The Best Travel Coffee Mugs That Keeps Coffee Hot The Longest

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You hate cold coffee. We all do! I mean, it just does not kick in as hard as hot coffee, served fresh from the best coffee tumbler.

But today, you can take your coffee in a travel coffee cup with you and drink it piping hot many hours later.

Thanks to innovation and technology, we now have the best coffee mugs to keep coffee hot the longest when traveling, camping or hiking.

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So, which type of cup keeps coffee the hottest for the longest? These are Thermos King, Contigo AutoSeal mug, Yeti Rambler, Zojirushi, Hommit, CamelBak Forge, and Stanley Classic Travel Mug. Mostly, you should look for a mug that does not leak. Keep reading for more information.

Keep reading to see our travel coffee mugs reviews.

Top Travel Coffee Mug Reviews

With hundreds of mugs that keep coffee hot in the market, it is daunting for a beginner to pick the best one. However, I have done the footwork for you and reviewed several best travel coffee mugs.

Read on to see their features, pros, cons, and more:

16oz Thermos Stainless King

Thermos certainly is the gang leader in the world of travel coffee mugs. Apart from the Stainless King, many others have received awesome reviews from users.

You can buy the Thermos Stainless King Travel Tumbler on There, you will see the best coffee thermos mug. See why this tumbler rocks!

Made of stainless steel double-wall, it is not only very durable but is also stain-free and makes for easy cleaning. This travel tumbler has been made for people who care about how they take their coffee.

It has a capacity of 16 oz (0.5 liters). That is big enough for me since I fill it up in the morning before leaving home. It keeps the coffee hot from morning to around 1.00 PM. This is a great product for camping, indeed. I think it is my favorite tea mug for work.

This flask keeps your morning coffee warm for a good while. However, the temperature retention is low. It keeps ice water cold for up to 18 hours. The tea mug fits in standard car cup holders nicely.


  • Lots of product information online
  • It Will not spill-great for the morning commute
  • Content stays really hot for many hours
  • Good tea mug
  • Has a stainless steel sipping part
  • Fits in a car cup holder
  • It is dishwasher-safe


  • Open/close lever might bump your nose
  • Heavy


Hydro Flask Travel Mug – Double Wall Vacuum

The Hydro Flask is unarguably one of the most popular travel mugs in the market out there. However, is it the best one of them all when it comes to keeping your tea, coffee, or milk hot?

It has amazing features. It is the best-insulated travel mug. The Hydro Flask Coffee Mug has a double-wall vacuum insulated water bottle.

It is made of stainless. In addition, it has a beautiful matte finish. It does not slip from your hand even when you sweat.

Having used this travel mug, I would refer to it as the mug for all seasons.

The reason for that is that it is designed to keep your beverage at their respective temperature, just as when you poured them in.

That means that if you are hiking in summer and you want a cold beverage with you, this Hydro Flask travel mug will keep it cold for you, for up to 24 hours. It is one of the best vacuum insulated stainless steel mugs for cold drinks.

If you want to use it for hot drinks, well then, it will keep them hot for you, for up to six hours. Read any Hydro Flask review, it will confirm what we have aforementioned.


  • Comes in many sizes like 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz, and so on
  • All sizes fit in the bottle holder of your car
  • Has lifetime warranty cover
  • A wide mouth that allows you to easily put in ice
  • Nice matte finishing
  • High hygienic standard – drinking part is covered
  • High heat or cold retention for a long time
  • Made with BPA-free material


  • Only good for cold beverages– The temperature retention capability is very low.
  • Could be a little heat transfer from the lid, but it hardly affects the temperature of your drinks, hot or cold.

YETI Travel Coffee Mug/Ramblertravel mug that keeps drinks hot the longest

When looking for Which travel flasks keep liquid warm the longest, you will definitely find this Yeti travel tumbler.

This anti-spill mug stands almost 7 inches high. It has a capacity of 20 oz (0.5 liters) and it is engineered with a double-wall vacuum. Besides, it is made with stainless steel and plastic material that is BPA-free or food grade.

It fits in the cupholder of your car. You can agree that travel mugs do not come any better than this one. As its name suggests, the YETI Rambler is big in many ways and you will fall in love with it.

You can hold it in your hands for a long time, as it is made with matte finishing which makes it anti-slip and it does not induce sweating.

The mouth is wide, about 3½ inches, big enough to slip in as much ice as you want. When drinking your cold drink, this Yeti hot beverages tumbler keeps the ice out of your way.

It will keep your beverage warmer than room temperature. If you are looking for a tumbler that will keep your beverage hot, this is definitely not the deal for you.

Image of best coffee mug

It has a clear plastic cover and I feel that it lets some heat out. When pouring in your coffee, run the tumbler through hot water first. That will help in heat retention.


  • Keeps tea hot for less than even five hours.
  • Keeps beverages cold for many hours
  • Dishwasher-safe lid
  • Durable thanks to the stainless steel build
  • Comes in many sizes from 10 oz to 30 oz
  • No sweat finishing ensures your hands stay dry and comfortable
  • Great for outdoor activities.


  • Heat retention is low.
  • There are claims of fake YETI tumblers in the market

Zojirushi SM-KHE48AG 

This double-walled vacuum travel coffee mug has a rich history of excellence behind it. For the longest time, Zojirushi has been making blown glass bottles.

With time, they extended their product line to include rice cookers as well as this awesome travel mug. As they say, their products have simply gotten better with time.

One of the things that you will love about this flask is its big size, at 16 oz (0.5 liters). It is also able to keep your beverage hot for 6 hours and cold for many more.

Designed with a flip cover, you can open and close it with one hand. This makes it an anti-spill flask to use when driving.

With a non-coated interior, the flask repels stains and there is no danger of coat material leaching into your drink.

You may buy your Zojirushi travel coffee mug on where you can see what other users experienced with the mug.


  • Fits into car cup holders
  • Lid fitted with a safety lock to prevent accidents
  • Safe design – non-coated interior
  • Can keep liquid warm overnight
  • Has a nice, ergonomic grasp shape
  • Very safe cover
  • Anti-sweat
  • Totally leak-proof


  • Has a small mouth
  • Can be hard to clean inside

Contigo AUTOSEAL Transit – keep your coffee hot all-day

The Contigo Autoseal Transit is one of the best mugs to keep tea hot when traveling, backpacking, or even camping.

It is a cute travel coffee mug with jade, white and grey finishing. Not only does it appeal to the eye, but it also keeps your drinks hot and cold as you may desire.

The tumbler cover can be washed in the dishwasher (top rack), but you will have to hand wash the body. It comes apart easily thus making cleaning very easy.

With a capacity of 16 oz, that is about all you need for your mid-morning coffee, and then you can refill it again. It will keep your beverage hot for up to five hours.

This hot travel coffee mug can keep your cold drinks at the temperature you poured them in for more than 12 hours. This is a spill-proof mug because it has been made with a design that seals the cover after every sip.

This is actually a patented Contigo technology, so you are not likely to find it in other mugs. If you are looking for a Contigo travel coffee mug with a handle, this is it!


  • Totally spill-proof
  • Safe – BPA-free
  • Covered by a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Wide, almost 3 inches, good for ice
  • Fits in all modern car bottle holders
  • Really keeps drinks hot, not lukewarm
  • The tight lock turning lid is leak-proof


  • It only contains 0.5 liters
  • Be a bugger to keep pressing the button as you drink

Stanley Classic Travel Mugbest vacuum insulated stainless steel travel coffee mug

On the side, this travel flask comes with a label that reads “Stanley Since 1913.” That is a long time, more than a century that this company has been in business. They have an excellent travel coffee mug that will keep your drinks hot for an impressive 9 hours.

It is totally spill-proof. You can fill it up with hot coffee, lock the lid and toss it in your backpack and you are guaranteed there will be no spills.

The Stanley Classic stainless steel mug is built for the outdoor adventurer who loves the rugged rough life of the outdoors but at the same time wants to keep in touch with home, through a smoking hot beverage on that fishing expedition. The vacuum insulation technology will help to keep your drinks hot for longer.

The capacity of 20 oz is big enough for most people. However, there are smaller ones for people who do not want the extra weight.


  • Made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Lifetime warranty for heat retention, workmanship, and materials
  • Keeps iced drinks cold for up to 35 hours
  • One-hand operation – just push a button to open or close the lid
  • Leak and spill-proof
  • Fits nicely in a bottle holder or a bike cage
  • Very affordable
  • Dishwasher-friendly plastic parts


  • The lid has many small parts that may come apart
  • Might start leaking after several months of use

Homitt 30-oz Mug -top travel tumbler to keep coffee hot

This hot or cold coffee flask is designed to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours until the ice totally melts. It can also keep your hot beverages hot for up to 8 hours.

If you take a road trip where you will drive for a long time, choose this hot coffee tumbler. You can’t place the best travel mug without first considering this.

It can fit into any modern car tumbler holder, but at the same time, it is also good for looping around with your hands since it has a carry loop that you can detach when you do not require it.

The Homitt travel mug never sweats and therefore it will not cause a pool of moisture on the table where you place it. It will not burn your hand since there is no heat transfer at all.

When you buy this travel, office, or best coffee flask for home use, you will be pleasantly surprised that it has many accompanying accessories that do not affect the price in any way.

For example, it comes with two straws for drinking. You do not have your coffee through a vent hole.

It is also sold with a detachable handle that is heatproof, a lid, and a cleaning brush for easier cleaning. If you need a travel tumbler with the best vacuum insulation technology and a handle, this is it!


  • It is big- 30 oz (1 liter)
  • Keeps drinks hot for up to 8 hours
  • Keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours
  • A wide mouth makes it easy to put in ice
  • Long-lasting stainless material
  • One year warranty and 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Healthy – made with food-grade plastic and stainless steel parts


  • Ice is gone in 24 hours
  • It is large, so it is heavy

CamelBak Forge – best coffee mug for work

You cannot talk about the best coffee mugs to keep drinks hot or cold the longest without discussing the features of the CamelBak Forge double-walled travel mug.

With incredible features like a self-sealing cap that ensures there are no spills whatsoever. No matter how many times this travel flask rolls in your backpack, it is not going to spill.

The best thing about the Forge is that it keeps drinks very hot. If you intend to have your coffee after a few hours, say about four hours, it will be at the same temperature as when you put the beverage in.

Your coffee is not going to be lukewarm. It will be piping hot.

The lid is dishwasher safe. It also does not collect grime, thus it is very safe, and hygienic.

Because it is a self-sealing travel bottle, you have to press the trigger when you are drinking for it to release the drink. The trigger is firm but very responsive. You will almost not notice it.


  • Long-lasting
  • CamelBak lifetime guarantee
  • Finger carry tag
  • Allows small sips only, which is safe for hot drinks
  • Keeps drinks really hot with vacuum insulation.
  • Has open lock feature to keep the lid open to drink continuously
  • Fully leak and spill-proof


  • Too small sips
  • Wish it were bigger, say about 20 oz or more

SIC Salmon Travel Mug/Bottle

SIC is an acronym for Seriously Ice Cold. This is more of a water bottle, but you will also love that it is huge, and therefore it can carry copious amounts of coffee. It has a capacity of 27 oz, which is almost a full liter.

The double-wall vacuum construction ensures there is no heat transfer from inside or outside. It also ensures there is no sweating. We feel that this alone makes it one of the best mugs for keeping beverages hot.

Another important feature is the wide mouth, which allows you to put in ice cubes easily. It also makes cleaning very easy.

Finally, the finishing is also an important consideration for coffee travel mugs. It is powder-coated. It is also available in many different colors.


  • Fits in car cup holders
  • Large – holds plenty of drink
  • Can be attached to the backpack through the loop on the lid
  • Keeps drinks hot for a long time
  • Wide color selection – up to 12 colors
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Carabiner-styled lid for backpacking, hiking, or mountain biking.


  • Can be hard to clean especially the lid
  • Might not entirely spill-proof between lid and body

Ello Ogden Ceramic Travel Mug – Best ceramic travel mug

Back at home, we all sip our tea, hot milk, and coffee out of a ceramic mug. There is just a very good homely feeling about this. If you are looking for the same experience as you travel or go camping, you should try the Ello Ogden ceramic travel mug. This is the best ceramic travel mug. Again, all the parts of this mug can be washed in the dishwasher – top rack.

It is BPA, lead, cadmium, phthalates, and PVC free, thus very safe. When you drink, you will love the touch of ceramic on your lips since the sliding lid lets you sip straight from the ceramic.


  • It is ceramic, just like home
  • Fits in the car bottle-holder
  • You can sip with a straw
  • Has an anti-slip rubber grip
  • Microwave safe
  • Very easy to clean thoroughly, especially the lid.


  • Coffee doesn’t keep hot for long
  • Delicate- all ceramic items are delicate

Contigo SnapSeal Byron Travel Mug – best coffee travel mugs

This is yet another travel coffee tumbler from Contigo, it is super clean, very easy to use, and has passed all the leak tests. If you love drinking when you are on the move, buy the Contigo Snap seal Byron Travel Mug.

This traveling mug fits nicely in the cup holders of your car. This is unlike other mugs that leave a lot of space and keep moving around a lot as the car vibrates.

Image of keep coffee hot

The coffee mug is not only easy to use but it is also easy to clean. To drink, just pop the button on top. You will also love the fact that it has been built with a rubber grip which does not conduct heat. As it keeps the content hot inside, it will be safe to hold and this rubber is also anti-slip.

Although this is without a doubt a good travel flask, you might want to be careful about throwing it around a lot as the top cover does not hold too tightly. However, if you will just put in the cup holder of your car and carry it to the office, it will be perfectly fine for you.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Fits nicely in the car cup holder
  • Very affordable
  • Keeps your drink hot at room temperature for 7 hours
  • Can keep drinks cold for 9 hours
  • Good for use as a travel mug


  • Not to be tossed in the bag
  • Does not keep drinks piping hot

Keurig 12oz Stainless Steel – Insulated Coffee Travel Mug

Keurig Stainless Steel 12-oz travel mug is incredibly beautiful in design. well, design alone doesn’t do the job. It is the best vacuum insulated stainless steel mug.

On the exterior, it has a rubberized gripping area which means it is anti-slip. If you are the sort of person with sweaty hands, you know the importance of having a mug with an anti-slip surface.

This is one of the best mugs for keeping your drinks hot. The one gives you enough room to carry 12-oz of coffee. It also leaves some room to add cream or milk.

The flip-top lid on the top makes it so easy to use, to sip from. You will also love the fact that the lid of this mug is dishwasher-friendly.

It will also fit nicely under all Keurig coffee machines. So if you have a Keurig coffee maker at home, why not buy this Keurig travel mug for uniformity?


  • Easy to clean once you remove the lid
  • Keeps content hot for long
  • Rubberized grip is anti-slip in nature
  • Very comfortable on the hands
  • Beautiful design and style
  • Fits in cup holders of your car


  • The only lid is dishwasher safe
  • Does not keep your drink hot for hours on end

Mixologist World Insulated Tumbler – Best Travel Mugs

Are you looking for travel mugs to keep your coffee hot for a long time? Perhaps you want to keep your iced tea ice cold for hours on end, look no further than here.

Mixologist World brings you one awesome insulated travel coffee mug, one that meets all the desires of a coffee enthusiast who never wants to leave his drink behind.

You will love the design of this coffee tumbler. First, it is made with stainless steel and some plastic, but the stainless steel mug doesn’t feel plasticky.

Double-walled, vacuum insulated, this one ensures that the outside temperature does not get to your drink. The vacuum in between the walls acts as a buffer zone keeping a barrier between the hot drink and the cold outside and vice versa. That is how this tumbler keeps your drink hot for 6 hours and your iced tea cold for 24 hours.

The handle of this flask is anti-slip in design. Even if it is a hot day and your palms sweat, you can still carry it with confidence that you will get to your car.

With a capacity of 30 oz, that should be enough to keep you replenished until you refill. This one is also sold with a stainless steel straw and a cleaning brush.

The lid is leak-proof. If you are looking for a tumbler that you can fill up with your drinks and toss it in your bag, this is the one for you.


  • Very affordable
  • Incredibly beautiful design
  • Easy to clean
  • Spill-proof lid
  • Keeps drinks hot for five hours.
  • Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours


  • It would help to have more colors to select from

Buying Guide For The Best Travel Coffee Mug

Like everything else that you buy online, look for a tried, tested, and proven travel mug. There are so many in the market such that you will be spoilt for choice.

The most important things to consider include the price, the style, whether it can fit in the cup holders of your car. You also want to know whether you can toss it in your bag and go.

Consider the number of hours that it will keep your coffee hot. In many instances, hot means hot at room temperature as opposed to piping hot. So, choose one that is vacuum insulated.

If the travel tumbler is leak-proof, then it is good. Buy it. Test it thoroughly when you buy it so that you can return it if it fails the leakage test.

Since it is a travel mug, it had better be able to hold up to the rigors of adventure.

Helpful tips for which travel mug keeps drinks warm the longest

Here, we bring you all the information that you need to know about the best travel mugs in this post.

  • It has the best sealing, leak-proof lid. If you have to pack it in your bag, you want to know that it will not spill and damage your items.
  • Choose one that has safe seals. Some rubber seals can pass their nasty flavor into your coffee.
  • Choose a well-known brand name. You will be looking for one with the most reviews.
  • Cleaning should be easy. No one wants to take coffee in a dirty mug.
  • It should be easy to use even when you are driving
  • It should be able to fit in the cup holders in your car

Buy what suits your style. There are stainless steel travel coffee mugs, ceramic coffee mugs, and plastic coffee mugs.

Do not worry about the price too much. One, it is a travel mug, therefore it is made to withstand the rigors of travel, and that makes it a bit costly.

Two, it is totally leak-proof and three, it will last a long time. I always say it is better to pay more and get more features than pay less and get fewer features.

It must retain heat for as long as possible. That is why it is a travel tea mug. Even though your drink might not be piping hot by the time you drink it hours after you leave home, it should be at a comfortable and drinkable temperature.

FAQs for the Best Travel Mugs

Here are the questions that most people looking for the best travel coffee mug ask. Maybe they will help you too:

How do you keep coffee warm in a mug?

There a few ways to do this. First, make sure that the vacuum flask is working well and that it is not leaking. Secondly, you may wrap the coffee mug with a fabric, a towel, scarf, or something so that it keeps hot for the longest time.

Which coffee mug is the best?

In a market that has so many of these, it can be a bit hard to know what is what. However, our best travel coffee mug for 2020 would be the Contigo AutoSeal West Loop travel coffee mug.

We love its slim design and the stainless steel build it tells the whole story about the product. The lid is sealed and leak-proof. If you want a coffee flask that you can toss in the bag without a worry in the world, it is this one. With good care, it should last you many years on end.

Check Price on Amazon

What mug keeps coffee hot the longest?

Again, here, you will get a choice of many of these travel hot coffee mugs. For keeping coffee hot the longest, we think the Zojirushi SM-SC60HM Stainless Mug fits the bill pretty well.

It is sleek and you will not feel ashamed to pull it out of your bag. It can keep your chai latte hot for more than 5 hours. Imagine that! Just see how good it looks below:

Check Price on Amazon

Why does coffee taste different in a travel mug?

Does it really? Well having drunk gallons and gallons of coffee over our lifetime, we are certain to form certain misconceptions. These are just that – misconceptions! They are things we think of just in the mind that are in reality not there at all.

The taste of coffee depending on the material you drink it from is one of them. If you are really thirsty, you will not feel your coffee taste any different from a travel mug, because it doesn’t taste different!

However, do clean the mug thoroughly every time before you can pour in fresh coffee. Yesterday’s coffee can be stale thus affecting today’s coffee.

How does a travel mug keep your drink hot?

Actually, all travel mugs either keep your drink hot, or cold. This is simple but very effective engineering. Insulated travel mugs have double walls. Between the walls, there is a vacuum because the air is sucked out.

This provides the insulation, which ensures no heat is lost to the outside. No heat can get to your drink from the outside. That is why they are also referred to as travel vacuum flasks.

Then there are travel coffee mugs with handles, and those without. Choose what you may.

Conclusion – Travel Coffee Mug

For the best coffee mugs to keep coffee hot the longest, these are only ten of the best. You will find that brand names like Thermos, CamelBak, and others have many models, some big, some small.

Looking for the best coffee travel mugs 2020 and beyond should start here. No matter what your budget is, you will find that there is one for it in the market. Travel and take your hot coffee with you – kill two birds with one stone.

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