Best Travel Electric Toothbrush Reviews 2020

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Are you traveling?

I do not know about you:

But when I am traveling, the first things to toss into my carry-on bag include my toothbrush, a book and my mobile device chargers.

Thankfully, Now, I have my best travel electric toothbrush.

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Electric toothbrushes have features like a UV sanitizer. Therefore I do not have to worry about the brush collecting germs and vermin in my travel adventures.

Why you should not neglect your oral health

If you neglect your oral health, it could lead to more serious trouble for you. Tummy ache and discomfort, people scowling whenever you open your mouth to speak, gum and mouth infections also become common.

Thankfully, with the best cheap electric toothbrush for traveling, your dental care and health needs are well taken care of. You can pack these toothbrushes when going camping too.

As you pack your coffee mug for traveling, lightweight water filter bottle and other travel items, remember your toothbrush. You will be glad you brought it along.

To make your search for the best travel electric toothbrushes easier and faster, here are a few reviews of the best rated electric toothbrushes.


Best Travel Electric Toothbrush Reviews

The good thing about an electric toothbrush is that it will last a long time. It also cleans much better than the traditional toothbrush. Brushing teeth is hard work, but an electric toothbrush makes it much easier for you.

For a few quick links, here are a few toothbrushes that you can buy on, where you can read reviews left by other users:

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Best Oral-B electric toothbrush – Black 7000 SmartSeries

Oral-B black 7000 SmartSeries is among the best and most advanced electric toothbrushes currently in the market. This toothbrush offers you six high-end performance brushing modes so that you enjoy a more personalized brushing experience.

It is compatible with most of the Oral-B brush heads meaning that you can use a single toothbrush with many different brush heads. It is made of high quality materials such as silicon, and it comes with a travel case that protects all of its components.

The six customized cleaning modes include the Deep clean, Tongue cleaning, Daily clean, Whitening, Massage and the Sensitive.

This toothbrush also has a sophisticated pressure sensor that alerts you when you are brushing too hard and it automatically reduces the speed and rotation of the brush head so that you do not end up damaging your gums.

The Braun’s 3D cleaning action that this brush uses has been proven to get rid of dental plaque twice as much as a manual toothbrush does. The timer enables you to reach the recommended brushing time and the inbuilt quad timer notifies you when it is time to change quadrants.

The package also includes a wireless Smart guide, three refill heads and a charging station.


  • Six cleaning modes
  • Three brush heads
  • Ten days battery life
  • Pressure sensor
  • Smart wireless guide


  • Pricey



Philips Sonicare DiamondClean – electric toothbrush Sonicare

Philips 9700 Series Sonicare DiamondClean is a high-end series of an electric toothbrush and so far, the most advanced electric toothbrush currently on the market.

This toothbrush offers 4 smart brush heads and a USB charging case that comes in very handy especially when you are traveling.

It has the ability to deliver 31,000 brush strokes per minute and it uses the Sonic Technology that features sweeping motions, which drive fluid along the gum line and in between the teeth for an effective flushing out of all bacteria from their hiding place.

This brush removes plaque ten times and improves your gum health seven times more in two weeks more than a manual toothbrush respectively.

It comes with five brushing modes namely, Clean, Gum health, Tongue care, Deep clean, White+ and with each mode, you can choose from any of the three varying intensity levels according to which one is more comfortable for you. The smart sensors alert you when you are too aggressive on your teeth and it monitors on the location of the brush.

The inbuilt timer helps you to achieve the recommended brushing time and it alerts you when the time to replace your brush head is due. With the Phillips smartphone app, all these information including a tooth or spot you missed to clean will be delivered on your phone.


  • 5 cleaning modes
  • Pressure sensor
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3 cleaning intensities


  • Very expensive



Wellness Oral Care HP-STX – cheap electric toothbrush

Wellness OralCare HP-STX is a rechargeable electric toothbrush that employs the sonic technology to ensure a professional and thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums.

It comes with ten brush heads that are easy to remove and they come in varying colors, which makes it very convenient for use by the whole family.

The brush offers you different brushing modes like Massage, Gentle and Clean. The sonic technology enables it to deliver 36,000 powerful strokes per minute.

This travel toothbrush has an auto alert feature that alerts you when you brush the same area for more that 30 seconds.

The smart timer ensures that you only brush according to the dentist-recommended time and the auto shut down feature turns the brush off after you have brushed for two minutes.

The ten brush heads are replaceable and they have similar bristles only that they come in different colors for easier identification in case the main handle is shared among family members. Its battery is high quality and it can serve you well for a number of years before being replaced.


  • 10 replaceable head brushes
  • 3 cleaning modes
  • Easy and safe cleaning
  • 34,000 powerful strokes per minute


  • Does not come with a case that you can use for when you are traveling



Maxx Elite Sonic Electric UV Toothbrush – Best electric toothbrush

Maxx Elite Sonic toothbrush is among the best electric toothbrushes that you can add in your shopping cart.

It comes with a standard charging dock that you can use at home and a UV sanitizer travel case, which makes it very convenient for traveling.

It has a very powerful lithium-ion battery that lasts up to six weeks when fully charged. This is a great plus for the people who love travel and can be away for a whole month since this relieves you of any charging worries.

The in-built timer ensures that you brush for the recommended two minutes. This toothbrush comes with four free replacement brush heads.

This means a full year replacement for a single user. The entire family can use the same brush with each member using their own brush head.

The sonic technology used delivers 41,000 strokes per minute and the UV sanitizer on the brush head ensures that all the germs and bacteria are cleaned.


  • Ultra long life battery
  • UV sanitizer travel case
  • Four replaceable brush heads with UV sanitizer
  • Great for use both at home and when travelling


  • Extremely soft brush that makes it less powerful



Violife Slim Sonic VS2T701 – Best Travel Toothbrush

If you are a conservative person with a traditional taste, Violife Slim Sonic VS2T701 could probably be what you are looking for.

This electric toothbrush comes with very simple features and it is very compact and lightweight hence easily portable and very convenient for traveling.

It is powered by an AAA battery, which is not rechargeable, but can be replaced with a new one. In addition, this toothbrush is very affordable.

It comes in a classic case that covers the body of the toothbrush and its cap and the brush can be used directly out of the travel case.

The design features 24 colorful designs that are very pleasant to the eyes and this give you a wide range to choose from according to what appeals you the most.

A single push of a button produces up to 22000 brush strokes – good for people who do not love using powerful electric toothbrushes.

The bristles on the brush head are very soft and cannot injure your gums. The brush head is replaceable and the package comes with an extra brush head for replacement.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great for travelling
  • Very affordable when compared to other electric toothbrushes
  • The travel cover keeps the toothbrush protected


  • Not as powerful as other electric toothbrush



YASI Sonic Electric – Best Electric Toothbrush

If what you are looking for is a rechargeable electric toothbrush that will offer you precise but consistent thorough cleaning, Yasi Sonic Deep Clean electric toothbrush is a great choice for you.

This toothbrush is able to deliver up to 40000 powerful strokes per minute that removes all the plaque and stain right away.

Using the incredible sonic technology, it propels fluid deep into places that are hard to reach in the mouth getting rid of all the bacteria and germs.

This brush has 5 brushing modes namely Massage, Clean, Sensitive, Gum care and Extra gentle.

The battery life is quite long because when fully charged, it can last up to two weeks and this makes it very convenient for traveling.

The battery can be recharged and it is compatible with any charger or any device with a USB port. It has an inbuilt 2 minutes automatic timer that has 30 seconds interval that enables you to clean all the four mouth quadrants.

The IPX7 handle is waterproof and can safely be washed under running water. The package also has 3 replacement heads, a tongue brush, a full 2 years warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • 5 brushing modes
  • Waterproof body
  • Great for travelling
  • 2 years warranty
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Not suitable for children under eight years



Preferred Sonic Electric Toothbrush – Travel electric toothbrush with case

Preferred Sonic Electric Toothbrush comes with a more advanced sonic brushing technology that leaves you with a thorough cleaned mouth.

This toothbrush has been proven to effectively reduce plaque much better than the manual toothbrush, leaving you with cleaner and healthier teeth.

The brush heads are ergonomically designed to easily access all the areas in your mouth. The handle is big enough and with a firm grip.

The battery is powerful enough to deliver up to 31000 strokes per minute. When fully charged, it can last up to two weeks of regular cleaning.

It also has an inbuilt timer that features two minutes brushing time with 30 seconds intervals that allows you to shift between quadrants.

This brush offers its user three brushing modes which are Standard for regular but great mouth cleaning, soft for cleaning sensitive areas and massage for gentle gum stimulation.

The UV sanitizer kills almost all the germs and bacteria, there are 3 brush heads in the package and it comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Compact and portable, great for traveling
  • UV sanitizer travel case
  • 3 replaceable brush heads
  • 3 brushing modes


  • Bristles too soft to clean thoroughly fast



Xtech XHST-100 Oral Hygiene – best cheap electric toothbrush

Xtech XHST-100 Oral Hygiene is a rechargeable electric toothbrush that uses the ultrasonic technology to give you clean and healthy teeth and gums.

This technology enables the toothbrush to deliver up to 40,000 strokes per minute thoroughly cleaning the teeth while removing any plaques.

Apart from the normal cleaning mode, it also comes with other four cleaning modes namely white gum care, sensitive and massage modes.

It is very safe for people with fillings, veneers, braces, crowns and periodontal pockets.

The auto timer turns off the brush once the recommended brushing period of two minutes is met.

The timer alerts you to shift to a different quadrant after 30 seconds. This unit’s charging dock comes with an inbuilt UV sanitizer that kills all the bacteria on the brush head.

The package also has a charging station, a drip cup, 3 brush heads and an instruction manual.


  • 5 brushing modes
  • Inbuilt UV sanitizer
  • Uses ultrasonic technology for a thorough clean up
  • Battery indicator that shows how much battery power is remaining


  • Does not come with a travel case



Waterpik Sensonic Professional Toothbrush – Travel electric toothbrush

If you are looking for an electric toothbrush that will give you a great teeth-cleaning experience while maintaining your general oral health; Waterpik Sensonic Professional Toothbrush (SR-3000) should be your choice.

It comes with a sleek handle, which is very appealing to the eyes and the rubber on the side curves gives you a great grip while brushing. It uses sonic technology to give you 30,500 powerful yet gentle brushing strokes per minute.

This toothbrush comes with three brush heads that are very comfortable in your mouth, have longer and shorter bristles for an effective cleaning and removal of plaques and they are replaceable.

If you are a frequent traveler, this toothbrush comes with a solid travel case that keeps your entire toothbrush well protected. It has 2-speed setting, two-minute smart timer and a 30-second quad pacer. It features a NiMH rechargeable battery that has a battery life of seven days when fully charged.


  • Smart timer and quad pacer features
  • A solid travel case
  • Noticeable teeth brightness within two weeks
  • Ultra soft and rounded bristles


  • Low quality body build that wears off quickly



Kissliss Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush – Best electric toothbrush 2018

This rechargeable toothbrush features five brushing modes that include cleaning, whitening, sensitive teeth, gum care and polishing.

It has been designed to get rid of plaque six times more effectively as compared to the manual toothbrush.

Because it is rechargeable, that makes it the best travel electric toothbrush. Almost every destination you travel to in this era is connected to the grid, or to other source of power.

It is powerful enough to deliver about 48000 brush strokes per minute cleaning your teeth from every side leaving you with fresher and healthier mouth.

This toothbrush is waterproof and it comes with four brush heads, 2 for regular brushing and 2 for sensitive brushing.

It comes with an additional facial cleansing brush and when fully charged, the battery can last up to two months. This makes it very convenient if you travel for long and its price is pocket-friendly too.


  • Five brushing modes
  • Affordable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Long battery life


  • A bit noisier



Pyle PHLTBS51BK Ultrasonic Wave – Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

If you are suffering from dental plaque, Pyle PHLTBS51BK Ultrasonic Wave is the solution for that.

Designed to deeply clean your teeth leaving them healthier and sparkling clean teeth. It comes in a sleek design that is aesthetically pleasing.

The toothbrush has been clinically tested and proven to reduce gum bleeding and gingivitis while generally improving your oral health.

It is able to remove food particles and get rid of plaque through it s powerful yet gentle 41,000 ultrasonic vibrations per minute.

This is a rechargeable electric toothbrush and its standing dock enables it to charge quickly.

The charging dock has an automatic ultraviolet sanitizer that eliminates built-in germs and bacteria leaving you with a clean and healthy toothbrush.

It has three brushing modes that you can select from namely, normal, whitening and massage. An inbuilt timer automatically shuts the brush off once the recommended brushing time of two minutes is achieved.

It also has a quad change alert after every 30 seconds within the brushing time. It is safe to use for people with braces, implants and bridges.


  • Effective removal of plaques
  • Features a smart timer and quad pacer
  • 3 brushing modes
  • Inbuilt UV sanitizer
  • 4 replaceable brush heads


  • No travel case



Lebond Powerup Toothbrush with Travel kit  – Best Travel Toothbrush

Lebond Powerup Toothbrush is one of the most affordable travel electric toothbrushes currently available on the market. It is sleekly designed, easy to use and light in weight making it very convenient for traveling.

It comes in two brushing modes with the standard mode giving up to 15000 brush strokes per minute, effectively removing plaques.

The soft mode on the other hand delivers up 12000 brush strokes per minute. It is also suitable for children and people with sensitive teeth and gums.

The travel kit includes a solid travel case, 2 AAA batteries with a battery life of a full month with regular use and a 2-minute inbuilt timer with 30 seconds pulse.

This auto timer helps you to brush for the recommended time and the 30 seconds pulse reminds you to switch to a different quadrant after every 30 seconds.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a travel case
  • Sleek and stylish
  • 2 brushing modes
  • Very affordable


  • Weak bristles that require frequent brush head changes



Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Power – Best Rechargeable Toothbrush

Oral-B is one of the most reputable travel electric toothbrushes. The Oral-B Pro 1000 Electric Power is a rechargeable model of this brand. It is a great choice for a frequent traveler.

It is compact and very simple and easy to use. This toothbrush only has one brushing mode that professionally cleans your teeth. It removes 300% more plaque than the regular manual toothbrush.

The bristles are in a criss-cross pattern and they are angled to break any plaque deposit and remove all the food particles leaving you with fresher and healthier teeth.

The handle of the brush features an inbuilt 2 minutes timer that pulses after 30 seconds to allow switching quadrants, although it does not automatically switch off itself.

The handle also has a rubberized grip, which is anti-slip and allows you to have better control of the toothbrush.


  • Criss-cross bristles that clean the teeth with an oscillating action
  • Compact design and a handle with good grip
  • Inbuilt timer with 30 seconds pulse
  • Proven to remove hardened plaque


  • Pricey



Sonicety Electric Toothbrush HI-923 – best rated electric toothbrush

Sonicety Electric Toothbrush comes in a polka dot design that is very pleasing to the eyes that is waterproof.  The package comes with 2 more brush heads.

It is simple to operate and runs quite quietly although it does not have a timer. It is powered by one AAA battery that can last up to 15-20 days when regularly used and is able to deliver 23000 brush strokes per minute.

The bristles are firm and soft and they thoroughly clean your teeth without causing any abrasions to your gums. They are able to remove any plaque deposits on the teeth making them cleaner and healthier.

It is affordable and it comes with a sturdy travel case for convenience when camping, backpacking or traveling. This is the best travel electric toothbrush.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sturdy travel case
  • Affordable
  • Effective cleaning with no harsh actions


  • The brush head is a bit too small



How to buy the best travel electric toothbrush

image of best travel electric toothbrush

Everybody loves to have a bright smile and fresh mouth breath all the time. This is one of the ways you can impress the people you are interacting with. When you are traveling, as you meet new people and explore new places, your bright smile will probably be among the first things that people will notice about you.

However, a bright smile just doesn’t happen, it comes at a cost. It is the cost of an electric toothbrush and the effort of brushing your teeth regularly, about twice a day.

When you are traveling, your toothbrush is among the items on your travel list. Oral hygiene must be maintained whether you are in or out of home. Electric travel toothbrushes have become very common due to their convenience while traveling.

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for an electric toothbrush:

Should be easy to operate

A good electric toothbrush should be a no brainer to operate. It should have a comfortable feel on your hands and the controls should be so simple that anyone can hack them. Its brush head movements too should be easy to manipulate while brushing.


The size of the toothbrush

How compact do you want your electric toothbrush to be? If you are buying the toothbrush for your child, you will need to look for one with a smaller brush head.

If you also have a problem maneuvering a brush with a larger head inside your mouth, go for a more compact brush. The size of the toothbrush can also affect its portability.

The smaller the size of the brush, the lighter in weight it will be and hence more portable and convenient for travel.


Consider the features keenly

Depending on your style and travel needs look for an electric toothbrush with features that are going to support your lifestyle and travel needs.

Such features may include things like a travel case, a two-minute timer (although this is a common feature in almost all electric toothbrushes) the charging stand and so on.

A good electric toothbrush should have a pressure sensor that notifies you when you are brushing too hard.

If you travel more frequently, an electric toothbrush that comes with travel case is a good choice. This is because an uncovered toothbrush is more exposed to germs while traveling.

A good traveling case is very important because in addition to keeping your toothbrush away from germs and dirt, it gives you somewhere that you can organize and keep all your teeth cleaning tools.

The lighter the toothbrush charging stands are, the more portable they will be and hence the more convenient they will be for you while on transit.


The performance

An electric toothbrush performance is what is going to determine its effectiveness. The best performing electric toothbrush should be able to run consistently without having any hitches or surges when alerting you to shift quadrants. The water flosser should not have any leakage from the handle, the nozzle or the connector.


Sturdy build for durability

This is a very important consideration when you are buying an electric toothbrush and especially in relation to the toothbrush head and jet picks for water flossers.

The best toothbrush heads should be replaced after every three months of use. The best jet picks for water flossers should be replaced after every six months.

Read customer reviews about the brand you intend to buy and this might help you know whether it is up to the task or not.


Power source for best travel electric toothbrush

Most of the electric toothbrushes can usually be recharged. Others use the standard AA or AAA batteries to operate.

The battery-powered toothbrushes are usually cheaper and portable as compared to the rechargeable ones.

Some of the rechargeable brands have a cord that you can directly plug to power and recharge. Others come with a charging stand.

The flossers can also be operated by a battery or can run directly from AC current. The ones operated by a battery are gentler on the teeth and the gums and are much lighter thus more convenient for traveling. The rechargeable ones are heavier although more powerful than the battery operated ones.


The toothbrush settings

Different electric toothbrushes have various brushing modes and therefore it is good to check whether the model that you want to buy has the setting that you prefer. All the electric toothbrushes come with the general cleaning mode.

Some brands come with massage modes. Others come with sensitive modes or specialized gum care settings for the people who have sensitive teeth and gums. Other brands have quick brushing modes and some upgraded brands feature a teeth-whitening mode.


The battery life

For the rechargeable toothbrushes, the best battery will be able to last for at least a week before running low, so that if you will be away for only one week or less; you will not have to carry a charger.

If you will be away for more than a week, you will be required to have a reliable portable charger such as a USB charger that you can use to effortlessly charge your toothbrush using your mobile phone or laptop.


The voltage features

The sockets in the USA have a standard voltage of 110 volts but most of the other countries use 240-volt sockets. The toothbrush ability to charge in either of the two voltages is an important consideration.

When you are traveling in the USA or in any other country, such a toothbrush will save you money that you would have otherwise used in buying a power converter.

That is it for the best travel electric toothbrush. The sooner you buy one the better. Dental health ought to be taken very seriously because neglecting it can lead to other health complications. Remember, brushing your teeth thoroughly can prevent halitosis.


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