Best Travel Power Bank – Keep Your Devices Juiced

One of the main worries for the constant traveler or camping enthusiast is how to keep his or her smart devices juiced all the time. This is possible with the best travel power bank.

Staying connected when backpacking or camping was an impossible feat a decade or so ago. Today, it is so easy. As you pack your camping knife for your safety, portable coffeemaker and best tent for two people, toss in portable charger for your devices.

Whatever you do, you do not want to leave home without a means to stay connected all the time. This means having the best portable charger. If you are going for some serious wilderness camping, you want your family and friends to know your are safe.

Thankfully, there are so many of them in the market such that you will be spoilt for choice, or will you? You can buy travel power banks on

Anker PowerCore+ Mini Best Portable Charger

You worry about keeping in touch with your friends and family while traveling. That is why you always carry along a gadget, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Besides, you also want to take pictures and videos.

Unfortunately, nowadays those gadgets do not keep the charge as long as you would want. But this should not bother you anymore as Anker PowerCore+ Mini Portable Charger provides a pleasant surprise for you.

The small size and weight of lipstick do not worry any lady as she slips it into her purse or pocket. You will love this lipstick size portable charger. It is durable and has an output of 3350mAh.

You will be assured that this is a sound investment. For long-distance travelers, this charger will make you a great partner that you will never think about leaving it behind.

Just like choosing the best travel neck pillow for long distance flights, this portable charger is one of the best as you will see in its reviews online. It’s awesome.


  • Comes with all accessories, charging and USB cables
  • Compatible with third-party certified cable
  • Compatible with most USB-charged devices
  • Small lipstick size
  • Faster and safer charging
  • Very light in weight


  • The small size is vulnerable to misplacing


Anker PowerCore Ultra High Capacity – Best Portable Power Bank

Nothing bothers a traveler like having to wait for a device to hit 100% of battery charge every time you prepare for a long journey. Sadly, it is not a one-time thing. It happens most of the time when you want to hit the road running.

This is why you have to consider purchasing this external battery. It is unbelievable when you compare its size to capacity. The high 20100mAh capacity will also offer you the best charging speed with which you can simultaneously charge two devices as it is dual ported.

Even if you are a multiple devices owner, the output battery guarantees you satisfaction to your need. Charge that travel camera at night using the power bank so you can continue snapping those awesome photos tomorrow. This is one of the best power banks in the market as you will see.


  • Pocket-friendly size
  • 7-day charge capacity
  • Portable
  • Dual-device output
  • High-speed universal charging


  • Impermanent


Jackery Giant+ – Portable External Charger

It is sad when your device’s battery life does not allow you enough time to engage friends and family. Communication is paramount while on long journey or when trekking, camping or other adventure that will take days or hours on end. You want to take those snappy pictures for instagramming, but bang… power is out. Disappointing, huh?

Or maybe you have been delayed at the airport… happens all the time you know. You would like to let your family know you are safe. But your iPhone battery has run out of charge, and you feel like banging it against the wall. Don’t! At least not just yet. Get the Jackery Giant+ and make your travel life easier. It will fit in your travel backpack nicely and you will hardly notice it is even there.

You now have a chance to avoid such disappointments with the Jackery Giant+ External Charger. You can rely on the charger for high-speed charging as seen with its 1200mAh output. It is the right design for multiple devices owner with its dual outputs. The built-in flashlight will always indicate to you when it fully charges. With a price worth its quality, you can always extend the battery life of your device.


  • Dual-output design
  • Metallic external casing for durability
  • Indicates when it is fully charged
  • Compatible with most devices


  • Slightly heavy


Anker PowerCore 10000 – Best Portable Charger 2018

Ok, by now, we all know that the Anker portable chargers are the best in the market. Just look around for reviews and you will see for yourself. People simply went crazy over these power packs.

You probably need a device, whether a Smartphone or a tablet when on that plane or bus. It helps you beat the traveling boredom. The phone will, however, need a boost with its battery life. It is at this point that is you need an Anker PowerCore 10000 External Battery.

The 10000mAh output charger guarantees you high-capacity portable charging. It is easy to carry along with any of your luggage as it fits into any pocket or bag. You don’t have to worry charging in any environment since its durability is assured. It will survive all the rigors and abuses of traveling. With this external battery, you will have a boredom-free journey.


  • Long lasting
  • Unmatched charging speed
  • Standard size-to-capacity ratio
  • Multi-Protect safety
  • 18-month warranty



  • Feels a bit slippery on the hand


Jackery Bar Portable Travel Charger – slim power bank

You are probably on a long journey, and your device dies on you, what a disappointment! You should certainly think of a power source for mobility. This is where Jackery Bar portable charger comes in.

The compact, light, thin and portable external battery guarantees you efficient charging all the time. In addition to the three LEDs indicating when it fully charges, the charger automatically stops charging and turns off. This is a nice way to save its battery from harm.

Whenever you are on long flights, road trips or camping, Jackery Bar will make a perfect travel companion. You do not have to miss out on important emails just because you are traveling. You can also use it as an emergency flashlight when caught out in the dark.


  • Pocket-sized portable
  • High charging speed
  • Multi-protection for the device
  • Built-in indicator light for when fully charged
  • Auto-off when fully charged


  • What is there not to like about this portable power bank at its price?


RavPower 22000mAh – Best Portable Power Bank

As far as power banks go, this one gives more than enough value for money, thanks to the huge power capacity. At 22000mAh, this power bank is going to speed-charge your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with a USB-C to Lightning.

It also comes with other ports like USB-A as well as Micro-USB port which you can use for charging the power bank itself.

Many people do not like this pack because it is bigger than most. It will definitely need more space but you can see that that is compensated by the high power capacity and the fast charging speed. You will also realize that it is cheaper than most chargers in the market.


  • More affordable than most chargers
  • Charges many devices all at once
  • Charges devices as fast as when plugged to a wall outlet
  • Sturdy compact build
  • High number of phone charge times, more than 15


  • Too big
  • Gets a bit hot when charging


Anker PowerCore 13000 – Best Portable Phone Charger

It feels nice being connected with the rest of the world while on long trips, flights or camping for days on end. That is why you likely never leave behind those smart devices while on long journeys. But think about it, how does it feel whenever the battery life can’t hold your device until the end of your traveling?

It is for that reason why you should join the happy users of the Anker powercore portable charger. The light and a compact external battery is the exact match to what you need for charging your device while at the same time keeping it safe and protected.

With a capacity of 13000mAh, many consider it to be a small portable charger. It can give you several times of charge for your smartphone.


  • Pocket-sized body
  • High capacity
  • Compatible with most USB charging devices
  • Faster and safer charging
  • Compatible with third-party certified cable


  • Weak output


Jackery Mini 3350mAh – Travel Power Bank

As a long-haul traveler, you should always carry an extra charger with you. Such is indeed valuable in emergencies or when you want to connect with your family to let them know you are safe. The extent to which you will achieve this depends on the battery life of your device.

By owning a Jackery mini portable charger, you can extend the battery life of your device on the go. As seen with its 3350mAh portable smartphone charger, you can charge your devices faster and the safety of your device is assured.

Because of the sturdy aluminum metal casing, this is a good travel charger. Whenever it’s fully charged, the LED indicator warns you so that you can take it out of the charge. At only 3350mAh, this is a small portable charger, but it is still one of the best for iPhone and other smartphones.


  • Purchased with its accessories
  • Warranty of 2 years
  • Compatible with most of the smart devices
  • Convenient LED indicator
  • Smart safety protection circuit


  • Frequent charging can damage the battery


Anker PowerCore Elite 20000mAh – best power bank for iPhone

This is yet another Anker, and yes, they are really that good. Your smart devices have become so important as they are involved in the daily running of our life. Never leave home without your portable charger.

You never know what could happen outdoors. You may encounter an emergency, or you may need to get in touch with a friend or family and …. the phone is dead. That is when you realize you need an external portable charge.

The Anker PowerCore Elite is compact and light. This means you do not need to worry about the capacity of your luggage. You can easily slip it not only into the bag but also into the pocket. The upgraded capacity will ensure that your device charges fast and safely.

When it is fully-charged, it can charge your iPhone 8  and Samsung Galaxy S8 several times, sometimes lasting even over a week. You can see that there is no doubt this is the best portable charger for iPhone. A capacity of 20000mAh is indeed big and will serve you for a long time.


  • Light/compact
  • Super-high capacity
  • High-speed charging
  • Sold with accessories including travel pouch
  • 18 month warranty


  • Weak output


Poweradd Slim Ultra-compact – Best Portable Power Bank

Every time your phone runs out of charge, you quickly plug it in the wall charger and its back to its normal services. But this time around, you are on a plane, or a bus or maybe camping, and you are disappointed because you cannot reach the wall charger. No need to worry because with a portable charger, you can keep your devices charged.

Poweradd Slim Ultra portable charger can make your life on the move more pleasant. The stylish external battery detects your device’s current to provide the fastest charging speed. It comes ready to serve you accompanied with all its accessories.

It is lightweight, and with its lipstick size, you won’t have a problem slipping it into your purse or pocket. With an affordable price, you won’t get disappointed with your device on a journey as well as running on to the wall charger.


  • Very slim for portability
  • Unique input design
  • Has safety protection for your devices
  • Works with third-party certified USB cables
  • Maximized charging speed


  • The charger requires activation before using

Anker PowerCore 5000 – Best Portable Phone Charger

As Anker says, more than 10 million people use their travel chargers. You too can join the bandwagon. The Anker PowerCore 5000 will meet your needs for power when you are traveling.

The hardest task though is to keep the charge all along the journey. But do you have to worry when there is an Anker PowerCore Portable Charger? Probably no. Because the high capacity charging that this portable power bank offers you with its high-speed charging solution, you will stay connected for as long as possible.

The charger is ultra-compact and it sits almost unnoticed in any bag or pocket. Furthermore, its safety features will always keep you and your devices safe. The charger is dedicated to offering you high quality at affordable cost all the time.


  • Space-efficient cylindrical shape
  • Two high-speed phone charges
  • Universal charging
  • Extreme portability


  • Incompatible with AC adapter

Poweradd Pilot 4GS Apple Lightning – Portable Power Bank

If you love Apple devices, you will want to buy this portable charger. It is the Poweradd Pilot 4GS Apple Lightning Portable Power bank. Its simplicity makes life easier for you. Its 12000mAh rechargeable capacity provides sufficient energy to keep your devices all juiced up.

Charge your iPad Mini, iPhone 6. This charger has intelligent charging system that detects the amount of charge that your device needs and connects it to the fastest charging port. It will do all these automatically so you do not have to worry.

You will only require one cable (which is included) to get your devices charged and recharged. The input-dual smart port provides a simultaneously charging station. Investing in this charger is worth what it provides for you. This is the best power bank for iPhone.


  • Powerful capacity
  • Wide compatibility
  • Fast output
  • Guaranteed safety
  • Only a single cable required


  • A little bulky


FLAGPOWER – Portable Wireless Charger

Not much attention has been given to smart watch lovers. Imagine what a watch user will have to go through to get the watch charged. Talk of the long magnetic charger cable. How about the oversized dock? The case gets worse when traveling.

But with the small FlAGPOWER travel wireless charger, the problem is settled and you will never have to go without your smart watch. You can hook your lightweight, portable charger on your backpack or simply carry it in your bag or pocket. Sold along with the user manual, you won’t have a problem learning how to use it. Its LED display indicates whenever it is fully charged. Get this built-in power supply charger, and your watch will never run short of charge.


  • Built-in steady power supply
  • Wireless charging
  • Pocket-sized design
  • LED display indicator
  • Safe and efficient


  • Relatively low charging speed


iMuto X6 30000mAh – Best Portable Charger

It is big, it is also slightly bulky hence many people might get turned off, but tell you what… this travel charger is not going to disappoint you at all. It is incredibly great, charges your devices like tablets, Samsung Galaxy 8, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Nintendo Switch and many more.

Built with Digi-Power technology, this charger has a small screen that digitally displays the amount of the remaining power, but the screen has to be activated as it keeps hidden.

When you connect the device that you are charging, the iMuto portable charger is going to decipher the amount of charge that the connected device needs to charge as fast as possible. Thus, you do not have to worry about how much power your smartphone or tablet needs because this charge detects that automatically.

With an inbuilt protection system, this charger will keep your devices protected once they are full. They cannot be damaged. One more thing about it is that when you are traveling, it will charge your devices a good number of times (reasonably) until it requires to be charged itself.

Tell you what… this is the best travel power bank as it will keep your devices juiced for more than a week before you need to replenish it with charge. Because you do not use your smart devices as much when you are traveling, this charger will stay much longer with power.


  • High capacity – stays many days with power
  • 3 USB ports for multiple device charging
  • Inbuilt protection system for your devices
  • Intelligent detection for your device’s power needs
  • Covered by warranty of 18 months
  • Sold with a travel pouch


  • It’s bulky
  • Charge may ignore the small devices like headsets and refuse to charge them


Best Power Bank reviews – Buy The Best

Before buying your power bank, read a few user reviews to know whether it is going to meet your needs perfectly. This is important especially when you are going backpacking because it could be some time before you can get back to a place where you can charge the power bank itself as well as your device batteries.

You have seen a few choices for the best travel power bank. Choose one considering the number of devices that you are traveling with. Also consider its size and how many times you can charge your devices without needing to charge the power bank itself.

Is the most expensive power bank for traveling the best? I would say you need to find a balance between price and quality. If you will pay more and get more features, that is much better than paying less for fewer features.

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