Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Choosing the best lightweight hiking shoes when you decide to hit the trails is not an option. It is a necessity! Unless you want your feet to look like grilled sausages after a few miles of trekking, you want to get the right shoes. Luckily, men being the trendsetters in the outdoor adventures, have many hiking shoes to consider. And they do not come any better than the Merrell Men’s Moab Hiking Shoes With Ventilator.

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Features of the Merrell Men’s Moab hiking shoes

There are many good things worth writing home about for this hiking shoe. At the same time, there are a few bad things; or things we would wish they would improve.

If you are looking for a long distance trekking shoe, this is it for you as it is lightweight, very comfortable on the feet and with the M Select FRESH technology that prevents the occurrence of odor even when your feet sweat, you can be sure that Merrell Moab Men’s hiking shoes have your needs covered.

The upper material is made of leather and mesh lining – makes it both breathable and tough. This is an enduring shoe. Very light on the feet. It weighs less than 2 lbs and that is why it is reviewed as one of the best lightweight hiking shoes.

This trail show also comes with standard lacing. That means you will have to do some work to get the laces in the eyes. But the result is worth the effort anyway you look at it. It is covered by one-year manufacturer’s warranty

The sole is Vibram Multisport. Vibram is one of the best sole brands in the world. To add to the comfort, the shoe has a padded tongue such that no matter how tight you tie the laces, they will not dig into your feet. In the interior of the shoes, it has M-Select moisture wicking that prevents the development of odor.

As the shoe comes with an air cushioned heel, it absorbs shock saving your feet from feeling the impact. In addition, the heel also has loops that you will use to help your foot slide easily into the shoes.

It has heel loops that help the foot to slide into the shoe with the least resistance. These best hiking shoes come with an inner foot bed that can be removed for cleaning. They measure a comfortable 4.5 mm.

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Pros of the Merrell Men’s Moab best hiking shoes with ventilator

Gives great grip on the ground thanks to the popular Vibram sole that has been manufactured by a well-known Italian company. The sole has deep grooves, is thick and lasts long.

The Merrell Men’s Moab hiking shoes with ventilator are not only good for hiking, but they can as well be everyday shoes. You can wear them anywhere you like. The ventilator mesh allows air in. Buy shoes that are slightly bigger to allow the air to circulate inside.

Has removable inner sole for people that would like to replace it with a thicker orthotic inner sole. It has M Fresh SELECT technology that prevents foot odor. Though not totally waterproof, the shoe can hold its own in a shower and at the same time, the leather and mesh combination dries fast.

A lightweight hiking shoe eats up the miles wonderfully without lagging too much on your shoes. It offers great foot support for all types of soles, even for people who have flat feet. You see, the best lightweight hiking shoes conform to the shape of the feet after wearing them for some time, and this shoe does exactly that.

The Vibram sole lugs are placed strategically such that there are no lugs under the arch for more flexibility. They come true to size as most of the reviews show. This pair of trail hiking shoes are great to wear out of the box. Breaking your trail shoes is necessary, but these ones can be worn out of the box just in case you do not have have time to break it.

Wear it anywhere anytime

This pair of hiking shoes is not made for walking on the pavement. Rather, it is made for walking on the rough terrains. If you walk in town wearing this shoe, you will find it a bit stiff for your feet. This is not a big problem though since many people carry an extra pair of walking shoes when they are going hiking or backpacking.

Your feet will also adapt quickly and therefore you can wear the shoes anywhere, even when you are teaching in the classroom. If there was ever a pair of shoes that was designed to be worn all the time all the year, it is the Merrell Moab Mens Hiking Shoe.

Some of the negatives include

If you will carry a heavy backpack, you may need a pair of hiking shoes or boots that offer ample ankle support because this one does not.

This pair of shoes can be nasty when you run on wet pavement. Do not do that. Even when it is dry, you will find the pair of shoes a bit stiff for your feet. Don’t run in wet weather.

With time, the rubber sole may lose its grip in cold weather. This would require you to be extra careful when hiking on snow or mud.

Although many hiking shoes reviews say you can wear the shoes out of the box, it is always a good idea to break your shoes before you hit the trails. If you are heading out for hiking on Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, it would be a nasty experience to blister your feet just because you did not break your shoes.

Please note that these shoes are not waterproof. They do get dry quickly though meaning that you do not stay camped too long waiting them to dry up. When you ford a brook, do expect some water to get in.

Things you will not find in best lightweight hiking shoes

  • Merrell Men’s Moab hiking shoe has minimal to no arch support. This could end up hurting your feet in the end.
  • These may be great hiking shoes but they aren’t build for rigorous hiking and is therefore suited to everyday wear at home, town and for light hiking
  • Your feet will stay wet when hiking in wet conditions


Merrell Men’s Moab hiking shoes are good for regular and light hiking. Although they have many positives, you can see from the negatives that they are not the kind of shoes that you would like to wear for hiking the extremely challenging hiking trails. For heavy backpacking, very wild trails, get something heavier. For the light backpacker though, these are the best lightweight hiking shoes as they dry faster and they are light.


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