Best Sleeping Pad For Side Sleepers in 2020

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Best Sleeping Pad for Side Sleepers

What is the most comfortable sleeping pad?

It depends on your needs. For example, if you are a side-sleeper, you need the best sleeping pad for side sleepers.

According to research, 74% of people in the world sleep on their side. 16% are tummy sleepers while 10% sleep on their back.

Backed by such numbers, it is not a wonder that many sleeping products in the market are targeted at side sleepers.

If you sleep on your side, logically, you will feel the hardness of the ground more than a person who sleeps on their tummy or their back.

You do not have the advantage of your body spreading its weight across and lengthwise. An inflatable pad for backpacking will help keep you protected.

Are Sleeping pads necessary?

More than you can imagine.

When you sleep on your side, your body applies too much pressure to the side that is in contact with the surface.  Logically, you are applying more force on a small area. That is why you need the best inflatable sleeping pad for camping.

It is possible to prick your skin with a pencil, but not with a baseball bat. Because camping is hard enough, unless you get the best ultralight sleeping pad, you will wake up very sore the following day.

You need your beauty sleep when you are outdoors camping or backpacking are very important. This is the age of advanced engineering technology.

Therefore, there is no excuse at all for you to sleep on the hard ground with nasty twigs and rocks probing your ribs. You can even buy an air mattress for camping.

Invest in the best sleeping mat for side sleeping and you will never regret it. Whether you are a back sleeper or a side sleeper, there is a good item for you.

The sleeping pads discussed here are good for all types of sleepers, but they are especially good for side sleepers.

Yes, you guessed right, the top pad for sleeping are the inflated ones. Luckily, there so many of them, all of them very affordable and built to last. You will be spoilt for choice. Just keep reading.



Best Pads for Side Sleepers Reviews

There is a good number of pads for side sleepers. The good thing is that if you give them enough care, they last a long time. Don’t spare the cost when buying one because cheap can be expensive. They look good, so choose the color that you fancy most.

OutdoorsmanLab – Ultralight inflatable sleeping pad

From its name, you can see that this would be a great sleeping pad to bring along for your backpacking experience. It is ultralight, good for hiking.

This backpacking sleeping pad is firm, compactly built and the checkered surface makes for comfortable sleeping. Believe it or not, this surface, despite the looks, is very soft and comfortable.

It is quite easy to inflate and deflate this mat and being light in weight makes it ideal to have on your outdoor trip.

The price is also fair as compared to the value that it gives you since it is comfortable and helps to give you warmth and insulation during the night.



When packing and storing it in a stuff sack, it rolls up easily. It is just the right size for adults to sleep on and it holds air throughout the night even without closing the cap.

You can easily sleep on your side while using this item without fear of any hip or back pain since it is soft and equally comfortable.

If you take good care of this mat, it will last a long time. It is built in such a way that it is firm and compactly built yet at the same time very comfortable. The outer cover is easy to clean and maintain in span condition.

This sleeping pad will withstand the rigors of rough camping. It may not exactly be a self inflating pad for sleeping, as you may have to pump into it with your breath, about 15 or so breaths should do the trick.


TNH Outdoor Pad – Best sleeping pad backpacking

With, as the manufacturer claims, more than 30,000 of these self inflated sleeping pads sold, well, what more could you ask for?


It is only 1.5 inches thick, a half inch less than the OutdoormansLab sleeping pad. However, that is still comfortable enough for you  and it will keep your back comfortable as you sleep through the night.

Just imagine coming from your daily camping activities like cycling, rowing, kayaking or hiking, and then finding a comfortable bed in your camp to collapse on. You will give your body the opportunity to relax and regenerate to be able to hike the following day.

The TNH Outdoor is very light and provides you with enough back support to help you feel extra comfy. It is easy to inflate and deflate and has great insulation to help to keep you off an extremely cold ground.

Using the pad is fairly easy. This is a great pad to quickly roll up after using it. It is also easy to pack since it becomes compact enough to fit into your bag.

It also comes with a repair kit. You can easily do some quick patches and repairs should anything happen to the sleeping mat while you are out camping.

This self inflating mat is easy to clean and light in weight, making it perfect for travel and backpacking. You can also use it for tent camping, car camping and even beach camping.

According to the TNH Outdoor slogan of Rethink. Reduce. Reuse, this item will last you a good long time.


REDCAMP – self inflating sleeping pad

REDCAMP has the best self inflating pad for you. It is easy to inflate and deflate and it is easy to use and pack since it does not have problems when folding.




This product also comes with an inflatable pillow that is convenient and easy to use and you can use it as extra padding when you do not need it. It provides the right amount of insulation when on your outdoor camping rendezvous.

It helps to keep you off the ground and ensure that you are warm. Long enough to fit tall below who are 6 feet tall and with the repair kit that comes with the sleeping pad it is easy to do any repairs.

You will love everything about this pad and from the look at the reviews posted for it on Amazon, this seems like a very popular sleeper pad.

Available in green and dark blue colors, this pad is good for the outdoors. The outer cover does not retain grease and maintaining it in top condition is so very easy.

It is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of 365 days. If you do not like it with good reason you get to keep it and have your money refunded. There is no reason why you should not buy this one.


FreeLand Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Nice name for an outdoor product, you must agree. It comes in a very compact package inside a portable bag making it easy to carry around, and to store too. It is made from a material that makes it long-lasting.

The Freeland sleeping pad also comes with a repair kit to help you repair the pad incase it is punctured. You know how rough the outdoors can get some times.




The sleeping pad is easy to inflate and deflate and quite easy to roll up and pack thanks to the straps attached for helping compress the sleeping pad. It also does not lose air through the night and that makes it an ideal sleeping pad for all outdoor adventures.

This sleeping pad will give great value for money for its price range. It has been tested against air leak for more than 72 hours and it was very impressive.

Well, why not sleep comfortably when you are out camping? If you are going camping with your car, you can definitely afford to bring more stuff and a sleeping pad should be one of the items that you bring.

Lightspeed Outdoors PVC-Free Self-inflating camping mattress

Many people prefer to use this one as a self-inflating mattress because it is extra thick. You will love using this one too for sleeping when camping.

It is much better than most of the foam sleeping pads available in the market. It is great for seniors or people with a bad back who do not fancy sleeping directly on the ground.

This sleeping pad inflates and deflates quickly making it ideal for outdoor trips. It is also easy to use, roll up and pack in its bag.



The pad is also thick enough to ensure that you do not feel rocks on the ground and is quite comfy since it retains its rigidity throughout the night.

It is easy to use, light in weight and helps to keep you warm throughout the night. People who are quite tall will enjoy this self-inflating pad.

It is tall enough to accommodate people who are quite tall. There are also wider versions that make it easy to roll over when sleeping which is ideal for a camping trip.



Triphunter Sleeping Pad – Top camping sleep pad

The Triphunter sleeper pad is a fairly soft mat that comes inside a bag and inflates automatically. It is without doubt the best sleep pads for camping. All that you have to do is just twist the knob and air starts getting in to inflate it. When you twist the cap the air is locked in and does not escape.


It is easy to use this self-inflating pad inside and outside the tent since it is light in weight, cozy and it does not take up a lot of space.

You can also carry this one for car camping, just roll it up and stash it somewhere in the boot without worrying too much about the space.

The inflating pad retains its rigidity throughout the night and is thick enough to help you not fall to the ground while you sleep.

If you love sleeping in comfort,  you have a bad back and you would like some respite as you camp in the wilderness, just bring this pad along. Honestly, you will be glad you did.

Lightspeed Outdoors XL – Sleeping Pad self inflating

It is not called an XL for nothing because it is large. It measures 77 inches by 30 inches and has a thickness of 3 inches. Well, at 6 pounds of weight, this is a bit heavy but that is the price you pay for the large size.

The sleeping pad is great since it self-inflates in under five minutes and is also quite easy to deflate. It comes with a carry bag that makes it easy to carry around and store away.

With it, there is great comfort since it has nice foam that makes it soft in addition to being light in weight and compact.

The self-inflating pad was definitely built for durability since it is thick enough to withstand any form of puncturing. It is ideal for any camping trip. It is easy to use and makes sleeping on the ground quite comfortable and something you enjoy.

This sleeping pad can be used for backyard camping or hammock camping as well, you know, those spring and fall nights when you feel the need to sleep under the stars.

If you have extra guests at home, you can use this camp mattress and it will be much better than sleeping on the floor.

Who says you cannot be cozy when sleeping outdoors? You can indeed! Enjoy the comfort of your bed on this pad.


Koolsen – best self inflating sleeping pad

Twist the valve open and in less than 90 seconds (that’s fast, isn’t it?), you will have the sleeping pad fully inflated, ready to take you to slumberland.

According to the many reviews that this sleeping pad has attracted in the market, there is no doubt that it is one of the very best in the market, for comfort as well as a sound night’s sleep. It inflates nicely without leaving any bumps.

The inflating pad is cheap as compared to the value it gives you for your camping experience. It is easy to use since it inflates and deflates easily within just a matter of minutes.

Because it is made of a durable material, it makes it easy for the inflating part to resist puncturing when you are on your outdoor trip.

It also comes with its own bag that makes it easy to store and carry around and has a pillow that can easily help to enhance your experience. The outer cover is waterproof and the pad is thick enough for comfort while you are on your outdoor rendezvous.


Kamui – best sleeping pad for camping

The sleeping pad is cozy and quite soft to lie on during your outdoor camping adventure. They also inflate and deflate quite easily. It is also light in weight, made to last and gives great value for its price.

Retaining its rigidity throughout the night is another great advantage of this product and it is easy to fasten multiple pads together with a strap.

This is a good idea when you are camping with family and you have brought three or more Kamui sleeping pads to sleep together.

Remember, a family that camps, eats and sleeps together enjoys great times. The sleeping pads will connect together without leaving any gap.

Provides great insulation from the ground and this is important in helping to keep you warm through the night. The length and width are great and you can sleep on your back or on your side with no issues.

With a thickness of two inches and air in between, well, you know that this sleeping pad is going to give you comfort in your wilderness camping experience.

It is like a real bed, and it is such a darling when it comes to inflation and deflation.



STOÏK’D Camping Sleeping Pad

The STOIK’D sleeping pad is so easy to inflate and deflate and it is very comfortable to sleep on. It retains its rigidity throughout the night and this ensures that you are warm and insulated throughout the night.

The main problem that most people face when sleeping on the ground is that twigs and rocks keep probing their back. However, this should be the least of your worries when you have this inflatable sleeping pad. Twigs, rocks and pebbles are not going to get to you to disrupt your comfort. If you are looking for the best, affordable pad, this is it.

How would you like to sleep on a camping pad that does not leak air overnight, thus ensuring that you are as comfortable waking up in the morning as you were when you lay down to sleep. The manufacturer and many user reviews say that this inflatable pad will retain the air for the entire camping trip.

Another benefit of using this inflatable pad is that it has a very strong outer cover. The cover is anti-abrasive, and does not retain scratches. It will also stand the rigors and abuse of the camping ground.

It is hard to deflate this mattress, it also comes with corrosive-resistant valves. You do not have to worry about the air valves being affected by rust.

The sleepers pad also comes with a packaging bag and it is easy to pack it in once you are through with your outdoor camping experience. You will be thankful for the bag as it makes carrying and storage so easy.


Important things about pads for side sleepers

Buying an air pad is not as simple as picking the first one that you find. There are important considerations to bear in mind.

Here are some of the things that you should know about choosing a side sleeper pad for backpacking, overnight hiking or tent-camping. Whether you buy Sea to Summit, Big Agnes or any other brand for camping pads for sleeping, these tips will help you.

Do you need a sleeping pad for camping?

Having a great night’s sleep refreshes your body and mind and it influences how you kick of your day and how productive you will be during the entire day.

This applies not only at home but even when you are hiking, camping, trekking or on any outdoor adventure or expedition.

The best camping sleeping pads are a critical component of outdoor gear. It will insulate you from the cold ground and cushion you from the unforgiving roots and stones you sleep on while outdoor.

Self-inflated sleepers pads have become very popular due to their plush and comfort. If you are an outdoor person who treasure comfort for your back, or if you are a senior or you have a bad back; these are the right sleepers pads for you.

There are so many manufactures of self-inflating sleeping pads which is a good thing because it gives the customer a wide range to choose from. But it is also good to know that not every self-inflating sleep mat you will see in the market is the best for you.

Image of backpacking sleeping pad

How does self inflating sleeping pad work?

This is quite the technology but basically, the self-inflating therm a rest backpacking pad works by letting air inside the sack. By construction, this pad has a layer of foam that is sandwiched between fabric layers.

When you open the air valve, the foam sucks in air into the sack by expanding. This is the air that inflates the pad. After that, all you have to do is breath a few deep inhales into the pad to make it comfortable enough for sleeping on. That way, a side sleeper will have enough insulation from the ground.

among the materials used to make this ultralight air pad include the open cell foam, rip-stop material that starts at thread count of 33D to 75D. This material can be nylon or polyester.

What is R value for sleeping pads?

The R value of pads for side sleepers is the resistance at which the material prevents heat from escaping. By this explanation alone, you can guess that a higher R value is best for winter backpacking sleeping because it prevents heat loss.

As you buy pads for side sleepers, if it is summer, you can look for an R value of 2 or higher. If you have two pads for side sleepers each with R value of 2, you may combine them to raise the R value.

How to store self inflating sleeping pad

To make sure that the side sleepers pad stays in good shape for as long as possible, you need to know how to store it just right. For example, we recommend that you hang your Therm a Rest Neoair in a semi-inflated state and with the pump valve open.

Perhaps you would avoid using a stuff sack altogether and if you must, make sure that you do not fold the air pad along the same lines all the time because that is where the foam will start wearing out.

Store it in a warm and dry place, out of the way. You can store it in the closet, below the bed or anywhere else where the conditions are right and it will not be disturbed. The packed size is small, so it should be manageable.

Size and weight

When considering the size of the sleeping pad that you are going to purchase, your body size will be the greatest determinant. It is recommended to buy a size that will be able to accommodate your body perfectly for maximum comfort.

Side sleepers pads differ in sizes because there are those that are specifically made for children, women and even men including even the extra large sized ones.

The size of a self inflating sleep pad determines how light or how heavy it will be. Smaller sized sleeping pads tend to be lighter when compared to the bigger sized ones.

The weight that you will go for will also be determined by the outdoor activity that you will engage in. For example, if your activity involves a lot of trekking or hiking you need to carry as less weight as possible.


Comfort is among the major reasons of buying a sleeping pad. There are several ways of telling whether a sleeping pad is comfortable or not. One of the ways is by testing it at the store before taking home, sleep on it and determine how comfortable it feels.

Side sleepers mats that have a return policy can make it very easy for you to test them since you just need to buy the pad days before your outdoor adventure and you can test it a home; if it is not comfortable enough for you, you can return it for a better one.

The second way you can tell if the self-inflating pad such as the Big Agnes is comfortable enough is by feeling its surface. Smoother surfaces tend to be more comfortable when compared to those with deep baffles.


Warmth is probably the most important reason as to why sleeping pads feature in our outdoor gear and especially in cold climates. When you realize how critical a sleeper pad is, then you will automatically go for one that will keep you as warm as possible.

Most of the self inflated sleeping pads have a layer of synthetic insulation for better heat retention. The warmth of an inflatable pad is determined by it R value. If you are going to adventure in extremely cold environments, then you will have to buy a camping pad with the highest R-value.

It should fit your frame nicely

Both your shoulders and hips should fit on the length of the pad so that your legs and feet are also insulated.

If they do not fit on the pad, then that is not the ideal pad for you. Regular sleeping pads are mainly 72 inches long and the longer ones are 75-78 inches long.

There are also shorter pads of 47 inches but they are not able to accommodate your legs. Thus, you will be required to look for some insulation for your legs not mentioning how uncomfortable they can be.

Almost all sleeping pads have a standard width of 20 inches. However, if you are a bit large or you roll around a lot while sleeping, you will be forced to buy a broader pad with a width of 25 or 30 inches.

Side rails

Some sleeping pads have larger side rails than others. This rails are meant to cradle you and keep you from rolling off the pad as you sleep.

If you are featuring children in your outdoor activity, or you tend roll so much as you sleep; pads with larger side rails or baffles will be the best choice for you.

Inflation Level

The inflation level of a pad will greatly influence its R-value. The more air you have inside a pad, the warmer it will be and the better insulated from cold the user will be. In addition, more air means more firmness.


The outer fabric is very important since it protects the inside of the pad and it can determine how durable the pad will be. When buying the best pad for side sleepers, check how strong the outer fabric of the pad is.

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