Best Backpacks for Moms with Toddlers in 2021

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Best Backpacks for Moms with Toddlers

Hello Mom and Dad.

Welcome and congratulations on having that angel, that bouncing bundle of joy!

However, you have a problem, right… a little problem about finding the top-rated diaper bags and backpacks for moms with toddlers.

Worry no more! I will help you find just the best backpack diaper bags.

You can buy the best diaper bags on, where there is a lot of variety. Check out a backpack for moms such as the one below:

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A good backpack for a mom must be simple to pack and access items. Moms with toddlers are busy, trying to juggle many things all at the same time so having a diaper bag that is styled specifically as a diaper backpack would be beneficial.

To help you see the essence of that, I have included a video from Monica Perera’s YouTube channel about diaper bag essentials and how to pack them. It is a must-see for moms with toddlers.


What is the Best Diaper Backpack?

Honestly, the market will spoil you for choice if you are looking for a mom backpack. There are so many of them. Some of the most renowned brand names include:

  • Moskka Baby backpack
  • Hyblom
  • Hip Cub Diaper pack
  • Bag Nation Back pack
  • Skip Hop
  • Graco Gotham

There are many more diaper backpack options that you can consider buying. Of course, what you get depends on your needs, budget, and, most importantly, the features. We would recommend that you look for a mom backpack that has insulated pockets, both interior pockets and exterior pockets, as well as side pockets, secured small pockets for your precious items, changing pad, and many more.

Of course, you should not forget the design and build quality. The best backpack diaper bags for moms should have high-quality adjustable shoulder straps. A padded back is also good for breathability and comfort.

Moskka Baby Diaper Backpack for Mums with Toddlers

This infant backpack for traveling comes with many impressive features. It is on our list as a perfect backpack for moms.

For example, this toddler backpack has 12 pockets and a spacious interior to help you organize your baby’s stuff. In addition, it has a changing pad too that you will use for a long time. It even has an insulated pocket for bottles and sippy cups!

It is a wide insert backpack for moms, meaning that it opens widely and makes it simple for a mom to stuff diapers and any other items into it.

Then there is a special compartment designed to store your smartphones. Is it lockable? You will find out when you own one.

With comfortable shoulder straps, Moskka baby diaper backpacks for traveling are simple for you to wear around. The straps are adjustable to allow a shorter or taller person to wear this backpack comfortably.

With a padded back, it is very comfortable on your back. You can also use it as a tote bag, an infant bag and as a backpack for hiking moms with toddlers, of course.

This one gives you the full value for your money. It is also available in three different colors so that you can choose what you prefer.

It is sold with a money-back guarantee of 100 percent for 90 days. This shows you just how confident Moskka is in their product. This is, without doubt, the top backpack diaper bag.

Whether mommy or daddy will be carrying this backpack style diaper bag, it looks great. It is a good backpack and it can be referred to as a unisex pack for baby, mom and dad.

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Hyblom – Moms Backpack

This one has 12 pockets that you can use for storing different things. This good-looking grey colored diaper backpack can hold a lot of baby’s stuff, as well as things for mama and daddy too. It has an overall volume of 24 liters, quite big and handy.

You also get insulated pockets and a free baby changing mat. Some of the multiple pockets are lockable zip pockets for enhanced safety. Basically, there are many features to make a user happy.

The material used for the manufacture of this moms backpack is water resistant nylon fabric and high-quality polyester material, both of which are good materials for maintenance and longevity.

It is easy to clean. It has shoulder straps that are comfortably built and are adjustable to be used by different people, even your children.

This strong backpack is built to withstand the rigors of travel and, at the same time, look chic and refined, just as a baby bag should be. Backed by a 90 day full money-back guarantee, there is no reason why one should hesitate to buy this backpack. It gives good value for your money.

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Bag Nation Mommy Backpack For Moms

For traveling, it is only fair to expect more than 100 percent perfection in this bag, and it does not disappoint. This diaper bag backpack for mom will serve you for a long time. It has some good features to appreciate.

This Bag Nation backpack has 14 pockets that give you great organize-ability so that you do not mix infant items with your things. This ensures that you access your things quickly.

It is made of a light water resistant fabric, so you will not have to worry too much about it if you are caught hiking in a rain shower. However, it is always a good idea to bring a large umbrella to cover your kid, yourself and the stuff you have with you.

It comes with a changing pad, a key chain and an insulated bottle pocket.

This traveling bag is made in America for the joy of every mom and dad. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded for extra comfort. There are also stroller straps to hang this bag on the stroller when you are moving about town.

The interior pockets, side, and back pockets are great for storing stuff you need to access quickly. This diaper pack is good even when daddy carries it so it could be the best backpack for you.

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Diaper Bag by Hip Cub – Stylish Diaper Bags

The exterior of this collection of bags is made of cotton canvas, a material that lasts through a long time of use and abuse.

Hip Cub does not mince words when they say they are making a hip set of bags for mommy and baby because their diaper bags are very stylish and come in a combination of three colors.

Should spillage occur to the exterior of the bag, just clean it up easily and move on with life.

This bag comes with many compartments, enough for your baby stuff. Bottle pockets are available on both sides.

They are secure pockets, so you can be sure of losing nothing on your way. Inside the bag is a vast, zippered main compartment where you can keep the dirty bottles and zip them away.

It is advertised as unisex, a comfortable bag for dads. However, it really doesn’t look much like a dad’s bag, but all the same, it doesn’t shout, “I am a feminine bag.”

It is sold with stroller straps so that you can just hang it on the stroller. It also has a nice changing pad that you get free with your purchase.

You will get a full money guarantee for 90 days when you buy the bag. However, the best thing is that when you are not using it as a diaper bag, you can just use it as a regular bag.

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BabyX Multifunction Diaper Bag Backpack

This is another mom backpack style bag for diaper. It is waterproof.

If you would like to heft it onto your shoulders and wear it on your back, that is perfectly fine as it comes with adjustable and comfortable straps. At the same time, you can also carry it by its handle, as a tote bag.

You will have enough space to keep things organized with many different compartments, from the clean to the dirty, from the large to the small items.

The milk bottle can go to the one and only place where it will stay warm and safe – in the thermo-insulated pocket specifically made for it.

It comes with a free changing pad. Inside pockets are zippered for safety. For example, you can stash your keys and cellphone in a couple of zip pockets and be sure they will be safe.

This bag has a wipes pocket dispenser, which allows you to access them quickly when in a hurry. The fabric of the bag is also easy to clean.

This Graco Gotham diaper bag backpack is sold with a limited warranty of one year, covering manufacturing and materials defects.

One of the most outstanding features of the bag is its large compartments. While other bags come with too many compartments and pockets that are small, this mom backpack comes with several big compartments and pockets. You will find packing it easy.

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Skip Hop Baby Lightweight Diaper Bag

Hiking with Kids, the manufacturer of this bag, claims to be intimate with the world of parenthood. This perfectly sized mom backpack is styled in beautiful colors of grey and white in a chevron pattern.

This backpack comes with 11 pockets (4 interior pockets and 7 external pockets), which are more than enough for the baby stage as well as the toddler stage. There is a mesh pocket on each end of the bag for storing bottles.

Whether you would like to carry the bag by hand as a tote or hang it on your shoulder, you will find both options possible with the straps.

The padded shoulder strap can be adjusted to the size that you find appropriate. Non-slip stroller straps will ensure that the bag stays intact on the stroller when you are about town.

And the best thing yet is that this diaper bag backpack can also fit many laptops. If your laptop is 15 inches, then you have got yourself a pack. You can keep the main compartment zipped for safety, and there are two side pockets for bottles.

The bag comes with a cushioned pad for changing your baby.

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Do You Really Need Bags for Moms?

Of course, if you are a mom or a daddy, you need the best backpack for moms with toddlers. It not only gives you space to hold your and your baby’s items, but it also helps keep you as organized as possible. It can be quite a flurry trying to find things in your pack.

It is not fair that you should not go out for a sight-see just because you have a kid. It is also not right that you should leave the baby behind. You can take him or her along and let the traveling bug bite them early.

“The world is a book, and if you never travel, you only read one page.” – attributed to St. Augustine. You sure would like to read all the pages you can with your family in tow!

Whether you are traveling long distance or short distance, you will need the best diaper bag for 2021 and beyond because your bundle of joy will require you to carry a lot of stuff with you.

From medication, supplements, lotions, food to diapers themselves, you will find it more comfortable carrying a little of each of the items you will need. This is better than assuming that you will buy them at your destination.

Buying Guide for Top Rated Backpack for Moms

You do not need to pick the first mommy and toddler diaper bag backpack that you find. You have to consider the features it comes with, the size, material, and convenient features. You might also consider buying a unisex baby backpack so that daddy can wear it comfortably.

Best Diaper Bags for Dads 2020

Traveling, going camping, or hiking with your baby is one of the nicest ways to bond. To make this possible, many diaper bag backpack manufacturers have come up with good daddy and toddler packs.

Many people, already pressed to the corner by the hefty costs of raising children, ask why they cannot just pack everything in a regular backpack and go. However, that is just not the best option, as you will see later.

If you are going outdoors, there is no way you will pack your infant items in the same bag as your hiking boots. It is better to look for the best backpack or travel bag that is specifically designed for a child, daddy or mom.

Here is a snapshot of the most important things that a travel bag for diapers should have:

Size: How Big Should My Diaper Pack Be?

Size is an essential consideration when buying backpack diaper bags. OK, you might want to consider the cost too. But size is all about your personal preference, not what everyone else is carrying around.

Some women prefer a minimalist design, keeping their toddler and mommy bags small and effective, while others prefer them big. If you mostly move around with your husband (wink wink), keep it big, pack it with stuff, and make him wear it around.

However, make sure only to pack what you need, as it makes no sense to carry stuff that your baby will not use.

It is better to buy a large bag so that you can use it for all manner of travel, whether a dash to see your auntie in another town, a weekend getaway, or even travel to another country. This is far more economical than buying many small bags for each travel occasion.

Compartments/Pockets on Mom Backpacks

As you know, an infant’s skin can be pretty sensitive. Lotion should not spill on the diapers. As much as you apply the same on his body, you sure do not want too much of it on his bum now, do you?

Most backpacks for moms come with enough compartments to separate many of the things kids need. But hey, just make sure, will you?

The Fabric

This is the absolute no-brainer when you are buying a travel pack for carrying kid stuff. You see, bringing an infant along with means some spillages along the way, and some of them can be nasty to clean.

You want a backpack that is easy to clean without its value and quality going down the gutter. This diaper bag backpack must have a high-quality fabric, one that is both stylish and functional.

If some of the milk, water and lotions spill from the inside, will the bag clean thoroughly? Or will there be an everlasting stain on the bag? Hiking with kids can be a dirty job, so you need a bag that will not show stains.

It is guaranteed – there will be spillages. So buy a bag whose fabric is water resistant and easy to wipe clean and go, a befitting backpack for moms on the go.

Future Use of the Diaper Backpack

As your child grows, you will still want a diaper bag to use for your toddler. Do you want to continue using this one, or do you want to buy a new one? It is better to buy a large, high-quality bag that you can use for a long time in the future.

The Straps

On your vacations with your infant or toddler, you will buy stuff you will want to take home with you. In addition, food, all those bottles of liquids, powder, lotions, and other stuff can weigh quite a bit.

Mind the straps! You do not want a skinny strap that will cut through your shoulder. Also, you do not want a flimsy strap that will break under the weight of diapers and other items that you bring along.

Get medium to wide straps that will most likely be padded on the shoulders for extra comfort.


This is important to some moms, and to some, it is not. However, a good-looking kid deserves to be served from the best backpack diaper bags, or they might just grow up and decide to sue you!

Buy good looking backpacks for moms with toddlers. If you can afford designer bags and want one, buy one. If you cannot, just look for something that looks nice, whatever pleases you. Amid all the hassles and frazzles of traveling with your baby, this bag will make you feel good about yourself.

If you think it looks ridiculous, it is, and most probably, your infant thinks the same too, but he respects you too much to show it. Seriously, look for a stylish bag that appeals to you. This is the age of the internet of everything and there are so many products online to compare.


Mom Backpack Price

Finally, here comes an awakening thought about price. The best diaper bag for international travel will cost you more. A designer travel diaper bag will cost a lot, and a regular travel nappy bag will cost a medium price.

What can you afford? Usually, it is advisable to pay a bit more money for more features and longevity. If you pay a dirt-cheap price for your baby bag, well, do not be surprised if you get dirt-cheap quality.

Find a balance between quality and price. As long as it gives you good value for your money, that is a good bag. However, do not pay an extravagant price for the same.

Do Mother Nature One Good Turn

Although such bags will be a bit expensive and are not absolutely necessary, it always gives a good feeling when you know that you played your role in environmental conservation.

Look for bags made from natural materials like hemp, cotton, and others and avoid materials that contain phthalates, PVC, and other harmful ingredients.

Best Diaper Backpack for Twins

If you got a double blessing, there is no doubt that you will need a large diaper bag for travel. Two babies mean the same needs, only that they are multiplied two times.

As much as you are looking for many features, knowing how to pack a backpack for diapers is essential. Thankfully, there are many guides online for that. Just use your imagination and designate different pockets for different baby items.

Difference Between a Diaper Bag and a Diaper Backpack

This is an important consideration for any mom looking for backpacks for moms with toddlers. The traditional diaper bag is a shoulder bag style, while the baby backpack can be carried on the back.

The latter is much better if you would like to carry more stuff and, at the same time, carry your baby in your arms. So, if you would like to keep your hands free, use a diaper bag backpack.

If you will be using a pram or stroller for moving your baby around, use a diaper bag since you can just hang it on the stroller. If you have other luggage too, you can carry smaller diaper packs since clothes can go to your main luggage.

Most mothers love to use the diaper bag as their handbag too. If that is so, you will want to use a diaper bag instead of a backpack.


You have now seen how to find the best diaper bags and backpacks for moms with young children. You know the features to look for, and I have reviewed six of them for you.

Now, if you are a new parent, you know what to buy. If you are a daddy-to-be, you can buy one for your baby. All of the mum and baby backpacks and mommy bags we have reviewed here make good baby shower gifts. Are you ready to surprise someone? Do it! Buy them the best backpack for moms.


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