Top Beach Camping Tips For Your Vacation

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The sizzling warm sand massages your office-tired bones … you feel the sand sifting through your toes, and you love it! This is heaven! Try the beach camping tips with your family, so lovely, so enjoyable.

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Were it not for your fear of snakes, vermin, creepers and crawlers, you would burrow in the warm sand and spend the whole night there.

The sound of the ocean waves rolling on the shore is like music to your ears. Only true beach enthusiasts can hear, understand and love this music. Pack your beach tent, and welcome to your beach camping vacation! It is crazy fun, and it leaves you wanting more.

Like any other kind of camping vacation, making camp on the beach needs thorough preparation. You need to bring the right gear, a travel diaper bag if you have a baby, especially when you are planning to stay overnight.

Here are a few things to make your beach vacation many times more enjoyable:

Bring the right camping tent

That is right. Bring the right tent for camping on the beach. Right in this case means size. If you are sharing the tent, consider the size of the people you will be sharing it with. Large people need bigger tents. Always buy a tent that gives you enough space to maneuver around, unless you want to be bumping into an elbow every time you turn.

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A family tent would be a good idea. However, if the people using it turn and toss in their sleep or are afraid of being confined in small places, make the tent at least one-person size bigger. For example, if four people will use it, buy a tent that is rated and sized for five or six people.

Buy a three-season tent. This one is light, comfortable and enjoyable because it has been rated for the summer, fall and spring seasons. The beach conditions can be a bit humid, too warm or even outright hot. You want to bring a tent that will allow heat to escape and some cool breeze to come in.

Pop up tent? Good idea. For daytime use, make sure the tent is open fronted so that you can stay safe from the sun yet be near everything happening around.

Carry insect repellent spray or net

Animals, insects and pests love the beach, so be sure of sharing the sun and sand with some unwelcome guests. Instead of applying repellent directly on your skin, it would be much better to bring a net or insect repellent wipes. It is just as effective and anyway, you do not know whether the repellent product is going to react with your skin.

Camp in the designated places only

Do not be a maverick. Follow the beach camping and swimming regulations to the letter. Disobeying them could lead to your banishment, or expose you to serious danger. Many lives have been lost. Rip currents have caused death. You want to be able to identify them and know how to get out if caught in one.

Ensure gear safety

You want to keep your car and home keys safe. They always get lost. Just tie a floater to your keys so that they float instead of sinking if you accidentally drop them in the water To avoid disorganization or loss of your items, just unpack what you need for each moment. Let the rest stay in the pack.

Keep everything organized, just in case you have to evacuate quickly. When buying your stuff for beach camping vacation, do insist on buying sand-proof items unless you want to carry tons of sand home with you.

Keep your smartphone in a clear sandwich bag. That way, it is safe from the sand. You can also use it without taking it out of the bag.

Bring a waxed canvas bedroll and leave the tent behind

A sleeping bag and a pad will ensure you catch most of your beauty sleep at night. This is more space-economical than a camping cot. The sleeping pad provides some insulation between the sleeping bag and the ground.

If you care for a canvas bedroll, that is, a sleeping bag and pad all rolled into a waxed canvas cover, you might not even need to sleep inside the tent. Canvas is tough and when it is waxed, it becomes waterproof.

When going beach camping on areas with high waves, bring a synthetic sleeping bag because it dries fast.

Do not forget your toiletry items

Nature is no respecter of persons and it will not stop calling just because you are camping on the beach. Even if there is a full-fledged beach campsite with all the facilities, carry your own toiletry items like soap, toilet roll, alcohol wipes and others.

If you are camping in a remote beach without the campsite facilities, you may have to bring a portable toilet. There are many varieties in the market and you should be spoiled for choice.

Beach games make the vacation more fun

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It is criminal to go to the beach and not play some camping games. Beach volleyball, bowling, Frisbee golf games, kite flying and many more will make this beach time unforgettable for your children.

If it comes to bare-knuckle tool-free games, just get to digging the sand. Compete to see who can dig the deepest. What do they say that the best things in life are free? It is true. Such games will give you the best opportunity to bond with your children.

Pack light and right too

Towels, food, water, medication/first aid, personal hygiene, clothing and a portable water filter makes up just about everything that you need to toss in your camping backpack. If you have kids, let them pack and carry their own packs. Let them know they are responsible for their stuff. It is on getaways like these that lessons about responsibility are passed on to the next generation.

Do not forget your swimming costume. It is the beach, right? Surfing boards, snorkel gear, sunscreen, sunglasses, wide brimmed hats, books, cellphone and a solar charge should get the first priority when packing your stuff.

Do not forget a camping stove – cook your food

Nothing is better than a piping hot meal in the camp night, and exchanging stories as you take dinner. Bring a camping stove; choose the most appropriate one as they come in all sizes and types.

From liquid fuel, canister gas to solid fuel, there is a camping stove for everyone. Be sure to buy trail food because that is easy and fast to prepare. Carry silicone utensils as opposed to plastic. The latter crumples down, rendering your cups unusable.


These are just a few beach camping tips for your vacation. There are many more but you just need these for a short beach getaway. When it is just a weekend beach revel, you want to keep things as simple as possible, yet impressive and memorable for everyone.


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