About Us

Welcome to C&H Essentials where we are obsessed with camping, hiking, and everything outdoors!  Our team is dedicated to making sure you stay ahead of the curve for all of your outdoor’s needs.

Patrick Johnson C&H Essentials

My name is Patrick Johnson and I am the main site creator and content editor.  I only discuss what I have hands-on experience with and I give you my opinion based on strict criteria.

I got started with C&H Essentials as my number one hobby is being outdoors enjoying camping and hiking.  It is my goal to bring you the best equipment that I currently use with all of my outdoor excursions.






Paige Sutherfield and Patrick Jonshon C&H EssentialsMy partner, Paige Sutherfield is the head of content creation and our chief editor.  Together we make the dynamic team that brings you the latest from the great outdoors.

Join us as we take you with us and enjoy camping and hiking with us!