Kalea Diaper Bag Review: Best Backpack for Traveling Moms

Image of best backpack for traveling moms

A traveling mom needs a backpack that is much more than a regular backpack. The best backpack for traveling moms must have many features. As you can see in the image above, it is a good looking bag too. You can order similar ones on amazon.

A good mom backpack must have compartments for organization. It must be easy to clean, must not retain stains and most important of all, it must be made with some of the best strong seams that can withstand a lot of weight. It must be big, yet small enough for mom to carry it along with the baby.

So you must be wondering whether there is such a diaper backpack in the market. Yes, there is one. It is the Kalea diaper backpack for moms with toddlers. I would call it a backpack after a mom’s heart, but for fear of retribution, I won’t. Heck, I have already called it that!

But as you will see when you buy this back pack, it is not only good for moms. It is also one of the best diaper bags for dads. It looks so cool, and dad will be proud to carry it along, not that I am cutting dads some slack here, but you know how it is. A man wants to carry a manly diaper bag.

Features of the best diaper backpack

Backpack package

First, this backpack for traveling moms is sold in a package of three. The first one and the biggest is the main backpack that measures 43 by 30.5 by 15cm. It is also sold with a changing pad that measures a good size of 51 by 33cm. This is big enough to fit even the largest babies when changing them.

Drawstring pouch

There is a medium-sized pouch for mom to put her personal stuff, you know stuff like keys, cellphone, iPad and others. It is secured by drawstring, but make no mistake about it because it is very secure. This pouch measures 24cm by 22 cm. That should fit a lot of small personal stuff.

Packing cubes

There are two cubes – a large one and a medium sized one. The large cube measures 24.5 by 18 by 10.2cm. The medium sized cube measures 20 by 13 by 5.1cm. These storage cubes are going to help you with organization. You can store clean unused diapers in one and dirty diapers in the other, waiting for disposal.

Backpack space

The large backpack is the real marvel here. It is made with many compartments to make organization incredible for a mom on the move. It has several spacious compartments where mom can store snacks, toys, dollies, diapers and many more items. This makes it easy for mom to reach whatever she needs when she is on a road trip, in an airport or on a wilderness camping rendezvous.

Insulated pocket 

The best diaper backpack anticipates every need and provides for it. That is why this one has an insulated side pocket to keep baby’s milk hot all the time. When you are not packing baby’s milk, you can fit a 30-ounce coffee mug for traveling for yourself in the compartment. It will stay piping hot until you drink it.

Baby wipes pocket

Then there is a pocket for the wipes. Every mom needs wet wipes for the baby, right? There is a pocket designed to fit a full packet of wipes. When you leave home, you will be packed with everything you need, all in the compartmentalized diaper backpack.

Strong backpack fabric

Another reason why this is the best diaper backpack is that it is made of a strong nylon fabric that you can wipe clean fast. You know how hard it is to avoid spillages and stains on a backpack when you have a bay.

Thankfully, this backpack has been designed for a mommy on the move. With a damp piece of cloth, the nylon fabric of this backpack wipes clean right away. The material is also water-resistant and repellent. When you pour a little water on it, you will see that it quickly beads up and rolls away. This backpack will not let in water no matter what.

Many backpack uses

This backpack has been designed for moms with babies, but then the designer went ahead and made it in a versatile fashion such that you can use it for anything. For example, if you and the older kids are going for an overnight hike, you can use it as a kid’s hiking backpack.

You can also use it to run your everyday errands. It is one of the most stylish diaper bags and even when the kids are grown, you can use it as a traveling backpack for your stuff.

Meshed compartment

The meshed compartment can take some of the bigger stuff when you are going camping. For example, you can carry your flashlight for camping, or maybe you want to toss in a few books. If not, just fold your raincoat and stash it in there. This traveling bag has a compartment for just about anything.

Most secure compartment

If you think you have seen it all, well, you haven’t. Inside the backpack, a padded compartment has been provided. It is big enough to fit a regular laptop. Once the laptop is in, you can secure it with the available Velcro tape to keep it from moving about. When your kids outgrow this backpack, you can continue using it as a backpack for your laptop.

Stroller straps

The provided detachable stroller straps will come in handy when you are taking the baby out for a stroll in town, or when your are hiking with your toddler. These stroller straps are made for a stroller that has cup holders. This means that when your baby is already in the stroller, the diaper backpack does not have to go to the undercarriage and occupy all the space there.

Padded and breathable back

The padded back is ventilated to make it breathable. When you are carrying the best diaper bag for dads, you do not want to sweat too much. Besides, the padded section that gets in touch with your torso is soft.

Good for twins

If you have twins, you do not need two of the best diaper bags. This one backpack is more than enough,. Actually, it has been designed to fit stuff for mom and two babies comfortably.

Finally, you will be happy that Kalea included a luggage sleeve for easier portability when you are traveling. Just grab it and hit the road. Better yet, if it is not too heavy, just lug it over one shoulder as you go to catch the train or the bus.

Pros of the best backpack for traveling moms

  • It has many compartments as referenced in the features
  • It is a very stylish diaper bag. That is why it is referred to as a designer diaper bag
  • It will fold well and when you unfold it there will be no crease marks
  • Small bags are very useful for toiletries, packing you electric toothbrush for traveling and so on
  • Water repellent nylon material
  • Padded back is comfortable on your torso
  • Large changing pad
  • Can be put to other uses when your babies outgrow it
  • Has a safe compartment that lies next to your back

Cons of the Kalea stylish diaper bag

  • Straps may tend to extend by themselves when you carry it or hang it on your chair
  • Some men do not like it as it looks too much like a designer bag but hey, YOLO!


Who should buy the Kalea best backpack for traveling moms?

Obviously, a traveling mom should buy this. You will need it. It has great organization with a compartment for just about anything. In addition, this is also one of the best diaper bags for dads and he will love carrying it along.

If you have twin toddlers, this bag is perfect for the two of them. It can carry everything you need for both of them, even items for an overnight hike or trip. This then makes you wonder whether the backpack will be too big if you have one baby. It is not. Besides, you too want to carry your own stuff.

Conclusion and recommendation

Be warned, this is a very stylish diaper bag and so you should only buy it if you do not mind standing out. It is made to last a long time. Tell you what, long after your kids are all grown, you will still be using it to carry your clothes and items like travel neck pillows or backpack when traveling. It is a win-win situation for you really. You cannot lose out. Without doubt, this is the best backpack for traveling moms to put your money on.

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