Best ultralight sleeping pad made of foam

Are you going camping and you are looking forward to a comfortable night’s sleep, then you know very well that bringing a tent and a sleeping bag alone will not do. You will need some form of protection between you and the ground and this does not come any better than the best ultralight sleeping pad for camping. With so many varieties in the market, it can be quite daunting to choose the best, but here are a few reviews to kick-start the process for you. Whatever you do, your back deserves a good rest during your backpacking, camping or overnight hiking experience. Choose a good ultralight sleeping pad.

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Disclaimer: Kindly note we had to update some of the links after some of the products were not available on Amazon any longer. As a result, some links may direct you to different brands but similar products. Sorry for any inconvenience. 


Teton Sport Camp Pad – Best Sleeping Pad For Camping

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Teton Sport Camp Pad is ideal to use for camping, base camp and hunting outdoor trips. They can also be used indoors as a guest mattress or as reinforcement to the mattress that you already have.

Teton is lovely, it is a well-known brand name for ultralight sleeping pad and it packs many features and benefits. For example, you will love just how easy it is to clean this sleeping pad, considering that things can collect dust and grease outdoors.

One advantage of this pad is that it has been uniquely built to accommodate people of various body types. Since it is made out of polyurethane, it is easy to retain its shape.

The nature of the pad is such that it is easy to clean and store. With the mattress you, get attachment ties for tying the cot and a rod for assisting to roll it up.

It also has a pillow pouch-opening pad for removal. That way, you can always keep the pillow pouch clean. It also has an accessory pocket where you can keep some of your stuff and it has straps and handle for carrying.

As we said, Teton is the real deal when it comes to outdoor finesse. You will love this sleeping pad.


  • The pad easily retains its shape
  • It is easy to clean and store
  • It has an accessory pocket
  • There is a rod that assists in rolling it up
  • Has straps and handles for carrying it


  • The pad does not come with bag for storage
  • It’s a bit pricey

Therm-A-Rest Lite Sol Foam – Thermarest sleeping pad

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The Thermarest Lite Sol sleeping pad is ideal for camping, backpacking, mountaineering and trekking. Since it is virtually indestructible, it is ideal to use directly on the ground when camping.

This pad has been uniquely designed to be soft on top and has a dense insulation at the bottom where it helps to increase overall heat for better sleep. It is also particularly lightweight, comfortable and quite durable.

The foam takes quite a short time to pack and helps to easily and expeditiously break down camp in the morning. For its price range, it definitely gives value for money, which makes it quite cost effective if you are on budget.

The best thing about investing in a foam pad is that it is so easy to maintain and it lasts a long time. As compared to the inflatable pads, this sleeping pad made of foam has very few issues to contend with. Just unroll it in the camp and go to sleep.


  • Affordable – foam pads are very affordable as compared to their inflatable counterparts
  • Fairly indestructible and this makes it quite long lasting
  • Very light in weight and therefore easy to carry around
  • Has great insulation and as long as you are on the mattress it will keep you warm
  • Quite affordable


  • If you are quite tall, then you may not properly fit on the foam
  • Thin mattress, only comfortable up to a point

Therm-A-Rest Ridge Rest Classic Foam Sleeping Pad Backpacking

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What a great sleeping mat to carry along with you when you are going camping or when you are taking an overnight hike!

Compactly built with closed cell foam, this sleeping pad reflects the heat back at you. It is great for people who have a bad back and don’t care to sleep on the ground. So just unroll your sleeping bag onto the mat and then start using it. It offers great insulation for your back.

The foam is ideal for hiking, backpacking and camping. Since it is indestructible, it can be used on uneven sleeping surfaces since it has polyethylene that makes it durable and indestructible form rocks. It is quite economical, lightweight and durable.

Because it has been built using thermal technology, the pad enables you to feel your body heat being reflected back to you and it is extremely comfortable.

Not only is the foam pad long enough to accommodate tall people but it is wide enough too for people of various body shapes. Another great feature about the sleeping foam pad is that it rolls up nicely and packs extremely well.


  • Built to last with polyethylene that makes it indestructible and durable
  • With thermal technology, you are able to feel warm and comfortable while outdoors
  • The foam is lightweight, rolls up nicely, and packs well.
  • Can accommodate people of various body types
  • Packs and rolls up well


  • One can feel some bit of rocks and pebbles on the ground

Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Original  foam – Thermarest Sleeping Pad

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The foam is an ideal sleeping pad for traveling, backpacking, camping, trekking and mountaineering. One of the great features of this foam is that it is eggcrate molded. It is also a compact closed cell foam mattress that is lightweight, durable and dependable.

You have to agree that nothing beats the best foam sleeping pads for camping when it comes to easy deployment. Just prepare the ground where you want to sleep, unroll it and that is it, you go to sleep immediately.

It is not exactly the mattress that you have been used to at home, but it will still leave you much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.

It has extra padding and dimples to capture and trap heat for extra warmth during cold is easy to pack it since you fold it as opposed to rolling.

Compared to inflatable pads, they are very cost effective. They also do not slide around as the air pads do, and they continue to function even when torn and this makes them quite handy to bring along. You can even use one on your camping cot to make your slumber time more comfortable.

Do not be surprised that this sleeping pad can last you a good number of years. It is built to last a long time.


  • Light in weight making it ideal to carry around
  • It easily folds making packing easy and it is also easy to clean
  • Keeps you comfortable all night long
  • Has extra padding to retain heat during extremely cold nights
  • Continues to function even when torn


  • Does not come with its own packing bag

Coleman Rest Easy Camping Pad – best ultralight sleeping pad

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Coleman Rest Easy Camping Pad makes for a great camping pad when used in hammocks, or even when used on the ground.

Granted, it cannot be as good as the bed you left at home, but that is the whole point about camping, to leave the comforts of home at home and go enjoy mother Nature. This sleeping pad is going to serve you for a long time if you take good care of it.

By taking good care of it, we mean making sure to clear the ground where you will unroll it, as well as packing it right when done.

The foam pad is made of polyethene, which help it to retain its shape and for durability, which makes it last quite long. It is also lightweight; easy to transport and water-resistant.

Compared to its counterparts, it is not noisy and it ensures that you sleep comfortably since small rocks and pebbles beneath the pad do not poke your back as you sleep. Even if you weigh a lot, this sleeping pad for camping is your darling.

When used together with air mattresses they can provide you with a great experience during your outdoor camping. When used with a hammock, well, let’s just say that your hammock camping experience will never be the same again! Yes, it is that great and awesome!

Should you be looking for something cost effective, then this ultralight sleeping pad makes for an ideal camping pad. It is good for small framed as well as large people, seeing as it measures 71.5 by 24 inches. Thickness is a bit wanting too as it is only 3/8 of an inch.


  • It is cost effective
  • Light in weight  – best sleeping pad for backpacking
  • Shield you against being poked by rocks and sticks
  • When used with air mattresses it can be quite warm giving you an excellent experience
  • Made of strong and durable material


  • Does not roll up quite tightly

Better Habitat Sleep Ready Memory Foam – Foam Sleeping Pads for Camping

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This is more of a mattress (given its thickness) but we still decided to include it here for its usability when car camping. In addition, it is perfect for indoor use as well, you know, that time when you will have extra guests sleeping over.

The mattress is quite ideal for camping since it helps you get the right environment to sleep in seconds. If you have a bad back, this Better Habitat Sleep Ready Memory Foam mattress got you covered perfectly. This is foam yes, but it is also very firm and it will support your aching back very well. It is little wonder then that many people say it is more comfortable than their own bed.

This ultralight sleeping pad is waterproof – there, there, perfect for outdoor camping now, isn’t it? It is also sold with sheets and it has a clip and roll out feature.

Since it has a top entry travel bag, it is ideal for overnight stays, great for guest and camping even dorm camping. One added advantage of this mattress is that it has a hypoallergenic cover that blocks dust mites and any other microorganisms which gives it a dry feel for extra comfort and softness.

You will be surprised that no matter how long you sleep on it, it does not sink!


  • Although it is not too thin, it is quite easy to fold
  • The Foam has a cotton lining that makes it easy to clean
  • It has a portable bag to carry it
  • The memory foam is firm and comfortable for a bad back
  • Very waterproof


  • Only comes in one size

LaidBack Pad Memory Foam – Roll Up Foam Mattress Camping

image of foam sleeping pads

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Hey old camper… you know the two things that are the very first enemies to old campers? One is moisture – ground gets too cold at night and the second one is discomfort. Now suppose you get a product, just a simple roll up foam mattress camping that you can afford, and get to enjoy your nights on the campsites… that would be awesome, right?

Enter the LaidBack Memory Foam Pad, a dream come true for all campers. Made of foam, it is a bit thick too, but it is easy to roll up and it fits nicely in the car trunk.

This is a great sleeping pad for camping or using at home. It has a connector system (Velcro clip) that allows you to bring multiple sleeping pads together to make one large bed.

The pad is uniquely designed to prevent you from being poked on your back. It has temperature regulation to ensure that you stay warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Should you have back problems or trouble sleeping at the camp then you will find this foam-made sleeping pad ideal to take it with you for camping. The top cover is removable and this makes it easy to keep clean all the time.


  • Connectors make it easy to join multiple sleeping pads
  • Temperature regulation function that helps keep one warm
  • Quite easy to clean since the top cover is removable and washable
  • Very comfortable and ideal for people with back pain
  • Shields you from feeling the ground
  • You can use it outdoors as well as indoors


  • A bit heavy for a camping pad
  • A bit pricey, but worth every dime

TRIPHUNTER GEARS Foam Sleeping Pad – Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

image of foam sleeping pads

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The sleeping pad is ideal for backpacking, hiking and camping. It is a lightweight compact foam camping and backpacking pad – a waterproof inflatable mattress.

You will sleep in whatever position you want since it is quite comfortable. Because the cover has been made from polyester material, the pad is quite durable. The 75D polyester is also waterproof, making it a good sleeping pad to use in three seasons.

When you purchase the mattress, it comes with a mending kit for easy repairs should you need them during your camping trip. This also elongates the life of this sleeping pad made of foam because you can repair it as soon as there is need to.

This ultralight sleeping pad can accommodate people of various body weight without deflating. Easy to carry around and fold, thanks to its light weight. This is a good sleeping pad for

How does this self-inflating sleeping pad work? It is very simple. Just unroll the pad, turn the valve clockwise until you hear a hissing sound, and then wait for it to inflate itself. Yes, that simple!

With about 1.5 inches of thickness, this foam is going to keep your back comfortable and well protected from the rocks, grass and sticks on the ground.

If you cherish comfortable sleep when you are camping, this is the most idea sleeping pad for you.


  • Easy to inflate
  • Compact foam for protecting your back
  • Easy to carry and store since it rolls into a small package
  • Comfortable, lightweight and soft for sleeping on
  • Made up of material that helps it to last long
  • Comes with mending kit


  • The inflating option can be quite a stretch if you do not have time
  • May not be suitable for tall people who do not like to sleep folded

Simmons Beauty Sleep Mattress – Best Foam Sleeping Pad

image of foam sleeping pads

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Simmons is a very well known name when it comes to sleeping gear and as you will see from this foam sleeping mattress of 3 inches, they do not disappoint. If you are looking for a lounging solution when you are on your camping vacation, then this mattress becomes an ideal option to use.

Other areas where it may be used includes playrooms, sleepovers, camping and even in dorms. It is a lightweight mattress that provides a comfortable sleeping space.

The 3-inch thickness makes it easy to double up as a memory foam and a comfort foam. When it is not being used, it becomes thin and easy to roll, transport and store as it rolls up into a small and manageable package.

It comes with a bag for carrying it around and the cover is removable and washable making it easy to clean.


  • Quite firm but soft and comfortable
  • Very easy to pack and unpack
  • Comes with a storage bag making it easy to carry around
  • Since the cover is removable it is easy to clean
  • You can use it indoors and outdoors


  • Cannot be used for backpacking
  • It could be wider

FreeLand Camping Sleeping Pad – Best Sleeping Pad for Backpacking

image of foam sleeping pads

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It is perfect for overnight guests, slumber parties, hiking and camping. The sleeping pad is light in weight and compact enough to be carried in backpacks. So if you are looking for sleeping pad for backpacking, this is it for you.

It is made of polyester 190T pongee fabric that is weather resistant and very comfortable at the same time. Since this is an inflatable foam pad for sleeping, it makes it super comfortable and it is able to prevent any leakage or seepage of moisture creeping up from the grass and getting to you.

Comes with a pillow for extra comfort and connectors where you can join several sleeping pads together. The pack comes with a bag for easy storage as well as helping carrying it around.

There is a mending kit should you have a puncture on your sleeping pad. This helps elongate the life of the sleeping pad because you can mend it as soon as it is punctured.


  • Comes with a packing bag for storage and portability
  • Comfortable for camping
  • Comes with a pillow
  • Does not need a pump to inflate it
  • Good for all types of weather
  • Has connectors that allows you to connect various sleeping pads together


  • Can be punctured

Wildwood Premium Camping Pad – Best Sleeping Pad for Camping

image of foam sleeping pads

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The sleeping pad is light in weight comfortable and easy to use. It is mostly used for overnight hiking and camping and even for indoor camping. It is made of polyester, it is abrasion resistant and water resistant giving you a dry comfortable sleep even in wet weather. When you use the pad below the sleeping bag, you know no moisture is going to be creeping to you.

The packaging comes with a kit for repair should there be need for it during the camping experience. There is a non-corrosive valve for inflating and deflating the air pad. Having an extra cushioning makes it warm and gives it extra insulation for a good night rest.

It is also quite affordable for what it is used for, making it cost effective and giving the user their full value for money.

This is a good pad for big people since it measures 73 x 21. It is made to carry a weight of up to 300 pounds, but that does not mean that you cannot use it if you are 350 pounds.

When you are going camping, sleep is the first thing that you consider before you leave home. With the Wildwood sleeping pad, you are well sorted out. You can be assured that when you sleep on it, you will have comfortable rest for the hips and your back.

Tell you what, do not have to sleep in contact with the hard cold ground when camping, not when you can have a nice ultralight sleeping pad between the ground and the sleeping bag, like this one.


  • It inflates and deflates quite easily
  • Quite comfortable and soft to sleep on
  • Very durable and great quality
  • Comes with a mending pack
  • Light in weight and comfortable to use


  • Can be punctured with very sharp objects

Nature Worship Mountaineering Foam – Best Sleeping Pad

image of foam sleeping pads

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It has an egg cell shape that increases the comfort of the foam. It is ideal to use in damp-proof tents and especially for people going for mountain climbing. The sleeping pad is designed to uniquely insulate your body to keep it warm and does quite a great job.

It is very light in weight and quite durable. It is also quite long lasting compared to an air mattress. If you are looking for an all season sleeping pad, this is it for you. Weather resistant does not come as good as this one.

It is so easy to deploy this sleeping pad, very easy to fold up and has great padding. It is also waterproof. There is no reason why you should pay hundreds of dollars for foam sleeping pads when you can have one for much less than that. This one is quite cost effective giving you value for your money.

This sleeping pad is going to shield you from twigs, rocks and other ground props. You will also enjoy its portability as well as fold-ability. Packing it away takes less time


  • Very light in weight
  • Quite portable
  • It is waterproof and weather-proof
  • Very comfortable, good thickness and is of high quality
  • Uniquely shaped to provide insulation


  • For an average person the width is a bit less

Buying Guide for best ultralight sleeping pad

Most of the outdoor activity lovers are most excited about the activities they will be engaging in, and they overlook a very important part of their outdoor adventures; sleeping.

Having a good cozy night’s sleep can determine how well you will be able to engage and enjoy the following day adventures. Most of the campers obviously include a sleeping bag in their camping gear for keeping them warm during the chilly night. What they forget is that in order to get a good night sleep when you are outdoor, you require both warmth and comfort.

The sleeping bag will provide you with some warmth but not necessarily comfort. The lower part of the sleeping bags does not provide adequate insulation from cold and therefore sleeping might become hard during those cold nights.

Now, thanks to the affordable sleeping pads made of foam, outdoor enthusiasts have something that they can put between them and the sleeping bags to ensure no warmth is lost. You get a good night sleep.

Here is why you should have a sleeping pad made of foam and what you should consider before buying one:

Comfort of the ultralight sleeping pad

A sleeping pad acts as cushion between you and anything on the surface you are sleeping on. It actually functions like a normal mattress in our homes, only that it is thinner.

When you are camping or engaging in any other outdoor adventure that requires you to be sleeping outside, the sleeping surface, which is mostly the ground, is not always that comfortable. There will be small rocks and probably sticks that may cause you discomfort while you are sleeping even if you are inside a sleeping bag.

However, there is no reason why you should torture yourself anymore with an uncomfortable sleeping surface while you are camping. Courtesy of the foam-made sleeping pads, you can have a comfortable sleep just as you are in your cozy home. With a foam-sleeping pad, you will no longer feel the rugged ground you are sleeping on.


A camper can tell you how cold the nights get and how difficult it is to get a good sleep while you are out in the cold. A compact sleeping pad is therefore a very crucial gear for every camper for keeping him or her warm at night.

What most of the campers do not know is that no matter how thick the sleeping bag is, solely, it cannot keep a person adequately warm. This is because, when someone sleeps, the bottom part of the sleeping bag loses its entire insulation power because of the weight of the person. This means that the person will therefore be sleeping on the cold ground.

However, a sleeping pad prevents a camper from such a problem. This is because when a camper puts a sleeping pad between him/her and the ground, it acts as an insulating barrier between the camper and the cold ground. Enjoy a warm night while camping by using a foam-sleeping pad.

Other benefits

Foam sleeping pads are very simple to use and are very reliable. They also do not require being inflated or deflated. You do not struggle to blow them up in the evening and deflate them every morning.

Nothing can break in these sleeping pads. They are light in weight and thus very convenient. They do not absorb water and are very firm. In addition, they are inexpensive, have a good R-value and they do not make any noise as you sleep on them.

Lastly, they can easily be combined with other sleeping pads for more comfort and warmth and they are easy to trim.

Factors to consider when buying a foam sleeping pad

Remember, a sleeping pad is very vital in determining how warm you will be while sleeping during your outdoor activities. Its R-value determines the warmth of a sleeping pad. The higher the R-value, the warmer the sleeping pad is. Sleeping pads made of foam vary in R-values and it is necessary you buy the right one according to the weather of the place you will be using it.

Weight rating for the ultralight sleeping pad

A sleeping pad is among the several outdoor gears that you will carry with you. If you are going for a hiking adventure, buy a sleeping pad that is a bit lighter so that you will be comfortable when hiking.

How wide is it?

Your sleeping style will largely determine how wide your foam sleeping bag will be. If you are a side sleeper, a pad with a standard with will be okay for you but a back sleeper will need more width that will prevent their hands from sliding off the pad.

The length

The length of the foam sleeping pad is necessary because it will determine how comfortable your hips and shoulders will be. Full-length pads are the best for keeping the feet warm.

Thickness – support

Choose a foam-sleeping pad that is thick enough for your personal comfort. Sometimes, very thick pads do not mean that they are more comfortable than the less thick ones; go for something that suits your comfort.


The shape of the sleeping pad will depend on what the user deems more comfortable. Backpackers tend to love mummy-sleeping pads because they are lighter since unused parts of the pads can be trimmed. Back sleepers mostly prefer rectangular sleeping pads because they give them enough space to spread their legs.

Buying Online – best sleeping pad for backpacking

If you prefer buying your foam-sleeping pad online, check whether the seller has a return policy and after how long you can return it if not satisfied with it. It is necessary that after you buy a sleeping pad you test it at home before going for the outdoor activity.

This way, you will know whether it is the right one for you and if you are not comfortable with it you can return to the seller for a better one.

The price

Good quality sleeping pads made of foam vary in prices. The most important thing is spending a reasonable amount of cash on a good sleeping pad, though the rule of the thumb is the higher the cost, the better the quality.

There, you have seen how easy it is to buy the best ultralight sleeping pad and why it is important to carry a long one when going camping. It offers awesome insulation from the ground and protects your back from cold, rocks and twigs. Besides, it is only a small weight to carry a long. So… why not?


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