping

If you are the kind of outdoor enthusiast that does not like to sacrifice quality just so that you can carry lightweight camping gear, you will love the Solo Stove Campfire 4+ persons wood burning stove for camping. Just as the first Solo Titan Stove that we have discussed here, this one is also compactly built, yet at the same time it is very simple to use and very effective.

When hiking, you cannot trust yourself to drink the water that you fetch in the river so you have to treat it, and then there is always that issue of adding a touch of luxury with some hot piping coffee. This stove is the perfect companion for you as it will help you boil water first and what’s more, you can use any fuel that is locally available where you are camping.

It also packs nicely into the Solo Titan Pot that you will have to buy separately. This ensures that you do not have any extra luggage with you as you go camping.

It weighs just 2.2 pounds. Unlike when you are buying the best grill under 300, this wood stove costs much less and serves you diligently for a long time.

You can boil a liter of water in less than 5 minutes.



  • It is very enduring
  • Made of stainless steel – retains luster for a long time
  • Can be carried in a nice small package
  • Boils water fast for a wood stove
  • Safe
  • Light, no need for fuel tanks, hoses and other shenanigans



  • Cannot cook enough food for everyone, will have to take turns
  • May not spread as much heat as you would love in a big space on a cold night


Versa EcoZoom Rocket Stove – best wood burning tent stove

Image of wood burning stove for camping

Versa is a marvel. It has great shape, stable on the ground and has a large chamber where air mixes with the fuel that you choose to use (wood, charcoal or solid biomass). You will love this stove.

It is a rocket stove, as you can see from the name, but that is not complicated, you know, like rocket science. It just means that it has a vertical chamber for combustion and a horizontal chamber where you insert the fuel.

Ask me and I will say it is the best wood burning stove for camping when you want to cook a huge meal for many people because you can keep adding the fuel without interfering with the pot.

This stove cooks fast because all the flame is forced to go upwards. You can have a liter of water boiling in less than three minutes. It is also very easy to get the fire started. If you have dry tinder, you can have a nice flame going in less than 40 seconds.



With just 30 percent of the kind of smoke that you would get from an open fire, this wood burning camping stove will give you an efficient service all the time you go camping.

From the picture above, you can see that the stove has a high quality build and that it is easy to clean. It retains minimal soot at the bottom, the green painting on the exterior makes it look like a true camping champion, and indeed it is.



  • Nice heat distribution
  • Vertical flames
  • Silicone grips to carry stove when hot
  • Cooks fast
  • Add fuel when cooking is in progress without touching the pot
  • Long lasting



  • Costly
  • Might produce a tad more smoke than other stoves



Ohuhu Camping Stove – best wood burning stove

Super cheap – that is the name that we should give the Ohuhu best wood burning stove for backpacking and camping. You will find it much more affordable that many of its counterparts in the market. However, the question in your mind now is not the price. It is the quality. Does it deliver?

From the look of things, this is a great companion to bring camping with you. Ok, I agree it does not have the compact and rugged look of the Solo Titan, but it is still very good if you are on a slim budget.

It has been made with stainless steel, which is both strong and durable. Pot stability when in use is further enhanced by the 3 arms support system.

In addition to using solid alcohol blocks for cooking with this stove, you will also love the fact that you can use readily available local fuel. This includes leaves, straws, twigs, pine cones and wood.

Because the stove has its air flow designed to flow from the bottom upwards, it leaves no scar on the ground where you use it, but the vent holes at the bottom could let out ash and a hot coal, so it is better to watchful when you are using it. It is also better to not use it inside the tent or on the table. Use it on dirt or hard ground.

All in all, for a really small budget, this stove is going to give you great value for money and since it comes with its meshed bag for storage and can be collapsed into a small package, you will find that carrying it around is easy.



  • Small, collapsible and lightweight
  • Uses all manner of tinder
  • Good three-arm support for cooking pot
  • Not too hot to touch even when cooking
  • Cheap to buy
  • Takes enough fuel to keep going for 20 minutes



  • Affected by wind
  • Not good for using inside tent



Solo Stove Lite – portable stoves camping


This one, being a Solo, should have come way up in the list of the best wood burning camp stove list because it has awesome features as you will see here. When you are hiking solo and you have to spend the night on the trails, there is just something so sweet about making a fire. In fact, even when you are camping and you do not make a wood fire, that, to many outdoor enthusiasts, does not qualify to be called camping.

The Solo Stove Lite is a simple, functional, and well-designed wood (biomass) burning stove. It burns freely available fuel efficiently while leaving no footprint. It has many advantages over other types of stoves while its disadvantages are confined to those inherent to this class of stoves, and not the Solo Stove in itself.



This stove produces less smoke than most other smokes. It has secondary combustion, which further enhances the burning thereby producing less and less smoke. When you start burning fuel, it will burn completely clean, leaving you with little or no smoke to contend with.

One main benefit of going for the Solo Stove Lite is that it burns the fuel that you feed it very fast such that you will start cooking in less than a minute. Using the stove is as easy as A, B, C, very easy. Even without reading the manual, you will be able to get it going.

When you are done cooking, you will just empty the ashes easily. You can then pack the stove inside the Solo Pot as it will fit perfectly and carry everything in one small and manageable package.



  • Lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Uses all types of dry tinder
  • Leaves no footprint
  • Good for making small one or two person meals
  • Can boil a liter of water in less than 10 minutes



  • Long time to boil things
  • Not enough heat disposal when you want to keep warm



Solo Bonfire Backpacking Stove


The Solo Stove Bonfire is perhaps the epitome of the best engineering for camping wood burning stoves. It is going to set you back a considerable amount of money, but going by the fact that this the one of the best wood burning backpacking stoves and it brings new glory into using wood for your camping cooking.

When you have brought the whole family camping with you, including grandpa and granny, this is the stove to toss in the camper.

It is big and therefore it makes a good bonfire, just as its name suggests when you want to sit around the fire at night and enjoy the warmth.

It has been built just as efficiently as the small stoves, with the double wall construction that ensures there is no heat wastage and at the same time forms a secondary combustion space such that all the fuel that you put in is completely burned up leaving little or no smoke.

When you order this wood burning stove for camping online, it will be shipped to you with a heavy-duty case for carrying. It has no parts that need to be assembled and inside the stove is a lot of space that you can use to carry many of your smaller camping items.

Need we talk about the fuel? Any tinder is good, as long as it is dry. You can use solid wood for a steadier and longer burn, and then sit around your campfire in the Shasta and Trinity wilderness as you swap stories and crack jokes.



  • Easy to use
  • Heats up faster
  • Get the fire going in less than a minute
  • Can take heavier wood thus longer burn time
  • Great for heating your camp at night
  • Dispels little smoke
  • Use any kind of tinder



  • Expensive
  • May start warping due to the thin stainless steel sheet used in construction



KampMATE WoodFlame Wood Burning Camping Stove

image of wood burning stove for camping

This is the best wood burning camp stove and camping, so you should be ready to collect or carry enough fuel. However, it is a good thing that it will burn practically anything that you put inside it.

From twigs, wood, leaves, straw to sticks, the KampMATE Woodflame lightweight wood burning stove will burn everything. For good measure, you can bring some alcohol tablets, but only for back up.

It is made of stainless steel, meaning that it will withstand most of the beating and exposure from the weather elements.

Because of the big size, if you are going camping as a family, this stove is going to allow you to cook a decent meal for everyone since you can use medium-sized pots on the stove.

It will take somewhere between 8 and 12 minutes to boil water, but this is a large amount of water in a medium sized pot. You may have to bring a windshield if you are going camping in a place that is exposed to the wind.

When we say this stove is light in weight and portable, we mean exactly that. We know that weight is very important when you are going camping or backpacking.

For a stove of this size, you can say that 1.1 pounds of weight is negligible, that is, you do not have to worry too much about it.

Being made of a thick plate of stainless steel, this stove does not warp even when it is used many times a day.



  • Sold with money back guarantee of
  • Lightweight
  • Collapsible for carrying easily
  • Easy to set up and light
  • Free fuel
  • Supports large pots when cooking
  • Very affordable





Vargo Hexagon backpacking Stove

This stove looks like a marvel, you know, like some contraption that you would find on Star Trek. Even its name is quite intriguing, but as you will see later, it is a great stove, packs a lot of panache and may well become your most favorite camping companion.

It is a hexagonal stove, with six panels for sides. It packs flat when being transported or when it is delivered to you. However, assembling it is very safe and easy too. In less than a minute, you should be ready to light it up.

This stove uses alcohol tablets, can also use all manner of dry tinder. Therefore, you really do not have to spend money on fuel if you do not feel like it.

This is not the kind of wood burning camping stove that you really want to use inside the tent because it leaves quite a scar after using it. It has holes in the bottom, panel through which ash and small hot coals drop out. Thus, you may want to use it in a fire pit instead.

The door is hinged such that you can add wood horizontally as you cook, without interrupting the pot. There are many holes on this stove. It ensures a lot of airflow all around, thus giving you a great flame all the time. This might mean more fuel, but at the same time, it also means faster cook time.

It is shaped like a cone meaning that all the flame is focused upwards thus ensuring faster cooking time and less heat wastage.



  • Very light – made of titanium
  • Easy to put together
  • Packs flat for storage and transport
  • Fast boil time – less than 3 minutes for 14 oz of water
  • More airflow, more flame
  • Easy to light up
  • Free fuel all the time
  • Works very well with an alcohol stove



  • Require to be put together all the time
  • Since there is little space between pot and stove, soot happens



Bushbox Titanium – Outdoor wood burning Stove

Finally, here is a camping wood burning stove that offers great value for money. Considering that it is made of Titanium and it is made in Germany, this means just one thing – high quality.

You will find it very usable for cooking for a couple of people, or for many people because the stove comes with two trivets to support any pot size. It does look a bit large, but it is very light as it weighs just 160g.

Another thing that you will love about this stove is its versatility. You see, you can use it to cook with a fuel stove, use alcohol tablets and even twigs, leaves, biomass and any other kind of tinder.

When you buy this wood burning stove, it will arrive disassembled and so you will have to put it together. This can be hard in the first time, but you will appreciate the fact that it is very safe, with no nasty edges that can chop your fingers or prick your skin. You will also appreciate that for its size, it is very light and durable – that is what titanium is all about.

It will pack flat, thus making an easy package to carry along when you are going camping or something. Many stoves have been made, but this one is made in Germany – did you hear that? Germany!

When setting up the stove, do not fear to try different styles with it. For example, when you are using wood with the stove, you may need to raise the trivets up some so that more airflow gets to the stove. You may also set them to be flush with the stove, whatever style captures your fancy.



  • Packs flat, a jewel for portability
  • Light in weight
  • Very easy to get started
  • Use different kinds of fuel
  • Use free fuel all the time if you like
  • Long lasting



  • A bit pricey
  • Hard to assemble during the first time



Emberlit Fireant stove

This is one of the most popular wood burning stoves for camping on the internet specially with American camping enthusiasts because it is made right at home. It is a marvel of engineering and once you buy it, you can be sure of having a piping hot meal all the time at little to no cost at all.

With this stove, you can use it for camping just about anywhere in the world because being collapsible it is travel-friendly. It is also a multi-fuel stove meaning that you can use it with just about any kind of fuel.

The stove is also compatible with an alcohol stove and packs up a good flame to get everything going in no time at all.

Being a titanium stove, we know it is much lighter than stainless steel and can outlast the latter with many, many years. In fact, it is just for that reason that the Emberlit Fireant Multifuel stove for camping and backpacking is covered by a lifetime warranty. Fancy that … confidence in a product.

People who have used this wood burning camping stove say that it is like having all of the fire that you need to cook enclosed in a small box. All the heat is directed to the top to the cooking pot. Less heat is wasted and cook time is greatly reduced.



  • It is small and lightweight
  • Does not corrode
  • Metal sheet does not warp
  • Multi-fuel as it can use Trangia, Esbit as well as wood
  • Easy to assemble and get a fire started
  • The flame is enclosed inside thus wind does not affect it much



  • It is a small stove so you will need to add fuel constantly
  • It is pricey but well worth the money



Read wood burning stoves reviews before buying

Just like everything else that you buy online, every camping gear, you need to read a few user reviews for each wood burning stove for backpacking and camping. That way, you will know that you are getting good value for your money. Thankfully, there are hundreds of reviews online that details features and specifications, prices and usability. Only buy what you find positively reviewed by many users.


Conclusion for best wood burning backpacking stove

There are tens, probably hundreds more of the best wood burning backpacking stove. However, just get the best wood burning stove for camping. If you could get just one or two from the few reviewed here, you can be sure that your camping cooking needs are covered for years in future.

If you are looking for the best wood stove for tent though, you should get one that does not leave a scar on the ground. Remember, your camping tent can be expensive and you want to have it for as long as possible. A piping hot meal is assured every time you go camping because these stoves will meet all of your needs perfectly. That they burn wood means you can use any kind of biomass tinder without paying a dime for fuel. Get one for your upcoming camping trip in Florida.


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