Are Nike Shoes Good for Hiking?

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Which Nike shoes are best for hiking?

Well, before we go into that, Nike has been in the business of making and selling shoes and apparel for sports and other activities since 1964.

The company started as simply Nike, and would later change its name to Nike Inc. in 1976. It would go public in 1978.

So, are Nike shoes good for hiking? Specific Nike brands such as ACG Ruckle Ridge, AirMax Goaterra and AirMax Goadome are good for hiking. These boots have been made with hiking off the beaten trail in mind. They are resilient and they last hundreds to thousands of miles. 

Now, on the issue of what of these shoes you can use for the trail, there are so many of them. However, compare several models side by side until you get one that can meet your hiking needs in the best way possible.

Does Nike make a hiking shoe?

The answer is yes, they do.

Frankly, there Is no surprise there because this company has been making trail running shoes. Therefore, it was not a matter of if but when. Eventually, the time came and so today, we have a special hiking boot from this brand.

In the year 2018, Tinker Hatfield and Aaron Cooper, two of Nike’s most renowned designers came up with a boot for urban adventurers that could also be used on the trails. The name of this boots is ACG Ruckle Ridge.

This company has had its ACG – All Conditions Gear brand for many years. It was only fair that the trail boot fall under this brand, hence the name ACG Ruckel Ridge, which you can buy on

However, you will be surprised that the Ruckel Ridge is not even the most popular model under this brand name. There are many others.

These include (available on

ACG Air Revaderchi Men’s Hiking Shoes

ACG Dog Mountain Trail Running Shoes

So yes, this brand name does make some good hiking boots. For example, the Revaderchi is quite a pair of boots for hiking. It is made of suede upper and Vietnam outer sole. You can wear it with confidence on the trails.

Special design of Nike hiking shoes

Cooper said that the design of these shoes for hiking was inspired by mountain goats. He says he spotted these animals climbing steadily on sheer cliffs. Research established that their hooves are hard on the outside but soft at the middle. This gives the goat a perfect grip on slippery surfaces.

Because their hiking shoes are designed in the same way, they make it easy for you to walk on steep trails. Because the sole is not rigid, walking is easy. Remember, the foot folds a bit at the ball of foot area when you walk. A rigid sole can make this hard.

Are Nike running shoes good for hiking?

Once, I tried to use a knife to loosen a screw. It slipped, and I cut my finger badly.

I know it is such a short analogy, but the accident was totally avoidable. If only I had used the right tool for the right job …

Usually, the question that most people ask here is whether you can use running shoes for hiking. Well, we cannot say yes or no.

What we can say is that if you have bought the shoes with your money, you can do what you want with them.

However, think about the consequences! If you hike in running shoes, you might regret it. In fact, you will regret the decision to wear such shoes. The soft and flexible soles of the running shoes are not made to protect your feet on the rough terrains. They are made to run on even roads. They are also made for running on firm surfaces.

When you are hiking, hitting your feet against rocks and tree stumps is real, and painful too. Also, when you hike, you have to carry your food, water, and other gear if you are doing an overnight hike. The combination of your body and pack weight is too much for the light duty running shoes.

Are Nike training shoes good for hiking?

Frankly, you can use any kind of shoes for hiking. However, it depends on the terrain. For example, if you hiking in urban centers on paved roads, you can even wear a pair of comfortable sandals.

If you will generally bed doing trails with a difficulty rating of easy or moderately easy, you can use training shoes. You can even use running shoes for the hike.

Some people even say they have used running shoes to hike technical peaks, because, as they say, the flexible and soft soles help them maneuver well. However, it is always advisable to use climbing shoes made for climbing.

Are Nike Free Runs good for hiking?

These shoes are only good for short distance walking and hiking. At the same time, when you go hiking, you carry a pack on your back.

Now, if this is a heavy pack, you need to wear good hiking shoes. Otherwise, the soft and flexible soles that come with running shoes would just give in considering your body and backpack weight.

It is for this reason that we have hiking boots. These are specifically made to take all of your weight. Since you cannot run with weight on your back, the shoes for trail running are not as supportive as the hiking shoes.

If you have running shoes, jus6t know that the manufacturer made the shoes with flat terrains in mind. Therefore, taking them to rocky trails means your feet are virtually unprotected. If you persist using these shoes on rough terrains, you could twist your foot or ankle sooner than later. Besides, the light sole also means that you could experience ball of foot pain.

Is Nike Air Max Good for hiking?

These shoes are good for hitting the trails. In fact, they come highly recommended. There are different models for these hiking shoes. For example, there is the Air Max Goaterra boots. These boots are not only hardy, but they also come in a nice burgundy color. The thick sole is also light but strong enough to protect your feet from rocks, pebbles, roots and tree stumps.

See the boots below, you can also click for more details on

What kind of shoes to wear for hiking?

The best kind of shoes to wear for hiking are those that are specifically made for that. The reason for that is they are made with many considerations. For example, the manufacturer makes them resilient enough to carry your weight and that of your backpack.

These shoes also have good arch support. They are also made to be used on the rough terrains. Therefore, they are hardier than running shoes. Other things that hiking boots must have include reinforced toe areas and heel. This absorbs the shock that would otherwise get to your toes when you knock your leg against stumps or rocks.


Are Nike shoes good for hiking? Yes they are but you have to choose the models and brands specifically made for that. These include the AirMax Goaterra and Goadome. ACG Ruckel Ridge is also a good choice under the Nike brand because they were specifically made for hiking.